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Full Summary:

Haruka hates wearing dresses, makeup and all that junk, because it reminded her of someone special to her, who she lost. She is best friends with Riku and loves him to bits, but she can't confess. Haruka tries and tries to make him notice her as more than friends and she finds out that he's in love with someone else; Selphie. To make it worse, when Riku starts going out with Selphie, the distance grows further away from Haruka and Riku. Heartbroken, she decides to go to her home world, and stay there for her 1 week holiday. She leaves, along with her father and Axel without saying anything to her friends. Riku starts to get really worried about her, and realises how special she really is to him.

Haruka meets up with her old friends, Roxas and Olette and finds out that they are going to move to destiny islands. She tells them everything that has happened. Haruka's mother comes into her dreams and tells her about the days, her daughter use to wear dresses and reminds her that she will improve, not change. Day by day, they make her wear dresses, do her hair and wear makeup. She starts to act like a real lady, but deep inside Haru is still there. They decide that Roxas is going to be her 'boyfriend' in order to make Riku jealous.

Haruka returns to the islands as a new woman, and she attracts attention from everyone, especially a certain best friend. He starts to get jealous of Roxas and finally realises that he has fallen in love with Haruka and that it was her all along; the girl of his dreams, his best friend. But will he confess his love to her? Or will she confess her love for him? How will it end?

Improvements not Changes!

Name: Haruka

Nickname: 'Haru' (by guys and friends on destiny islands) 'Ruka' (in later chapters by other friends)

Age: 16

Height: 5ft 15in

Relatives: Hikaru (Father) Axel (Elder brother, by a year) Harumi (Mother/Deceased)

Crush/Love: Riku

Best Friend: Riku and ? (In later chapters)

Looks: Long bright red curly hair (like Taylor Swift), bright emerald green eyes, long eye lashes, crescent like eye brows, light pink lips, slim and tall with supermodel figure. (Look at pic)

Key Information: She used to live in Twillight Town, until her mother died in a car accident. Harumi was a model until she was pregnant with Haruka, but after she was born, the ex-model became a fashion designer.

Haruka was very close to her mother and loved to dress up, shop, and do her hair. But when her mother died, she hated all that because it reminded her of her mother. And so, she started to change. She liked playing and hanging around with the guys, sports and games. Haruka started never wore dresses, skirts, or heels. She would never let her hair down or do anything with it.

Chapter 1: Singing and Fainting

The alarm rang in Haruka's ear; she lifted her head and slammed it. She looked at it, '7:30am Saturday' and got up. The red haired girl took some clothes had a cool shower and brushed her teeth. Haruka wore a blue t-shirt saying 'Keep calm and chill out!' and chino shorts, with blue and white Adidas trainers. She dried and brushed her natural curly hair and tied it up in a very high messy ponytail. The teenager took her phone and placed it into her pocket with her Dr Dre headphones.

She ran downstairs, and popped her apron on. Since she was 8, Haruka was the woman of the house. It was a Saturday so she was the one who had to make breakfast for her father, who worked as a business man. Haru placed her headphones over her ears and hit the music on, full volume; Moves like Jagger, Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera.

She started whistling as she got the eggs. Haruka started to shake as she sung. As she cooked the eggs, she started busting up some moves, like Jagger. Oblivious to her father's presence, she sung louder and louder. The dancing and singing teen got the eggs and in a separate pan she flipped the pancakes. Hikaru sat at the table, read the paper, and tapped his feet to his daughter's song. The song finished and another came on; We are young, Fun.

A very tired and irritated Axel yawned and walked into the kitchen. Hikaru looked up at his son and smirked. Axel sneered, and Haruka placed breakfast on the table and took her headphones out but still sang. "TONIGHT! WE ARE YOUNG!" and Axel joined in, "SO LET'S SET THE WORLD ON FIRE! WE COULD GO HIGHER, THAN THE SUN!" Their father just shook his head mumbling, "I live in a house full of rock stars!"

"Yo Ax!" Haruka grinned and high fived her brother. "Yo Haru!" They sat down and munched on their breakfast. "Hey dad!" Haruka said and Hikaru answered, "Good morning, Haruka." He finished off his coffee and stood up. "Looks like I'm going then!" He checked the time. "Bye Dad!" Axel and Haru said in unison and he left.

"I don't understand, why don't you sing like that at school?" Axel asked, as he collected dishes. "Well, I don't feel comfortable when I'm singing in class." Haru answered as she wiped the table with a cloth. "Everyone knows that little Miss Selphie Tilmitt is the music teacher's favourite singer." She said in a mocking voice, trying to impersonate Selphie. Haruka started to wash the dishes and Axel relaxed on the chair. "Well you sing better than her!" He pointed out, and his younger sister snorted and rolled her eyes at the compliment. "Yeah, whatever!"

When she was finished, the green eyed girl suggested, "Hey, let's go and hang out at the beach today." Her brother smiled at the thought. "Sure thing sis!" With that said they both took their keys, Axel locked the house and walked out of the bungalow. They lived just 5 minutes from the beach and Haruka smirked evilly; she had a plan. "Hey Axel, last one to the beach has to make dinner!" Axel laughed at this and accepted the challenge. "Okay! 3, 2, 1!" Brother and sister started to run, with Axel being in the lead. "Looks like I'm gonna relax tonight." He closed his eyes and stated cockily. The pyro opened his eyes and was shocked to see Haruka sprint past him easily. "Yeah, you are, aren't you?" She giggled and ran so fast that she reached the beach in 2 minutes.

Axel came to a stop and panted heavily with his hands on his knees. "Hehe, I win!" She winked playfully at her elder brother. "Haru!" The said girl heard a familiar deep voice, her heart escalated rapidly, her cheeks felt warm and she looked up.

It was Riku, with his silver hair and his deep oceanic eyes. He wore an open shirt with blue jeans. Her cheeks went red at the sight of his muscular chest. "Oh hey Riku!" He walked up to her and smiled, "You look red what's wrong?" He asked concerned and she got flustered. "Um, uh, ummm…" She felt a cool hand on top of her forehead. "Have you got a fever?" The silver haired teenager was so close to her, that she felt his hot breath on her face. Haruka gulped, her heart was beating so fast that it could leap out of her chest. She was getting light headed, he was just so close to her and he was touching her! She closed her eyes and wondered if she was dreaming.

Suddenly Haruka fell back and was saved by Riku's strong arms. "Haru?" He shook her by the shoulders, but she didn't respond; Haruka had fainted. He became more worried about his best friend who lost consciousness. "Haru? Wake up!" He barked at her, but she didn't. 'I wonder why she fainted.' He thought.

"Haruka?" Axel asked as he composed himself, stood up and looked at his sister. His eyes widened, "What happened to her?" He asked as he rushed to her unconscious sister. "I don't know she went red all of a sudden and fainted." Riku answered, and Axel smirked. "Oh, I know a way to wake her up." He said deviously and Riku raised an eye brow. "What is it?" Axel started laughing like a villain and the boy next to him stared at the pyro as if he was crazy. "I don't trust you on this." Riku muttered under his breath. "I'm his damn sister, dude! Trust me, she'll wake up!" The red haired boy grinned, looking as innocent as he can. "Okay…"

Axel took his sister by the shoulder and shook her wildly while shouting, "HARUKA, DAD CHUCKED AWAY ALL YOUR PS3, XBOX AND GAMES!" Haruka opened her eyes, and they were larger than plates. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" She screamed dramatically and finally got up. "See I told you!" He pointed up the thumbs up to Riku, who was completely shocked. 'So that's how you wake her up!' The awoken teenager looked at her surroundings and got up. "What happened?" She asked and Axel grinned like a freak. "Well basically, you fainted."

"Haru!" Riku hugged her tight and her green eyes widened; astonished. She hugged back, savouring -and enjoying the moment. "I-I-" Her hopes were getting higher and higher each second, 'He does gonna say it, he's gonna say it!' She crossed her fingers together and prayed for him to say the words she wanted him to say, since they were 10. "I was so worried about you!" He cried and she sighed hopelessly and Axel sweat dropped. 'Damn it! He is never gonna say it to me.' She thought sadly. You see Haruka has had a crush on Riku since she was 7, and fell in love with him when she was 10.

He pulled away from her and took her hand. "Come on; let's go to the play islands. Everyone else is waiting for us." The pair of best friends ran to a boat, and rowed to the pay island with Axel behind them.

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