finally as the Cygnus knights have gotten stronger, the Demonslayer changed his retarded hair color,and Xenon has been discovered, they will now join the others for their journey through time to the future,but once they discover what has happened time WILL be thrown into chaos.

Present Day,2013 February 18.

Kaiser:Well...time to go get KFC!

Xenon:Dude... what the fuck!That was too random!

DemonSlayer:see you guys later I have to prepare for the expedition.

Kaiser:yeah you go do that.

Later at KFC...

Kaiser:This chicken is delicious!

Xenon:I gonna send a link to Luminous now.


In Ereve

Cygnus:well since we're-


Phone:do you like porn?big porn!hell yeah! Okay Abracadoomah!

Everyone:WTF!Luminous stop that vide-why did he make a shrimp!?

Mihile:watch the video after the layout!

Mercedes and Aran:he shouldn't be watching porn anyways!