This is a series of one-shot and prompt stories, based on words or phrases.

All prompts from hourlywritingprompt . tumblr

I do not own Power Rangers Ninja Storm

This does not take place in any necessary episode, it simply fills the need

Chapter 1: Prompt; My Fault

It was a regular day at first, Tori was with Blake at the track spending some time with him trying to sort her mind and feelings about the Navy Thunder Ranger. While she was watching Blake taking his turn around the track with dirt kicking in the air with the engine roaring past her and going went faster around the loop of the tract Blake reaching the end at and back at the starting point.

The track had the same number of riders and families that it attracted during the sunny days that Blue bay harbor had to offer its residents. Riders were all over the place suiting up for their own turns or talking to each other boisterously, Tori saw two guys a bit older than herself she thought they were busy with trying to get what it seemed some girls numbers by all means with the old age of trying to show off with their manliness of muscle. Tori couldn't help but laugh at the poor guy's attempt has the girls they were flirting with left them high and dry heading to the small snack

She turned her attention back to the path her feet were taking her; Blake had his back towards her so she decided to have fun with him. Slowly she crept up on him and quickly covered his eyes

" haha got ya thunderboy , now you're at my mercy" the blonde water ranger said gleefully, but the thunder ranger in question had his own trick up his sleeves Blake took the hands that she had covered his eyes with and quickly shifted their position making Tori fall to ground but not completely has Blake caught her before she did hit the ground.

They stayed in the position they landed in for a few moments, Tori felt her heart beating in her throat her eyes meeting the russet brown eyes that Blake possessed , Blake himself as caught up in looking at Tori crystal blue eyes the long blonde hair she possessed flying in the air freely. They soon were reclaimed by their senses has other riders took off the tracks ramp, bringing them out of the reprieve of gazing.

Blake stood up still holding the blonde ninja was shyly sheepish has them became leveled once again " Sorry Tori my fault I didn't mean for you to almost hit the ground like that", the young man was apologetic has he ruffed up the helmet hair he had. Tori was busy internally battling the hot blush that she was sure was on her face " Nnn no am fine besides it my fault has well" the young blonde stuttered out to the Navy Ranger.

Blake starting laughing " Well I guess now that we both take the blame" the young man said his own glaze was switch from Tori to the ground

"Well I guess you right, how about you make it up to me hmm" the water girl said with a bright smile the sun casted the right amount of light to make her blonde hair stand out even more. Blake didn't know what made him move but at that moment with the sun casted it's glow on her the mind went blank and he had closed the space between them with a kiss on her lips.

Tori was shocked but her reaction was natural she kissed back just has much has he had her, soon they both came out of the kisses watching each other with baited breath till they both spoke " My Fault" and the moment of whose fault it was forgotten. The young rangers went on with the day on the track never notice the closeness they had made or the hands entwine.