New Beginnings

"Jeff, stop playing with your tie."

Jeff couldn't help it, not when he was so nervous that the sweat was literally pouring down his neck. Waiting for the judge to let them into the courtroom was agonizing. It had been a year of waiting, a year of being in the Autobot's care and the day had come when Prowl was going in front of a judge to adopt him. To say the least, the seventeen year old had never been as excited and as scared as this before in his life. "I can't help it dad, it's hot in here." Jeff lied unconvincingly "How long have we been waiting anyway, three hours?" He questioned.

"Thirty minutes." Prowl replied calmly.

To tell the truth, Prowl was as ancy as he was despite the fact he knew that Jeff would be adopted. He'd been waiting long enough to sign the papers and take him home for good, yet now it seemed like even more waiting. He peered over at Smokescreen and Bluestreak who were talking with Ratchet off to the side, Bluestreak seemed to give a similar look to him as a gleeful child. At least someone was able to keep their excitement through the nerve-wracking wait. "What if they've decided they don't want me to live with you?" He questioned.

"They haven't." Prowl tried to assure them.

"How do you know that?"

"Because they'd have to be beyond foolish." Prowl snorted.

Jeff nodded his head a little, knowing that Prowl was right. He had only ever co-operated with his social worker and told them time and time again he just wanted Jeff to be happy. Not many parents were willing to accept that happiness might not be with them, but Prowl was. Jeff had to figure the love that showed must have swayed them towards giving him custody. Jeff stood to his feet, beginning to pace quietly a little, his eyes turning upwards towards Prowl, who placed his arms around him, and held him close. "Relax, my son, it won't be long now." He tried.

Jeff felt his stomach twist in knots even more than before, as if he were about to vomit. He was thankful for the comfort, but at the same time, there had been four kids seen already. They'd all been lucky, they could now go home knowing that they had a family, a bed, and a home for the rest of their lives, and now he was ready for that feeling. "Prowl and Jeffrey Devlin?" Jeff turned around slowly to see a young man in a uniform "The judge will see you now." He added.

Jeff felt awkward as they entered the court room this time. He seated himself on the bench and nearly felt like crapping his pants in terror. The judge was a tall, robust man that seemed to have a look that said "I could eat you alive". Yet, he allowed Prowl to settle an arm around him as he tightly squeezed his shoulder. "So you're the Autobot second-in-command." The judge spoke up "It truly is an honor, sir." He noted "And this would make you Jeffrey, correct?" Jeff nodded his head slowly "Well then, I'm going to try to make this quick and easy seeing as you're a busy mech." The judge noted.

Jeff felt a lump in his throat as he waited for the judge to start. "Now, as I understand, Jeffrey has no family aside from his currently imprisoned uncle, Peter Felton, correct?" Jeff's social worker replied affirmatively "Alright then, Prowl. I hope you understand that means that you are solely responsible for this boy." He noted "It's going to be your job, even with your status to love and care for him. It'll be expected from not only those in this courtroom, but everyone that you honor this rule." He noted.

Prowl squeezed Jeff's shoulder gently as he stood, clearing his figurative "throat". "Your honor. Though I am not fully aware of how human customs work, I can assure you of one thing." Prowl glanced toward Jeff, who seemed curious as to what he would say "We treat our children no differently than you humans do." He then added "I promise you should I be given the right to adopt him today, I will do my duty as his parent." He peered over at Jeff tentatively "It would be no different than the manner in which I currently treat him." He added.

Jeff nearly wondered if they would ask how he treated him. Perhaps they'd want to see that and take a few months before they allowed him to be adopted after all. Jeff's stomach lurched at the thought of being taken away from the Autobots yet again, last time had been a nightmare. "Jeffrey?" The judge spoke up, Jeff barely glanced up "At seventeen, you are more than old enough to have a say in this." He noted "Is adoption by Prowl what you want? No one is here to judge, but it is your decision just as much as it is Prowl's." He noted.

Jeff had never had a say in his future in his entire life, so to hear that was a breath of fresh air. He gulped quietly, feeling a little nervous as he finally stood up, looked the judge in the eye and spoke. "Yeah..." Jeff managed to get out of his mouth "I don't want to leave." He added.

The judge stared between Jeff, and then gave a small smirk. As he was motioned forward, Jeff wondered what exactly he wanted. After a moment, the man handed him his gavel, and nodded as if Jeff knew what to do. "Then for the sake of keeping this short. I hereby announce that from this moment on Jeffrey Michael Devlin will be recognized legally as Jeffrey Michael Prowler. And from this moment on, be recognized as the legal son of the Autobot, Prowl." He nodded at Jeff a moment "Go ahead son, bang the gavel yourself."

Even without the paperwork signed yet, as Jeff hit the desk with the gavel as hard as he could he knew one thing was for sure. His old life of fear, loneliness, and juvenile delinquency was over. And a new, much happier one was beginning.


Jeff sat in his bedroom silently, his heart still fluttering with many emotions. This was his room now, forever. For the rest of his life he'd never have another move with a new bed (until he moved into a place of his own), or have to worry about where his next meal would be. It was an odd feeling, for the first time in twelve years he had a family to call his own, with a dad, uncles, and some family he was sure he didn't even know yet. It was probably the most amazing feeling he'd ever had in a long time.

The sound of his door opening nearly caused him to jump out of his skin. Prowl stepped in the room with the same bizarre smile he'd had on since he took him into his arms in the court room. He was happy, there was no doubting that, but it was still odd to see Prowl with the goofy grin he had. "Hey dad." Jeff stared down at the piece of paper in Prowl's hands "What's that?" He questioned.

At this, Prowl's face seemed to contort with uncertainty, but he slowly held it out. Turned out it wasn't a piece of paper, but rather, an envelope, addressed to him. Prowl stared at him for a moment, taking a deep breath. "Your mother gave it to me before she died." Prowl explained "She told me that when I felt you were ready, you should have it... That you should read it." He explained "And I think now is the right time." He explained.

Jeff stared down at it. "Can I have a moment alone?" He questioned.

Prowl didn't answer verbally, he took a moment, and turned around, walking out the door as quietly as possible. Jeff carefully opened the envelope, and unfolded the paper in his hands:


Jeff almost rolled his eyes at that opening, but still continued on:

I have written this letter at least eight times since I gave you up to the system. I know you'll never forgive me, no matter what I tell you, or how sincere it is. I don't blame you, who COULD blame you? I left you without an explanation, without a reason... But I fear that some day you're going to learn what it is. Even if I don't want you to, my demons hunt me, and I'm sure some day they will find you.

It is my greatest hope, however, that you know that I do love you, Jeff. It was the reason I gave you up, and it always has been. I was never a mother to you, I know that, I wasn't affectionate, I wasn't like your dad. The only reason I ever gave you up was because of that. I wanted you, God I wanted you. But it wasn't fair to you that you live with the demons of my past, let alone with me, a woman who can barely take care of herself.

I hope that wherever you are, or whoever you are with, you're happy Jeff. That's all I wanted, your happiness. And I am so sorry that it could not be found with me. But I do hope more than anything that you did find happiness Jeff. I hope you found a family that loves you, and a life far better than any I can give you. But most of all, I hope you know how sorry I am.


He stared down at the letter for a moment before folding it back up, standing up, he stared up at Prowl. For the first time, Jeff truly felt closure, knowing what he did. Knowing that even if he never had the best life, both of his parents had loved and wanted what was best for him. For the first time, he knew he had made the right decision, that she had. "Hey dad?" Prowl stared down at him "I just want you to know..." He paused "Mom made the right choice." He began "I was never supposed to be their kid. Or I would have stayed with them." He paused "This was my, what would you call it...?"

"Fate." Prowl nodded his head "I am glad you feel that way son."

Jeff nodded his head slowly, smiling as widely as he could. He was glad to finally be free of the dark cloud that had veiled his life for the first time ever. "Me too dad." Jeff gently rubbed a hand along his leg "Me too." He finished.


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