Chapter Two


HTKWolfe smiles as the others gather around for the next scene. "Alright people, this scene was tricky since we're basicly raping this story over until it can't stand-"

Amy smashes him with her hammer.

"…Ow… I can kick you off the story Amy."

Amy raises her hammer again.

"Alright! Alright! Now as I was saying we had to make a lot of changes since he was supposed to be going to the Vatican, and so now… Well, you'll see how it turned out. Prower, you're up! Oh, and Amy, I'll be holding you back for one more chapter for hitting me."

Amy crosses her arms, and pouts.

Sonic makes it home to Tails's lab with the rising sun, and quickly sheds his costume. The double tailed vulpine looks over from the stove as Sonic shuts the door behind him.

"Welcome back Sonic."

"Thanks little bro," Sonic stretches. "Man I need some shut-eye."

Tails turns off the stove as he carries his breakfast to the table, "So how'd it go?"

"Knucklehead almost drowned me, and I kinda messed up his face for him. GUN has him now though, and hopefully he's got some serious therapy going for him."

Tails nods, "Great job! Oh, another package came in for you today."

"Another one?" Sonic groans as he picks the box up from beside the couch, and carries it to his room. After making sure the window blinds are shut, and the door is locked he opens the box. Inside are an assortment of magazines which he dumps in the garbage can. One catches his eye however, and he slides it under his pillow for later.

Taped to the bottom of the box is a CD case with a blank disk. Sonic takes it out, and pulls what looks like a suitcase out from under his bed. He opens it to reveal some high tech stuff. The disk is a set of codes used to activate the machine, and GUN changes the codes almost weekly so no one can tap the communications.

Sonic pulls an ear piece from the case, and puts the disk in the right slot. After fixing the device in his ear a hologram of the GUN commander appears in front of him.

"Good morning agent Van Hedgehog," the commander says through the earpiece. "Congratulations on your mission last night… However the collateral damage could have been avoided."

Sonic tilts his head, "Damage?"

"You shattered the Rose Window," the commander explains.

"Ah… Yeah, not to split quills, but that was Knucklehead who broke that."

"Regardless, that was thirteenth century, a part of that church for hundreds of years. A lot of priests are probably wishing you a week in Hell for that."

"When's my flight," Sonic says sardonically.

"Don't get me wrong Van Hedgehog, the Guardian Unit of Nations has had many more successful missions since you joined in return for the forgiveness of you national debt. Still, you're not exactly subtle about it."

"Commander, I'm Sonic Van Hedgehog, and I used to be the world's greatest hero! If you guys are really pulling your end of the deal then how come I'm the most wanted guy in the world?"

The commander sighs, "It would go a lot faster if you didn't keep adding to that debt, Sonic. So far you've broken a leg on the Eifel Tower, broke the nose off George Washington at Mount Rushmore, knocked over the Leaning Tower of Pisa, cracked Hoover Dam-"

"Okay okay, point taken!" Sonic grumbles, "Not that any of that was my fault anyways."

The commander waves to get his attention again, "I know this is hard for you Van Hedgehog, but I promise you that you're helping people here. Which brings me to the details of your next mission."

Sonic stands a bit straighter, time to get serious now.

"Two weeks ago we sent two of our agents to investigate a distress call coming from Transylvania, Romania. We haven't heard from them since, so you can imagine that Transylvania is now a location of interest for us."

"I'll bet," Sonic says.

"There codes have long since expired, and no one we send in there to investigate has reported back to us. Which is why we have decided to send one of our more elite operatives. Your mission is to investigate the situation, and report back to us as soon as you can. We'll give you further orders from there."

The two salute, and then cut the transmission. Sonic retrieves the disk, puts it in its case, and stows the case in his quills. Then he goes to find Tails.

He finds the kitsune repairing some solar panels in the back yard, "Tails!"

A sound like electricity sounds, and Tails stumbles from around the panel to look at his older brother, his fur smoking a little.

"Hey Sonic, what's up?"

"I got my next mission little bro, and I need a ride. The tornado still running?"

"Sure is, where are we headed?"

"Transylvania, Romania," Sonic replies with a smile.

Tails pales, and swallows hard. He nods, and Sonic frowns as they head for the lab.

"What's wrong little bro?"

Tails murmurs something that Sonic can't make out.

"Say what now?"


Sonic rolls his eyes, "Tails, don't tell me you really believe in Vampires."

"Well we all know Werehogs exist," Tails retorts.

Sonic has to admit he has a point there. The existence of Werehogs is something that the GUN has been puzzling over for decades. All they know about them is that they appear to have some connection to the moon science can't explain, and somehow contact with silver is lethal to them. Many believe that they are indeed supernatural creatures that science will never be able to explain right.

Sonic is pulled from his thoughts as Tails throws him a bag.

"Now let's see," Tails says as he goes through some cupboards. "Holy water… crucifix… Silver Stake…"

Sonic raises his eyebrow as Tails throws each of the mentioned objects into the bag, "You have got to be kidding-"

His eyes widen as Tails walks over to a Gatling Gun, and heaves a sigh of relief as he walks past it. Instead Tails picks up what looks like a crossbow from a table.

"I thought this would come in handy for future missions," Tails explains. "It has two settings for automatic, and semi-automatic. It's capable of shooting lasers that either stun, or can punch through solid metal."

Sonic tilts his head, "If it shoots lasers then why is it a crossbow?"

"It'll help catch your enemies off guard. Besides, it makes it cool."

Sonic nods, you just don't argue with that kind of logic.

Tails hands it to Sonic, "You can change the setting manually, or by voice command. What do you think?"

"I think you've outdone yourself this time little bro," Sonic says as he looks down the sight. "Hey what's that?"

Sonic picks up a metal ball which makes Tails flinch, "Careful with that, that's a little side project of mine."

"What's it for," Sonic asks while he holds it just out of Tails's grip.

"Not sure yet," Tails replies as he takes it from Sonic finally.

"You built it, and you're not sure what it does?"

"I didn't say that, I just said I don't know what it's for," Tails says as he packs into a small box. "What it does is produce a light as bright as the sun."

"So I can get a tan on the spot," Sonic quips.

"More like blind yourself in an instant," Tails says without humor. "It lets off pure UV radiation, so basically it's a miniature sun when you turn it on. Luckily it burns itself out in about a minute, otherwise it would burn the atmosphere open."

"You scare me sometimes Tails," Sonic watches him put the mini sun in his bag. "So how would I use this?"

"Like I said, you could blind somebody, cook a charging herd of wildebeests, use your imagination Sonic."

"Actually I'm gonna use yours, you're coming with me."

Tails starts, "The hell be damned I am!"

"You just cursed," Sonic says, surprised. "Not very well mind you, but you're a kid Tails, you shouldn't curse at all."

Tails sighs, "Sonic, I'm sixteen now, I think I'm old enough to talk any way I want… Dammit!"

Sonic smirks, "Yeah, but it'll get you in trouble somehow. You know what? If you wanna stay here then you got it! Catch you later, I'll try to bring the Tornado back in one piece."

Tails's eyes go as wide as diner plates as he watches Sonic make his way for the plane.



"Cut folks, that's a wrap! Nice dialogue here, now let's get to the next scene. Oh, and Amy, you're being moved to the scene after next."

Amy: "Awww!"