So here is a new story I'm working on! It's something me and Mae Lillia (Some may know of her Bleach chat on YouTube) are working on! This is the final product of our hard work!

These are the Chat names; no one knows real names in the chat just the user names, so everyone thinks they are talking to strangers! Just so you can follow there are the usernames and characters they belong to. This fanfiction will show both the conversations the characters have while in the chat room and events that happened outside of it. Hope you all enjoy! Reviews are loved! Thanks.


Fightergrl- Tatsuki



SnowQueen- Rukia




IceCaptin: Toushiro

BelovedFather: Isshin

CutieKuro: Yuzu


Petaled: has signed on

S3xypineapple: has signed on

MaskedSacrifice: has signed on

LastArcher: has signed on

MyPride: has signed on

SnowQueen: has signed on

Redbeauty: has signed on

BelovedFather: has signed on

MaskedSacrifice: Oi! Old man! Get off the computer!

BelovedFather: My dear son! Why do you treat me so? T-T

Beloved Father: signed out

SnowQueen: that wasn't very nice


Redbeauty: poor Mr. BelovedFather...

MaskedSacrifice: shut up you don't know what I go through daily with that idiot.

Petaled: to call one's father that, surely you are an ingrate.

MaskedSacrifice: fuck you asshole! I didn't ask for your opinion here!

MyPride: ...

LastArcher: I agree with MaskedSacrifice; we do not know of his personal life outside of what he tells us therefore we shouldn't but in his family affairs.

S3xypineapple: yeah whatever man, I don't really care 'bout that!

SnowQueen: okay then...

Redbeauty: so how is everyone? I know most of us just got out of school! How was your day? Mine was great!

SnowQueen: I defiantly don't miss school; glad I don't have to go.

MaskedSacrifice: lucky it's boring. My day was ok I guess.

LastArcher: I finally finished a project I've been working on so I'd say the day went fairly well.

MyPride:... It was okay...

S3xypineapple: you don't talk much do you? Any who! I did something really cool played a prank on my boss! He won't find out about it until tonight! Can't wait to see his face!

MaskedSacrifice: what the hell did you do?

S3xypineapple: not telling, anyone of you guys could be him for all I know!

LastArcher: well if that's what you believe then why tell us about your 'prank' in the first place? If one of us was your superior then they'd find out it was you when said prank happened...

S3xypineapple: you're such a smartass you know that right?

MaskedSacrifice: you remind me of one of my friends...

LastArcher: I'm merely stating the facts.

MaskedSacrifice: whatever you say...

SnowQueen: I wanna hear about this prank! What'd you do?

S3xypineapple: okay! I'll tell you. I put pink dye in his shampoo so when he bathes next his hair will turn pink!

Petaled: that's just rude...

MaskedSacrifice: that's actually kind of funny. I wonder...

LastArcher: you're up to no good MaskedSacrifice, aren't you?

Redbeauty: I don't get it?

MyPride: just ignore it...

MaskedSacrifice: oh nothing, just thinking about what my old man would do if his hair suddenly turned puke green.

LastArcher: that's just childish.

S3xypineapple: why didn't I think of that color?! Dude he would so flip out if it was that color!

SnowQueen: that's gross, at least with pink it's pretty cute, green would look nasty.

Petaled: so distasteful...

MaskedSacrifice: it's not like it's happening to you Petaled so why do you care?

Petaled: such atrocities should not go unpunished...

LastArcher: and what exactly could you do?

Petaled: kill him. If any of my underlings did such a thing they would die by my own two hands.

MaskedSacrifice: way to take a joke.


Redbeauty: you ok pride? Hello pride?

MyPride: signed out

SnowQueen: he must've fallen asleep on his computer.

Petaled: and how prey-tell would you know that.

SnowQueen: I did it once and where my head fell a bunch of letters were typed out like that!

MaskedSacrifice: I don't even want to know...

LastArcher: agreed.

Soccerlife: signed on.

Soccerlife: Onii-san! Tou-san needs your help!

MaskedSacrifice: whatever I'll be there. Hold on.

Soccerlife: signed out

MaskedSacrifice: signed out

LastArcher: okay?

S3xypineapple: holy shit look at the time I've got to go!

S3xypineapple: signed out

Petaled: signed out

SnowQueen: where is everyone going?

LastArcher: who knows? I've got homework.

LastArcher: signed out

Redbeauty: Aweee everyone is gone.

SnowQueen: this is no fun! Fine I'm leaving stupid people.

SnowQueen: signed out

Redbeauty: now I'm all alone :(

Redbeauty: signed out

Once Ichigo turned away from the computer he rushed down stairs to see Isshin helping a heavily pregnant woman to the clinic. Ichigo quickly set up the bed. "Ichigo we need hot towels and a tub of warm water!" Isshin yelled, Ichigo ran to get the supplies.

Uryu sighed leaning back against his desk chair. 'I wonder who everyone is. They all remind me of people I know..' The Quincy slowly got up, walking over to his school bag pulling out his homework, a stuffed doll, that resembled a certain soul reaper fell out landing softly on the ground. Looking down the archer picked up the doll, smiling softly as he put it on the table continuing his work.

Ichigo flopped down on his bed, exhausted; turns out that lady was carrying twins, TWINS. No wonder he was so damn tired. But everything went well, he'd admit seeing those kids being brought into the world was strange, not a bad strange though. Ichigo blinked his tired eyes as he checked his clock, a bright red 03:17 AM glared back at him. Sighing the substitute Shinigami decided to log in on the chat room, hidden so he could see if anyone was on, if so he'd try and see if he could find clues about their identities, after all many of them acted like people he knew, he had to find out if he was right.

MaskedSacrifice: Signed in as hidden

S3xypineapple: Signed in

Petaled: Signed in

SnowQueen: Signed in

IceCaptain: Signed in


SnowQueen: Renji? You're on here? What happened?


S3xypineapple: C-captain?

SnowQueen: Onii-sama?


S3xypineapple: N-no offence Captain but NO FREAKING WAY!

S3xypineapple: Signed out


Petaled: Signed out.

IceCaptain: Ok what just happened?

SnowQueen: Well earlier S3xypineapple, or rather Renji was talking online to me and Petaled, who happens to be Onii-sama. Well Renji was talking about how he pulled a prank on his boss. Turns out Renji dyed Onii-sama's hair pink…

IceCaptain: Baka.

SnowQueen: Hai Hai~

LastArcher: Signed in

MaskedSacrifice: Signed in (unhidden)

MaskedSacrifice: What's up?

LastArcher: Couldn't get back to sleep, what about you guys?

SnowQueen: My brother ran out of his room screaming and woke me up, so I figured I'd come on here.

IceCaptain: It's not like it matters if I tell you or not…..

MaskedSacrifice: Well I just finished helping my old man, can't get to sleep so I came on here to try and kill time before I have to go to school tomorrow.

SnowQueen: You just finished?!

LastArcher: What did your father make you do?

MaskedSacrifice: Eh nothing really it just took a long time…

IceCaptain: Stupid….

LastArcher: Still you should be tired right?

MaskedSacrifice: Nah, I'm used to not getting sleep all the time…

LastArcher: I see…..

SnowQueen: So why is your user name MaskedSacrifice anyway?

MaskedSacrifice: Why does it matter?

SnowQueen: I don't know; it just intrigues me.

MaskedSacrifice: I'm not entirely sure myself, but it just seems to fit who I am…..

LastArcher: So you're a Sacrifice of some sort?

SnowQueen: No one should be a sacrifice, no matter what…

MaskedSacrifice: I'd rather be a sacrifice then watch my friends and family get hurt.

IceCaptain: How noble of you, it stuff like that is what gets you killed.

LastArcher: And how exactly do you know?

IceCaptain: to sacrifice something to gain something holds no value, it demeans both.

MaskedSacrifice: And what exactly would a kid like you know?

IceCaptain: I'm not a kid!

MaskedSacrifice: Yeah sure.

IceCaptain: I AM NOT A KID!

MaskedSacrifice: Prove it!

IceCaptain: Asshole how the hell can I do that?!

SnowQueen: STOP BICKERING YOU IDIOTS! Man you guys are worse than two other people I know…..

LastArcher: So childish….

MaskedSacrifice: Whatever….

LastArcher: You still haven't answered my question though…

MaskedSacrifice: Which one?

LastArcher: What did your father make you do that took you so long?

MaskedSacrifice: I did though.

LastArcher: Nothing doesn't really qualify…

MaskedSacrifice: If you must know, my old man owns a clinic. And he needed my help with this pregnant lady. Turns out it was her first time having a kid and she had twins so it took forever. They're just got transferred to a hospital.

LastArcher: Wow, I certainly wasn't expecting that answer…

MaskedSacrifice: Oi you asked.

LastArcher: I suppose I did..

SnowQueen: Where exactly do you two live?

LastArcher: I live in Kurakura town… Why?

MaskedSacrifice: …. I do too…

SnowQueen: Just curious!

IceCaptain: Uh huh…

MaskedSacrifice: Yeah well its 6 now. I better go get ready for school.

LastArcher: Same here.

SnowQueen: Ok! Bye!

MaskedSacrifice: signed out

LastArcher: signed out

Ichigo sighed before getting out of his chair stretching his arms over his head and making his way to the shower. So Petaled is Byakuya, SnowQueen has to be Rukia, and S3xypineapple is Renji huh? IceCaptain has got to be Toushiro. I didn't think that the soul society much technology, let alone internet that connects here. I wonder who Redbeauty, MyPride and LastArcher are. Ichigo mused as he stepped into the scalding water, sighing as the water hit his skin.

Once Ichigo was done his relaxing shower he stepped out into his room, only a towel hanging from his hips. Little did he know his father was outside his door ready to strike. Once dressed, Ichigo turned the nob on his door only to have the door violently pushed open by his father trying to land a kick in his son's face. With Ichigo's quick reflexes he easily dodged and kicked his father in the gut before casually strolling down the stairs leaving a hunched over Isshin on the floor. Ichigo took his seat across from Karin and began to eat, once done he got up thanking Yuzu before heading out the door. Ichigo gazed up at the blue sky as he walked to his high school thinking over everything that had happened a week ago, Ginjo, regaining his powers, his Fullbring, how he can now summon his sword without turning into a Shinigami, being able to use his reiatsu with his combat pass. It was strange but he was happy he could protect everyone he cared about again. Ichigo looked forward and before he knew it he was at school. And everything was like usual, Keigo attacking him before he got to class Inoue greeting him with a smile, and Tatsuki waving a greeting his way.