My story is going to tie in with the manga so if you haven't read up to this point I suggest you do unless you don't mind spoilers, it will be different considering Ichigo and Uryu are together in this fic, okay? Enjoy!

He's been sleeping for over a day now, you'd think he'd wake up. Ichigo thought while scowling, Him and his stupid gigai take up my bed, I've had to sleep on the couch because of him.. Ichigo sighed in frustration.

The small Shinigami slowly opened his eyes before sprining up.

"Ah! Sorry, I wasn't listening." He said, Ichigo's eye twitched as he turned to face to boy in his bed.

"I said nothing" before getting up from his place on the floor. "Now that you're awake, you can leave."

"What?" the boy seemed confused, sighing Ichigo sat back down, annoyed. Before he could explain the door bursted open releaving an overly cheery Inoue

"Here I am! Bringing some delicious bread!" she exclaimed before seeing the young Shinigami had awoken. "Oh you're awake that's great!" she said, the boy stared dumbly in her direction.

"You sure its 'delicous'?" Ichigo mumbled looking at his overly cheery friend. "If they were throwing it away it must be unpopular" he finished.

"You wont have it if you say so!" she replied. Ishida took a step into the room.

"It's as Inoue said." He adjusted his glasses. "She always looks happy when she's eating it. You really don't know etiquette" he smirked teasingly at Ichigo who smiled his way.

"Yeah." Chad stepped inside.

"Shut up. By the way, why did you all just burst into my house without even ringing the bell?" Ichigo questioned, staring at his boyfriend lovingly.

"We just happened to run into Yuzu." Uryu smiled teasingly, "Why don't you go and get some plates so that we can eat this bread?" Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Oi! You can't order me around" Ichigo chuckled out.

"It's not an order, its advice, I suggest you do it" Uryu said, fixing his glasses again before walking up to his boyfriend and leaning down to give him a kiss. The Shinigami on Ichigo's bed suddenly began screaming, pointing at the red head. Ichigo turned and glared at him.

"You're the guy from the other day!" Ichigo's eye twitched in annoyance

"You shut up!" he yelled before sighing. "It seemed weird that you didn't say anything, did you just realize it? And it's not yesterday, its two days ago." Ichigo explained, the kid still seemed confused, slapping his forehead Ichigo continued "You slept a whole day!" the kid looked distressed for a moment before Ichigo shoved a plate in his face. "Here It's your share, eat it. It's good." The boy looked like he was ready to protest before Ichigo cut in. "You won't be able to eat like that. Your gigai is right there, just enter it" The boy turned to see the body in bed next to him, and he screamed surprised. "You're really annoying. Why would someone be scared of their own gigai?" the kid began to mumble, Ichigo not really paying attention.
"Shino-san! Is Shino-san all-" the opening door cut him off.

"I'm back, I got the soda" a girl not much bigger then Yuzu held out a bad before she saw her friend and began tearing up. "Ryuunosuke!" she dropped her bags.

"Shino-san! I'm so glad you're okay!" Ryuunosuke replied. The girl had run after him putting him into a head lock and slamming him down.

"You are so shameful!" She yelled at the boy and the two began to bicker. The others paid no mind the two.

"Oh well let's eat" Ichigo suggested, Uryu began going through the bread picking one out for the boy who was currently getting beaten up..

Yes, yes, extremely short chapter I know! Sorry!