As Percy awoke from his slumber he noticed a couple of things, he didn't feel dead because he was in a major amount of pain, so much pain that he didn't feel like he could move but kept his tensed position as it was the only way he could hold back a small amount of the torrent of agony. Then a body began to walk towards him out of the corner of his eye, and it was singing, a woman, her voice penetrated his soul and the song that she was singing soothed him and relieved that pain, but Percy didn't think it was the song that was doing that work, just her voice. When he finally saw her face he couldn't help but stare for a bit, she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, she was tall, almost as tall as him, her legs looked smooth and long, her breasts were of an average size, but to him too big was not good, her eyes sparkled, her lips looked soft, her hair was beautiful and straight.

Maybe on second thought he was dead, but what happened next would never happen if he was dead, he would wish to be dead from the embarrassment, he began to get a hard on, and this beautiful women could tell as she began to look from his face down to the bulge in his pants.

Suddenly Percy sat up and tried to cover his large friend blushing from embarrassment and the girl mirrored his blush, after all she had not seen a man for quiet a long time, and she was still a virgin, even if she was a an immortal daughter of a Titan she was almost shy like and kind, she was respectful and caring, of course she would take care of the boy that had washed up burned and bruised on her shore.

"Hello young hero, my name is Calypso."

"Um hi Calypso my name is Percy, do you mind telling me where I am?"

"No of course not, you are on the Island of Ogygia, this has been my home for a very long time."

"Oh that's cool, um is that near Canada or something?"

This earned a giggle form Calypso, it had been a long time since she had met a hero, and she could tell that he was a son of Poseidon by his eyes and his scent, but the last time she had remembered seeing demigods, they were more elegant in their language and behavior, but this boy seemed more real and raw, more of a get to the point type of personality, even if he seemed a bit obtuse.

"No my hero, but you will return from whence you came soon, I will heal you until that time comes."

"Oh ok, thanks Calypso."

"It is my pleasure."

And so that was the end of their conversation, she went back to healing him with her various made medicines and her songs, trying to ease his pain and get to know him more. She found out that he was a noble and strong hero, he cared for his friends, so much so that he sacrificed himself so that she could live while he held off the horde of monsters. This made her jealous, whoever this Annabeth was that he spoke of was a lucky women, and she wished she was her, but sadly she could not be, and she could not have this boy, even though he was handsome and she was beautiful, and they were clearly attracted to each other from all the staring and all the blushing, she would not tempt him and he would not maybe ruin his relationship with Annabeth if it would turn into something more, and that was only possible if she stopped loving Luke. Gods how he hated Luke, he didn't deserve her love, and he told Calypso that and she talked about it with him.

And surprisingly he received advice that he would never have expected. Advice he didn't think he was bold enough to try but he wanted to greatly. Calypso had said this, "If you truly love her, and if she truly loves you as that kiss she gave you before her departure seems to tell, you must confirm it or you will waste time following a woman that will not love you back."

"Ok what should I do?"

"The next time you see her, go somewhere where you will be alone and undisturbed."

"Oh that's easy, I have the Poseidon cabin all to my self, but ok go on."

"Take her to your cabin and tell her that you love her, but do not wait for her to answer back, kiss her, on her lips, on her neck, her face, her stomach, her breasts, make love to her Percy, and if she loves you this will solidify your relationship, and you will know for sure."

"You mean seduce her? But I can't! I mean I've never done anything like that before, I mean I'm still a virgin, I've never kissed a girl before Annabeth, I can't do that! It'll mess up our entire friendship, and even if I did try I don't know how to do anything, what if I'm bad and she regrets it, I'll never forgive myself, and I don't think she will either."

"Do not worry my hero, I will help you."


"By practicing, together."

And with that Calypso dropped her dress that she was wearing revealing she had no panties or bra underneath, exposed for Percy's eyes to wander her body, from her perky and firm breasts, down to her clean shaven, and moist pussy. As soon as he trailed his eyes over her once, he was entranced, she was beautiful and she was offering herself to him, to help him on his road to getting Annabeth, and if he wanted to impress her, he would learn, and maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Snapping him out of his thoughts was Calypso walking to him, swaying her hips and running her hands on her breast, she soon reached him. Leaning down to where Percy was sitting on the bed that he had been recovering in she began to take off his shirt and he did not protest, next she took off his jeans, and finally his boxers.

What met her was what she had expected, his cock was extremely large and it was already producing a droplet of pre-cum indicating to her that he was very excited. Looking into his eyes for a few seconds she saw the desire that they held, she saw lust but also something else, maybe admiration, whatever it was she liked it, but she wasn't going to let him become rough with her so she told him what he hadn't suspected.

"My hero, I am a virgin as well, I suppose this will be a learning experience for the both of us."

And with that she gently took his big cock into her warm hand and began to push his skin up and then down eliciting a moan form Percy, the pre-cum that he was emitting was getting to be too irresistible for Calypso, so looking up at Percy's eyes again who was intently watching her pump him, she put her mouth on the tip of his length and sucked that pre-cum while pulling her head back, a second after she took him out of her mouth she returned to kiss it on the tip, then she kissed his length, and then his sac and repeated the cycle licking him and sucking on him. During this Percy was getting close to his finish, being a virgin he did not have a lot of tolerance when it came to ejaculating, especially not now that this beautiful women was on her knees in front of him, kissing and sucking his dick, just preparing him for the sex that they were going to have, where he would deflower her, and lose his virginity too, it was almost too much for him to bear.

Calypso kept on sucking his cock, the moans that were coming from his mouth were all the signs that she needed to know that she was doing good, but as this was a learning experience too, she couldn't help but notice that her mouth was getting sore from sucking so much and having it open so wide for so long, his massive size was starting to become a draw back, and she hoped that he would cum before then. To get him to come on her first try would indeed boost her confidence so she began to put her all into it, using her other hand to massage his balls and trace the vein that came from his sac to the tip trying to get him over the edge, scratching down his exposed thigh, squeezing his dick a bit harder, she tried many things to get him off, she took him into her throat, licked him while he was inside her, even biting him softly and it all paid off as she saw him arch his head upwards and gasp. The next thing that Calypso felt was a warm and almost thick type of substance hitting the top of her mouth, quickly getting its taste she knew he had cum, and was still cumming, the substance kept getting into her mouth from his dick, she suspected originating from his balls because she observed that they had tightened.

Enjoying the taste she decided to swallow it, and she began to swallow the copious amounts that she was being given, but was now worried if he would be able to go again from all the sperm that he was releasing, quickly discarding the thought she refocused on pleasuring him instead and continued sucking and licking the staff of her hero.


Percy had begun to come back to earth after feeling like he had just come in the mouth of a beautiful girl and she had swallowed his release and kept on sucking him, he realized that was what happened and he couldn't help but be more turned on by the sight of her beautiful, soft, looking lips that looked so innocent be attached to his cock, while her delicate hand was tracing the vein on the underside of his shaft. Pulling off of him she smiled up to the euphoric face of Percy and he smiled down at her.

"That was amazing Calypso, thank you."

"It was my pleasure Percy, you are quiet large, and released quiet a lot, I have a feeling you will be a very superior sexual individual."

"Thank you Calypso," he said blushing "Now I think it's time I return the favor, may I umm, this is kind of embarrassing to say, can I go down on you as well?"

Giggling Calypso replied "I would be honored Percy, just don't use your fingers, I want your cock to be the first thing to pierce me."

"Yea, of course."

Percy then sat up and guided Calypso to the bed and allowed her to lay down with her legs hanging off the edge. Percy began to kiss her feet, the sole to her toes, to her ankles, sucking gently on her calve, kissing the side of her knee, again sucking on her thigh, he reached the place where her torso and her leg met, licking it, placing her legs over his shoulders. Finally he was right in front of what he would be penetrating in a few minutes, the lips to her pussy looked engorged, her clitoris was prominent, she was dripping wet with lubrication and it was beautiful to him. Moving slightly forward he licked it once, then twice and then began to suck on her clit, Calypso was arching her back and moaning his name, driving the heel of his foot into his back, trying to push him into her more. Trying to get into it more he moved his hands upward to spread her pussy lips apart to get better access, pulling them apart with his thumbs he was surprisingly looking deep enough to where he saw her hymen, what had been protecting her womanhood since the beginning of her life, was right there and would later be torn apart by his big cock.

Coming back to the present he began to lick her and suck her again, taking a move from her page he began to bite her a little bit and at the same time reached up to play with her breasts, his fingers lubricated by her own pussy juice, he twisted her nipples and licked her vagina at the same time sending Calypso to new heights. Calypso was moaning and screaming his name giving him the drive to get her to orgasm. Massaging her tits and eating out her vagina for a minute finally brought her what she had wanted, a euphoric explosion that caused her toes to curl, made her see white, arch her back, and scream out Percy's name in ecstasy.

Looking up to her he saw her begin to regain her bearings, her beautiful tits were heaving, going up and down as she tried to regain her breath, a light coat of sweat was covering her sexy body, her legs widely spread apart to accommodate him between them. Giving her time to recover and getting ready for the main course he got up and laid down next to her, quickly capturing her lips with his own, trying to get his tongue into her mouth which she allowed. After kissing passionately for a while, and Percy still playing with her tits, Calypso began to get impatient and wanted him to fuck her until she couldn't walk anymore, to pound her until he couldn't anymore. And so she told him what she wanted.

Grabbing onto his muscled arm and pushing on his chest slightly, she looked up to his face, "Percy, it's time, I want you to fuck me, make me a real women, take me as long as you can, please." She said in a pleading tone. Percy just nodded his head and moved into position.

Percy put himself over her, his legs spreading hers apart so that he had enough space, her hands going on his muscled shoulders while he looked down to where they would be joined and grabbed his erect length, putting it in line with her virgin pussy, ready to takes this slowly, because from what he had heard, it would probably hurt her.

"Ready Calypso?"

"Yes my hero."

And that was all he needed, he guided his dick into her slowly, he knew he was big compared to others, and he was going to give her the most pleasure he could after the pain. Pushing in slowly and slowly he finally felt a barrier, this was it, this was her womanhood. Earning a nod from Calypso he pierced her pussy with his giant cock, what had been protected for almost an eternity, was now his. Tears came from Calypso and Percy quickly began to kiss them away and finally putting his lips on hers, a kiss that she returned. A few minutes of slow kissing with him still buried inside of her she moved her hips, not getting the message across she thrust her hips upward even harder. Percy finally got the message and began to thrust back as well, and his slow rhythm turned into a mad struggle to pound the pussy that he was in until she couldn't take it anymore, which was very pleasurable to Calypso, her toes were curling, her hands that were once on his muscled shoulders moved to his muscled back where she was digging her nails, her mouth that was once attached to his lips was now biting him extremely hard on his right pectoral, enough to draw blood.

Percy had moved his right hand that was supporting him to not crush Calypso with his weight, it was now grabbing her calve and lifting it so that it was wrapped around his lower back. Percy kept on pounding the first pussy that he had ever had, pistoning into her over and over, harder and harder to the point were there slapping skin out did their labored breaths. Soon they both came, he let his sperm rocket into her unprotected pussy, and she was involuntarily contracting her vagina's inner muscles, milking him for as much seed as he could give. It wouldn't be surprising if she was impregnated in that moment.

But none of that was on their minds, they had just both came, and it was amazing. But Calypso not having her chance on top wrapped herself around Percy and flipped them over surprising him.

"You didn't think it was over did you, I haven't had my turn to ride you yet." Calypso said with a smile, her hair was on one side covering her right breast, she looked beautiful glistening with sweat, breathing heavily her breasts going up and down, her hand on the pectoral that she had bitten, while her other hand was rubbing where his cock was buried in her vagina. Slowly rising up she kept his cock in place and then suddenly dropped herself on it, almost impaling her from the force, letting him go deeper than he had previously. Getting used to the sensation she began to use his chest to support her as she bounced up and down, the impact making a strange noise as both of their releases were still in her pussy since she never let his cock escape her. Some stimulation to her tits from Percy and the continuous sensation of that giant cock impaling her cervix and she came again bringing Percy along with her when her pussy contracted and made him blow his load into her again.

Exhausted, Calypso fell forward onto his chest and he encircled his arms around her waster, still not letting his cock out of that less than a while ago virgin pussy, that he could now claim that he plundered first.

"Thank you for this Calypso, it means a lot."

"Again, it was my pleasure my hero."

"Maybe do you want to practice some more later?"

"I thought that was a given Percy."