Lucy's P.o.v

Midnight, loomed over the sky; the moon beamed with beauty. I glanced up at the sky, smiling a bit when I spotted the stars. They're so amazing, sometimes I wish I could gaze at the stars all night. Spreading out my arms, I balanced on the ledge on my way home; humming a small tune.

I just arrived off the train from a mission, it was pretty reckless. We had to capture some disgusting pervert, that had emotion-controlling magic. Let's just say, Erza was a very happy, and giggly girl, and for Natsu and Gray.. Well, let's just say I never want to see them interact lovingly again.. As for Happy, and I we weren't affected. Happy hid behind a tree whole time, eating a fish and for me, I deflected his magic. I'm pretty good at defending myself against those magic types. Like when I first met Natsu in Hargeon, when I was affected by the fake Salamander, Natsu helped me deflect his ring magic. Now, it's a pretty normal thing.

I summoned Loke, and we ended up beating the perverted mage by ourselves! Honestly, I feel proud of myself; it feels like everybody thinks I'm too weak to carry out things on my own. The only people who believe in my abilities, are Levy, and my spirits.

"Hello, Lucy-Nee!" An enthusiastic voice spoke. My head jerked side-to-side, in pursuit to see who was talking to me, and when I looked down, I was in stupor.

There stood a young-looking wolf. He was colored brown, and his snout, paws, and ears were colored a tan color. I bent down to his level, and his golden eyes looked at me with interest. I took a step back, but he prodded forward. He licked my leg, and I decided he looked friendly enough. I started to pet his head, and I rubbed his back some making him lick me on my face.

I giggled at the cute wolf pup, and he jumped on me, making me fall down on my pack. He licked my face in excitement, and I looked at the sky. It was almost sunrise, so I had to leave so I could get some shut-eye. I kissed the pup goodbye, and i started to run, but my ears noticed a sound. I turned around to see the pup following me, and I looked at his sad eyes.

"You wanna come with me?" I asked, and the wolf's mouth dropped open, in a grin. I took that as a yes, so I ran to my apartment, him tailing behind me. I grabbed my apartment key, and I opened my door, and I let the pup in before closing it.

As soon as I shut the door, the wolf wasn't a wolf anymore. He was a human, a kid. He had brown hair, and his golden eyes were still gold, but a bit more brown. "Who are you?" I asked, placing a hand on my keys.

"I'm Toeboe, your little brother! I've traveled around Fiore for years trying to find you, but I thought you died, but after I heard you came back from Tenroujima, I've been searching ever since!" Toeboe exclaimed, and my mouth hung open.

Was he really my little brother? How is he a wolf-shape shifter? Those are extinct from the world, and not to mention I can't sense any magical presence coming from him. The only magic I sense is his wolf aura.. Just then, our eyes met and something clicked.

Wolf ears suddenly perked on his head, and I flinched in surprise. Stepping forward, I rubbed his wolf ears, and he smiled at me. "You never knew about me, because I was only 2 years old when i left. I was hidden from you, because I was born a wolf. Like you, you're a wolf too!" Toeboe exclaimed.

"Toeboe, listen.. I can somewhat believe you, your eyes are just like Mama's. But, I'm not a wolf, I'm a celestial spirit mage." I said, and he shook his head vigorously.

"You're a wolf too, but Mama sealed away the wolf part of you! Mama didn't want Papa to find out, because Papa never knew about Mama's true nature. That's why Mama hid me, because she wasn't able to seal my wolf away. Mama is a wolf, and so are you. We just need to break the seal." Toeboe said.

My head was spiraling, I didn't know what to think. This explains so much, this is why Mama was always so secretive with Papa.. "H-How do we break the seal?" I asked.

"It's actually really easy. We have to take off your earrings. You can't do it by yourself though, only someone from the victim's family can remove them. This is why I've been traveling to find you, so we can be wolves together!" He said smiling, and I couldn't help but return the smile.

I bent down to his height, and he took off the backs of one earring. Black spots danced in my vision, and I felt my legs go weak. I fell down on the floor, and I felt Toeboe screw the other earring off. My vision was now spiraling, and all these things were in my mind. All these scents, sights, sounds, and tastes. My head banged on the ground, and it healed instantly.

I felt my vision cloud again, and I fainted.

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