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Lucy's P.o.v

It's been only a couple of minutes since we've arrived at the restaurant, but there was an awkward atmosphere. Natsu kept complaining on when the waiter/waitress would arrive, and Wendy and Toeboe were practically enveloped in hearts. Toeboe was sure lucky to already have his mate, it felt heart wrenching to know Natsu isn't mine. Maybe it's a territorial, wolf thing.. Feeling a warm hand on my shoulder, I jerked my head to see Natsu staring at me with a worried expression.

"Hey Luce, are you okay?" Natsu asked, his voice clear with concern.

I blushed slightly, and nodded "Yeah, sorry for worrying you." I replied.

I wanted to hide under the table, and never come out! Whenever I see Natsu, or just hear his voice, I blush! He probably doesn't even return my feelings, he just thinks of us as best friends.. But, we're dealing with Natsu here, and his intelligence on love isn't exactly correct. Ha, what am I kidding? Natsu doesn't know anything about love, although he does have his moments which keep me wondering. I often wonder if he's pretending to be dense, but you would've thought he would've made a move by now..

Standing up abruptly, my chair fell down, causing a loud screeching noise. I blushed a light pink in embarrassment, and Toeboe looked at me questioningly.

"I'm going to get some fresh air." I said, with a weak smile.

"I'll go with you," Natsu offered.

"Alone," I spat, and I stalked angrily out of the small restaurant.

I pushed through the glass door, and I walked behind the brick wall and sighed. I stared at the ground, and the cool air calmed down my pulsing nerves. I slid down, and I rested my hands on my knees.

"Requip," I spoke, as a dark blue tank top materialized on my body, along with black shorts. I stood up, and stretched out my aching limbs, and I decided to let out my wolf ears, and tail.

I moaned in satisfaction, and grinned. It sure does feel great to have my wolf ears, and tail out; It' excruciating to tuck them in all the time!

A loud thump sounded behind me, and I snapped my head around so fast, I nearly got whiplash! I looked around for the cause of the loud noise, and I couldn't see anyone, until my sensitive nose picked up the scent of somebody in a nearby tree.

Smiling with mischief, I ran towards the tree, and extended my claws. "Blue fire," I whispered, and my claws lit on fire, but not normal fire. Blue fire, which is the hottest fire possible. The tree broke down from my claws slicing the bottom, and blue fire, quickly lit up the whole tree on fire.

I quickly extinguished the burning tree with my element of water, and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head, but my vision was quickly clouded with spots of black, and that's when I realized, I had been stabbed. I looked at my waist, and I fell down to ground, and I placed my hand over the spilling blood.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and my body started to rack up blood. I coughed, and specks of blood ran out of my throat.I groaned in pain, and I weakly grabbed the dagger that was deep in my waist, and I yanked it out with all my mustered strength.

I cried out in pain, but my wound healed in a matter of seconds, and I felt nothing. I turned to look at the person who stabbed me, and it was an innocent looking girl! She had light brown hair that reached her shoulders, but her side bangs reached to her chest. She was small, and petite just like Levy-Chan, and her eyes were a dark black.

"Tch," The girl scoffed, and looking at her belt, I realized just what she was. A wolf hunter.

I held out my hand, and blue fire lit, making my face glow. My eyes gleamed red, and my canines sharpened, and I snarled at the wolf hunter. Her eyes widened in fear, but she quickly masked her emotion, and snarled at me.

"Baka wolf, I can see right through you! You're not a human, but an arctic wolf." She spoke, her tone filled with hate.

I extinguished my fire from my hand, and returned her glare. "I'm half human also, I'm not completely a wolf." I replied.

"Regardless, wolves are all evil! That means, I have to kill you!" She yelled, then suddenly whistled, "Fang!"

A pitch black wolf mix husky suddenly ran out, and my eyes widened at the sight. His eyes were a crystal blue color, and to be blunt he was handsome. His structure was tall, and muscular but he was obviously no match for a pure wolf like me.

"Fang, get her!" The wolf hunter yelled, and the wolf hybrid suddenly dashed towards me in full speed.

I jumped into the air, only dodging his attack by a mere inch. I did a back flip in the air, and I transformed into my wolf form. I grinned at Fang, revealing my sharp set of canines, and his ears were laid back on his head. He let out a small growl, but his eyes were softening at the sight of me.

"Why are you working with a wolf hunter? You're part wolf!" I asked, and Fang's eyes clouded with an unknown emotion.

"Her name is Misty.. She saved me when I was just a pup, I owe her my life.." Fang spoke.

"I can understand that, but why hurt your own kind? I don't wanna hurt you, not a bit." I admitted.

"Fang, what's taking so long, attack her!" Misty demanded, and Fang sighed.

"I have too. She saved my life, regardless of what she tells me what to do, I obey." Fang said, and I shook my head.

"No, not for long. I'll set you free." I said, and Fang tilted his head in confusion.

I dashed towards Misty in full speed, and before Fang could stop me, I bit Misty's side, and I used my lightning abilities to electrify her body. Her body shook momentarily, and she fell down unconscious.

"Fang, now is your chance. Run, go!" I ordered, and Fang glared at me harshly.

"You killed her!" He yelled, and I shook my head.

"She's unconscious, not dead. You can escape now, live your life the way you want. You can do what you wanna do now!" I explained.

"But... But she saved my life..." He weakly murmured.

I shifted into my human form, and I smiled gently at him. Fang then shifted into his human form, and he was actually really handsome.. His hair was spiky, and black, and his eyes were colored the same crystal blue. He had on a black tee-shirt, and rugged, matted blue jeans.

"She may have saved your life, but now she's imprisoning it. It's your life, you're free to do what you want. Take advantage of it, live your life to the fullest. And.. If you ever want to join a guild, come to Fairy Tail." I said, giving him a grin.

He nodded, and then asked, "What's your name?"

"My name is Lucy, Lucy Heartphillia." I replied, and he nodded.

Leaning in, Fang kissed my cheek, and my face heated up, and my cheeks flushed red.

"Thanks Lucy, for being my first love." Fang said, and he dashed off, turning into his wolf/husky form. My face still remained a bright red, and I glanced at Misty who was still out cold.

First love huh?

Looking at the clock, I realized I had been gone for 25 minutes! They must be wondering where I am! I requipped into my outfit I was wearing earlier, and I dashed inside, to see my nakama threatening people, and looking everywhere to see where I went..

"Guys, quit! I'm fine!" I yelled, and they all stared at me, and grinned widely.

"Lucy!" They yelled, and they all tackled me down and Natsu burrowed his head in the crook of my neck.

"I was worried for you," He spoke, his voice vibrating against my sensitive skin.

I smiled, and returned everyone's hug. It's nice knowing that your nakama cares so deeply for you.. Another reason I'm glad I joined Fairy Tail!

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