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Fifty's Shades:

Excerpt from Fifty Shades Freed: (Shades of Christian) By E.

"Good. Until tomorrow, perhaps." I can't just leave. I have to let her know I'm interested. "Oh, and Anastasia? I'm glad Miss Kavanagh couldn't do the interview." Delighting in her stunned expression, I sling the bag over my shoulder and saunter out of the store.

Yes, against my better judgment, I want her. Now I have to wait… Fucking wait… Again.

I clamber into my SUV and forcefully put it into gear. I'm mildly aware that my nerves are getting the better of me, dare I say part of me is excited about the prospect of our meeting again tomorrow. With every fiber of my being I will her to call to set up the photo shoot as an excuse to see her beautiful blue eyes and full luscious mouth again. I want to see her sweet delectable skin blush the perfect shade of rose when I lean down and bit that lip. STOP GREY. You have got to get a hold of yourself. This is not who you are. You are putting too much stake in a deal that's never going to happen. But maybe, just maybe… I arrive back at the Heathman after a mind numbing drive through Portland and realize I've spent 2 hours and half a tank of gas thinking about Miss Anastasia Steele. As I check in the front desk clerk fumbles over me, irritating me I can only assume because he is distracting me from my wayward thoughts.

"Mr. G... G... Grey, Is there anything else we can help you with today to make your stay more comfortable?" He asks, looking like he would blow over with the faintest breeze. Only if you have Miss Steele upstairs, chained to the bed, every inch of her glorious skin showing as she begs me to touch her, to let her come, to make her mine. "Mr. Grey? Is there anything else you need?" The clerk has regained his composure and found a backbone, snapping me out of my erotic thoughts once more.

"No. Thank you. The room will be all." I mutter, grabbing my room key and heading in the direction of my suite. Once inside I look around at the surroundings, walking into the bedroom, I find an unwelcome pang of disappointment that my erotic daydream has not been reality. What am I crazy? Why would it be? I really should call Flynn at this point to discuss my current state. But he will have to wait until I return home to Seattle. I pull out my phone, almost willing it to ring as I look at it, after a beat I follow through on my intention for taking it out.

"Taylor. There's been a change in plans. I'll be staying in Portland a little longer. Can you bring my laptop and some clothing to the Heathman Hotel? Also, prepare to stay a few days."

"Yes, sir. Anything else?"

"No Taylor. That will be all."

I hang up the phone. Annoyed that I am so desperate for her attention. I think back to the last time I felt this way and can not ever remember feeling this out of control over thoughts of a woman. But Anastasia doesn't feel like just any woman. No. She's special. I could really use a new submissive and judging by her breathy answers, frequent blush, and her checking out my crotch in Clayton's, I'd like to think there might be a means to this after all. Don't get ahead of yourself Grey, my mind quietly reminds me. She's young and beautiful and not to mention innocent. You're going to corrupt her like this? Bring her into your darkness? You really are fucking crazy. I pace around the living room and finally resign to the old style gold and rose claw foot couch framed by two complementary armchairs.

I busy myself reading the newspaper at the couch for all of ten minutes when my phone begins to vibrate against the table. The caller ID reads Anastasia Steele. My heart skips a beat and I deliberately swallow and try to steady my breathing. This is it. Showtime, again, Grey.


"Er… Mr. Grey? It's Anastasia Steele." Damn it, breathe Grey. Get a hold of yourself.

After a moment I reply, "Miss Steele, How nice to hear from you." The sounded more surprised than I intended, but I'm on unfamiliar territory here, I reign in my nerves and caress the tail end of the sentence with my tongue. Picturing her blush on the other side of the line, I know I've succeeded when I hear her breath hitch in her throat.

We set up the meeting for tomorrow morning at nine thirty. I notice that my heart rate has increased again as I hear her shallow breathing and soft voice. Even my cock stirs in response. Christ. How does this woman wield such an affect on me?

"I look forward to it, Miss Steele." I try to push as much carnality into the sentence as I can to chance hearing her breath hitch once more. I will play her like the professional I am. No nerves can fuck this chance up, Grey. I'll need all the focus I can muster to become the ultimate consumer of the beautiful Anastasia. I smirk remembering her comment in the interview "You sound like the ultimate consumer." Simultaneously, I recall the thought that followed; I could really take care of her. Again the thought rattles around in my mind and this time I allow myself opportunity to think about doing just that.

I order room service for dinner and a bottle of red wine, tempranillo. Taylor arrives just as I finish my plate and bids me farewell for the evening. I inform him of our plan for tomorrow and he nods curtly before departing my suite. I spend the evening pacing, unable to contain my anxious and excited nerves for the morning, when I will see Anastasia again. What has this woman done to me? I fall into an exhausted sleep, filled with beautiful, dare I say loving, blue eyes that see through to the depths of my dark soul.

I wake early the next morning, having only a few hours of sleep; I get out of bed grumbling and groggy. As I stumble my way to the bathroom to shower I find that I awoke rock hard from dreams of Miss Steele. This woman will be the end of life as you know it, Grey. My subconscious thinks it's got it all figured out. Plaguing my dreams with images of Anastasia cuffed, naked, tied, shivering from pleasure, and calling out my name… but also her voice in my ear whispering of her love and devotion. Where are these fucking thoughts coming from? I must get a grip on them. On myself. If I want this to happen, I must control myself. I must control my wayward thoughts. And I most definitely should not get too excited, this is not a sure deal, there are too many unknowns. I must not get my hopes up.

I attempt to go through my morning routine in a mechanical type of manner. Wash hair, wash body, but then I happen upon my throbbing cock, still rock hard from thoughts and dreams of Ana and I begin to stroke my shaft. Slowly, indulging in how the pleasure radiated out from my favorite body part, warming me from within. The warm water hitting my sensitized skin and the excitement I feel about seeing her in just a few hours again fuels me. I lean my left hand against the shower wall and increase the speed, tightening my grip around my cock. My eyes closed, imagining her sitting up from the sub position in the playroom upon my command and wrapping her delicate hands around my cock, pumping me until I'm about to come on her knees in front of me. As my body begins to stiffen, I picture her slowly taking me into her mouth and taking all of me to the hilt as I come, calling out her name. Shit. Did I really just call out her name? Get a hold of yourself, Grey.

My phone rings at nine and Ana tells me the suite number to meet them in. I will get through the photo shoot with the tenacious Miss Kavanagh and the delicious Miss Steele, then I will ask her to join me for coffee. I can't very well entertain the thought of having her as a submissive in the normal interview setting, so coffee and dinner will substitute. I can feel out her willingness and subsequently spend more time in her presence. I pull on a white shirt and my favorite pair of gray flannels. They make me feel confident, and around Miss Steele, I need all the confidence I can gather. She makes me feel so alive, but very much like a teenage boy again, out of control and full of desire for the touch of a female, in any form I can take it. She is a welcome departure from the mundane repetition my life had become. That reminds me, I should call Elena to tell her about my new prospect, I'm sure she'll have some advise, whether I want it or not. At precisely nine twenty nine Taylor and I head down to the suite to assure we'll be on time. I hate being late anywhere.

I take a deep breath to saddle my nerves. Taylor offers a puzzled sideways glance then quickly fixes his eyes forward. I ignore his acknowledgement grab the doorknob and walk in. The sight of her sends the electricity through me without even touching her, that's the first time it's happened without physical contact. Fuck me. I look into her bluest of blue eyes and remember my manners as I stroll toward her and extend my hand.

"Miss Steele, we meet again", and the current strengthens, making my cock stir in my pants. There's that blush again, shit, she is gorgeous. She recovers her equilibrium and introduces me to Miss Kavanagh, who thanks me for taking the time to do the shoot. I glance toward Anastasia and state that it's my pleasure, hoping to steal another glance of the blood rushing to the surface of her skin. Without a doubt, it appears. I can't wait to fuck and flog her.

She introduces me to the photographer, Mr. Jose Rodriguez, and my warmth to Anastasia turns immediately to ice as I appraise him. His smile lingered just long enough to piss me off. I need to regain the upper hand.

"Where would you like me?" I ask. Adding just the right amount of disdain to my voice.

Katherine jumps in, taking over the shoot, directing me here and there. The fumbling light tech, whose name I cannot recall right now, blinded me. Incompetence. Not something I like to waste my time on. But Miss Steele, with her here I can hardly consider this a waste. I'll think of it as an investment. I tune out everyone else in the room, with the exception of the instruction on where to look, and focus solely on Ana. Our eyes lock twice. I will not back down. Both times she is the one to tear her eyes away, and it leaves me wanting. Finally the shoot is done and now is the time to make my move. But suppose she declines. She will if she knows what's good for her, my subconscious sneers. No. I must not think like that. This experience will be one of pleasure, immense pleasure she's never dreamed of before, and I will be the one to show her the way.