Always impatient, it seemed to Steve that the ambulance took forever to reach them. He wanted to climb into the back with Danny, but Mrs Shem had to be taken into custody and someone had to wait for the coroner's wagon and the crime team. Chin remained at the car with the distraught woman while Steve and Kono went back to the crime scene and looked around. It seemed pretty obvious what had happened and they left the finding of bullet shells and the like for the crime team to do. Once Steve had given his orders, they went back to the car and took Mrs Shem to HPD lock-up where they were met by a psychiatrist from the state hospital who assessed Sue Shem before taking her to the hospital under a mandatory hold, heavily sedated.

Almost two hours had passed before the three detectives arrived at the hospital. "Officer Williams?" Steve asked the receptionist, flashing his badge, and was directed to a waiting room. They were only there for a few minutes when Dr Bergman joined them. "How's Danno?" Steve asked anxiously.

"He's in surgery, having his collar bone manipulated back into place," Doc replied. "He's dehydrated and bruised and his knees are a bit torn up, but he's going to be fine."

"What happened to him?" Steve demanded.

"He was pretty groggy from pain," Bergman replied, "but from what I gather, he was pushed to the ground with his hands tied together and his collar bone was slightly displaced. There isn't any damage to the sub-clavian artery, thankfully, but it was a bad enough injury. I'm going to be keeping him here for a couple of days so we can keep an eye on him. He's going to need quite a bit of pain relief to begin with. It's almost like breaking the bone all over again." Bergman looked at Steve. "Your turn now. How come my patient is back in here with an aggravated injury?"

Quickly, Steve explained about Mrs Shem and the kidnapping. "You can rest assured, that officer will no longer be working for HPD," Steve vowed as he concluded the story.

"Everyone makes mistakes," Bergman reminded him quietly and Chin and Kono exchanged looks behind McGarrett's back. It was a mistake, but since the officer already knew Danny's life was at risk – that was why he had pulled guard duty after all – this was an unforgivable mistake to them all. Police work couldn't be run by the clock at times. Everyone pulled overtime sometimes; leaving before your relief arrived was seriously unprofessional and raised questions about the officer's fitness for duty in the first place. Both detectives were glad that they were not going to be on the receiving end of McGarrett's anger when he confronted the officer.

"This 'mistake' almost cost Danno his life!" Steve reminded the doctor sharply. There was really no come-back to that comment and Bergman wisely didn't try to find one.

A few minutes later, a nurse appeared to inform them that Danny was in recovery. Bergman led the way as they trooped through the hospital to the recovery room. Steve immediately crossed to Danny's side where an older man in grey hair was writing on a chart. "Doctor?"

Turning, the man extended his hand. "Jack Harris," he introduced himself. "I've just re-set Officer Williams' shoulder. It was quite straight forward and although he'll be very sore for a few days, there was very little additional damage. There will be quite a bit of bruising, though and I would advise keeping him here for a few days so we can make sure that he is able to do things like hold his head up correctly. The muscles have been damaged, obviously, and he might need a little physical therapy in that regard. We'll know more for sure in a few days."

"Thank you." Steve nodded and went over to look down on the still-sleeping Danny. The blood and brain matter had been washed from Danny's face and hair. He was pale, but that was to be expected. The main thing was that Danny was going to be all right.

As if on cue, Danny stirred slightly and opened his eyes. He blinked sleepily, gave Steve a slight smile and promptly went back to sleep. Steve smiled, even though Danny couldn't see it. "I'll be back later," he promised.

There was always paperwork to be done and Danny would not wake for several hours. Steve could do the paperwork and return later, but all he really needed to know was that Danny was going to be all right. He stepped back to let the other two men have a peep at their slumbering friend.

Tomorrow, he would speak to the officer that had left Danny unprotected and while Steve fully intended to make sure that he was no longer one of HPD's finest after that, perhaps this good news would make him slightly more lenient in the way he phrased his displeasure. Maybe. The loose ends of this case were tidied up and while Danny might require physical therapy and perhaps a chat with someone about Scott Donaldson's horrific death, Steve just knew that his friend was going to be okay.

As Danny had said, Hawaii had lots of sunshine, rainbows and happily ever after.