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Naruto's POV

It sucks to suck, doesn't it? Let me explain. I, Uzumaki Naruto, suck at everything I do. The only thing I know how to do is make instant ramen and get in trouble. Yes, I suck.

I am currently sucking at trying to make friends on an online chat. Yes, I suck so much that I try to get online friends. In reality, I don't have any friends, because as I've earlier mentioned, I suck.

I am currently on my school's online chat where everyone is anonymous. I've chatted with at least five different people and they've all ended up leaving the chat. Alright, just one more today. This is going to be the one!

Start chat with Red-Eyed-Raven13

Orange-Spiral9: Hey, what's up?

Red-Eyed-Raven13: Nm, u?

Orange-Spiral9: Nm, kind of bored.

Red-Eyed-Raven13: Yeah, same... So what r u doing now?

Orange-Spiral9: Just listening to some music. U?

Red-Eyed-Raven13: Nm, hanging out with some friends. They're annoying as fuck though. We're playing an annoying game called Truth or Dare. I'm sure you've heard of it before.

Orange-Spiral9: Ha ha. Yeah. What's the current truth or dare?

Red-Eyed-Raven13: My best friend just dared the most annoying girl in the world to see what I'm doing. Gah, I just want to shoot her.

Orange-Spiral9: Um... Won't she see this though?

Red-Eyed-Raven13: Exactly...jfi l idipidsdks

Sorry, she decided to slap me. lol

Orange-Spiral9: lol, so how's school?

Red-Eyed-Raven13: lol, I almost forgot that this was a school chat. Kind of freaked out a little... Anyway, it's been good, but there's too much fucking homework though. U?

Orange-Spiral9: It's good. There's this one guy that I can't stand. He's such an arrogant jerk! Everything else is okay, but there is too much homework. It's like teachers forget that students have homework from other subjects too!

Red-Eyed-Raven13: Yeah, there are a lot of pricks in the school. Hey, what dare should I give my best friend? I did earn a slap because of him.

Orange-Spiral9: Hm... Dare him to go to some random person that he doesn't really know and ask them if they could spank his ass.

Red-Eyed-Raven13: …... Dude, that's fucking hilarious! Omg, I just told him to do that to my older brother and he almost shit his pants. Everyone is looking at me like I'm some two-headed monster or something. Guess I'm paying for his funeral.

Orange-Spiral9: ha ha ha ha ha ha! I would pay a million bucks to see that. Is your brother that scary?

Red-Eyed-Raven13: Uh, yeah. He's like the fucking devil on steroids! My friend is probably gonna get his ass raped. Hey gtg. My friend started screaming. Lol ttyl

Red-Eyed-Raven13 has logged out of the chat.

Oh. My. Gosh! I actually had a conversation with someone! This kid is so fucking funny and he said ttyl! Omg, he's gonna type me again!

Smiling to myself, I hop off my bed and stretched a couple times before walking out of my orange covered room to my corridor. Walking down the hall, I wave to the many maids and butlers until I get into my extravagant kitchen. Sighing, I read the post it note on the refrigerator.

Dear Naruto,

I hope you're doing your homework, because if you're not, then I'm gonna slit your throat. Now that we're on the same page, I would like to tell you that your father and I are going on a date tonight and won't be back until tomorrow. Dinner is in the warmer and don't think about bringing anyone over because I do have cameras around the house! Love you!

From your amazing and beautiful mother!

Getting over my mini heart attack, I quickly grab a bag of bugles and a can of grape crush before sprinting back to my room to start my homework. How does she always know everything?

Shaking off my nerves, I start with my precalc homework. Alright, I don't suck at everything, its just I'm a big dork that's really clumsy and awkwardly social. I feel like I have to be good at something so I work really hard on my grades.

After doing all my homework like a good boy, I turn my computer back on to check the school's online chat room again. I almost fainted when I saw I got a new message from Red-Eyed-Raven13!

From Red-Eyed-Raven13:

Hey, sorry about earlier. My friend ended up okay. 'Thankfully'... Hope to keep in contact.

After another mini heart attack, I start another chat with my new friend. Well, I hope I can call him that.

Start chat with Red-Eyed-Raven13:

Orange-Spiral9: Hey whats up?

Red-Eyed-Raven13: Nm, just finished my homework and now really bored.

Orange-Spiral9: Me too! One sec, I have to get my dinner. Brb

Red-Eyed-Raven13: k

Running out of my room, I slide down my stairs' rail to the main hall and finally into my kitchen. I smile to my chef as I pass him while walking over to the warmer. He bows slightly to me before getting back to work. My mouth is practically drooling as I open the warmer to find a bowl of finely made ramen.

Quickly grabbing a pair of chopsticks, I sprint back to my room making sure not to spill any of MY ramen or keeping MY new friend waiting. Sitting comfortably back at my desk, I set my ramen down and look back at my chat.

Orange-Spiral9: Back! So, whatcha doing?

Red-Eyed-Raven13: Nm, just chatting with, u?

Orange-Spiral9: lol, eating my favorite food in the world!

Red-Eyed-Raven13: …... which is?

Orange-Spiral9: Ramen!

Red-Eyed-Raven13: lol, dude, that stuff is so bad for you. Hope you don't eat that daily.

Orange-Spiral9: R u joking? Of course I do! Who cares if it's bad? It tastes so good!

Red-Eyed-Raven13: wow, that's really disgusting. Hey gtg, my mom is being a bitch and telling me to go to sleep. ttyl good night

Orange-Spiral9: night

I blush slightly as I type that last world. Shit that's so embarrassing to type. Do friends say that all the time to each other? Whatever, I probably have a new friend! Well... as long as he doesn't figure out who I am. Once he figures out who I am, I'm sure he'll not want to be my friend. Sighing, I turn off my computer and then my lights.

Settling on my bed, I drift off slowly with a smile on my lips.

At school the next day

Walking out into the aisle, I don't fight as I'm shoved out of the way so others can exit the bus before me. I sigh as I try to keep a low profile. I'd hate to get beat up again. I flinch slightly as I make eye contact with one of the worst bullies in the school, Kiba. Shit, I'm so screwed!

"Hey, who are you looking at? Loser," Kiba growls with a sly grin as he walks over to me. I look to the side as he clutches the front of my orange T-Shirt.

Glaring at him, I bite out, "Defiantly not you, you ugly bastard." I smirk at his surprised face before he grins challengingly at me. I close my eyes as his fist slams into my left cheek.

Fuck, that hurt! I wince as a little crowd starts gathering. That usually means…. I gasp slightly as Kiba drags me to one of the boy's bathrooms and throws me to the floor. "Don't you dare talk to me like that, dork. Give me your English paper and I won't hurt you anymore," Kiba offered without much choice in the matter.

"Why don't I just help you with it? I won't tell anyone if you let me tutor you. Even if you have me do your homework, you'll still fail the tests. It's not like anyone would believe me if I told them," I offer my own proposal as I look at him with confidence.

Why am I doing this? I guess it would be cool to have someone to talk to. I don't care if he still has to beat me up. I really just want to be friends with someone even if it has to be secret. It could be fake friendship for all I care. I just need someone that I can recognize as someone other than an enemy.

"Would you really do that for me after all the shit I put you through?" Kiba whispered as he looked away from me. Silence followed as I stared at him. Is he actually considering it?

"I would be happy to do it Kiba!" I smile brightly up at him as I get up from the floor and dust myself off.

"Fine, but I really need that English paper. I'm going to fail if I don't get it in. I tried doing it myself, but that book was way too hard and it's a piece of shit. Please, Naruto?" Kiba pleads as he bows to me.

Wow, I never thought this day would come. Maybe we can actually become friends. "It's alright. I actually made two different papers. I'm still conflicted with which paper to choose. You can choose either one and still get an A," I provide as I open up my backpack.

I hold out both of them and Kiba grabs one randomly. Good, that was the worse one. It was a little simpler, but it was much more organized and got the thoughts out clearer. My other paper was more complicated and would only make sense for someone like Kakashi-sensei. It went really in depth and it was much more opinion based.

"Thanks again Naruto. So, do you want to start today? We can't go to my house, so is it okay that we go to yours?" Kiba asks looking the other way with a small blush. I guess this is pretty hard for him to admit that he needs help. I guess bullying is his way to cry out for help.

Wait, someone is coming to my house? Oh my god, finally! Mother and father will be so happy! God, I hope they don't embarrass me. Oh shit, I've talked pretty bad about Kiba. Hopefully they won't get the connection.

"Sure, it's really quiet so we have any distractions. Um… I guess you probably don't want to walk with me. Here I'll write down the stop you get off. Its two stops after your original one. I always see you guys get off, so it shouldn't be a problem since all your friends get off by my stop. Well, besides Hinata, my next door neighbor. I doubt she'll tell anyone," I explain with a emotionless face. I guess we'll have to take great pains to keep this a secret.

"Yeah, I guess. I guess I'll see you later. Um…. Do you mind if I punch you again? It'd be weird if you left unscathed. Sorry, and thanks," Kiba apologizes before undercutting me and kicking me in the side.

I watch as Kiba leaves the bathroom with a frown on his face. At least he wasn't grinning like he always does. Smiling sadly, I get up and wash my face from the small amount of blood. Today will be a good day!


"Class, settle down. Sorry for being late, but I got stopped by a kitten stuck in a tree. I couldn't just leave it there, so I had to find a latter. It's all good now. The kitten is safe now," Kakashi-sensei explains as he walks into the classroom. Everyone just ignored the obvious lie. "Now, get your papers on Jane Eyre out. I hope you all took time to make it good. This is fifteen percent of your grade."

I smile brightly as Kakashi goes around and takes my paper. He smiles with his eyes as he takes my paper. Kiba is right behind me and Kakashi walks straight pass him expecting Kiba not to have his homework again.

"Wait, Kakashi-sensei! I actually did it this time!" Kiba exclaims as he takes the five page paper out. Kiba blushes slightly as Kakashi looks at Kiba then the paper and back a Kiba.

"Students, please mark this date in the history of time! Kiba actually took time out of his busy schedule and did his paper! I'm quite astonished that you actually care about your future! I might actually cry with joy! I must be one great teacher to motivate the worst student of all time to actually do such a long paper!" Kakashi exclaims astonished with a monotone face.

The class couldn't help, but laugh at Kakashi's speech. "Come one sensei! You can't believe that Kiba actually wrote that. He probably stole it from some poor soul. Ask him a question about the paper and I bet he can't answer it. He probably hasn't even read it," some random jackass yells out with his friends snickering. He's probably one of those gangsters that doesn't care that Kiba is one of the most popular kids in the school.

"Hmm…. Fine, what did you say in the third paragraph about Jane's and Rochester's love?" Kakashi asks after he read the paper through. I jump slightly as he glances at me for a mere second. Oh god, Kiba actually didn't read it!

I've got to help him somehow. "Uh, Kakashi-sensei, I think someone knocked on the door," I interrupt quickly as Kiba sat motionless. Kakashi nods and walks over to the door. In that time, I write the paragraph over again and tear it out of my notebook.

All the students are looking at me with a confused look on their faces until I pass the paper back to Kiba. Some of them gave me surprised looks as they connected the dots. Kiba had barely enough time to read the paragraph and shove it down his pants before Kakashi came back.

"I think Rochester's love is very tyrannical towards Jane because he bosses her around a lot and he tries to shape her into someone she is not! It is clear that he loves her and she is happy, but he is damaging her. He's trying to force her into the high social class by buying her many things, but she isn't used to that and she doesn't want to be like that! Some could say that he wants the best for her, but is it really the best? He wants to contort her into someone she isn't and its damaging who she has made herself!" Kiba explains in a fast, rushed and loud tone.

That didn't sound like a lie… "He stole Naruto's paper! We all saw him write down something and give it to Kiba!" the same guy yelled out and the room got really dense.

"Is that true Naruto? Did he steal your paper?" Kakashi asked with his stare piercing through me.

"No, he's lying. I handed you my paper already. Why would I write two papers? That's ridiculous," I explain with my blue eyes staring back at him. There's no way Kiba is getting caught already. Kakashi would take my word over anyone's. He'll let it slide for sure.

"Alright, everyone get out your books. We're discussing chapter 26 and 27. I'm sure you all have something to say about them," Kakashi sighs as he collects the rest of the papers. I'll probably get my lunch money stolen by that kid. Oh well, I'll just get something from Iruka-sensei.