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~Naruto POV~

It has been three weeks since I found out that Sasuke is my online buddy. To say its awkward is an understatement. We have barely anything to talk about. I mean, we haven't hung out just the two of us, but it's still awkward. I still think of him as a bully, so it's really hard to act like we're good friends.

My parent's reaction was…


"Naruto, are you okay? That must have been horrible, but you looked happy in the picture… Is everything okay?" Mom gushed the second I walked in the door. She collected me in her arms and spun me in circles suffocating me.

"M-Mom! Please stop before you kill me!" I coughed hoping that I would live another day. I answered her worries after she put me down safely, "He apologized for all he has done and we decided to start a friendship. I told him I don't forgive him and he understands that. I guess he wanted to be my friend all this time, but instead he was mean to me."

"Oh, he just wanted to be friends?" the red head asked cautiously. She's never this calm unless she knows something I don't….

"Uh what else would it be?" I ask not sure what she was asking. She has the weirdest ideas sometimes.

"Oh, it was nothing. How was basketball?" she asks with a bright smile. I smiled upon seeing hers and followed her into the living room where my dad sat with a book in hand. They both listened with fond smiles as I told them how I was able to pick my team during practice and how I crushed the other team with my awesomeness!

~Flashback End~

Anyway, my parents are slowly accepting my friendship with the bullies that have ruined my entire childhood and so am I. Nothing is weirder then playing video games with people I hated only two months ago.

Stretching my arms as I stood up, I relished in the fact that the last bell rang signaling the start of summer break! I jumped slightly as my phone buzzed signaling I got a text message. I opened up my phone to see that I got two messages.

The first one was from Kiba asking me to come to the Friday dinner tonight. The other was from someone who matched the devil's evil, Kyuubi. He's in town and he wants me to hang out with his friend and his younger brother. I want to cancel so badly, but he'd probably ring my neck if I tried to run. Texting the two back, I told Kiba I can't and Kyuubi that I'll meet him at my house with the other two.

Sighing with a frown on my lips, I started to walk out of my classroom. "Hey Naruto, Ino and I need to talk to you," Sakura exclaimed with a sickly sweet smile. I felt my stomach knot tightly as the two wrapped their arms around me and dragged me off.

I felt a looming fate as we walked out of the back entrance with no one around us. Gasping, I cringed as I was pushed to the ground by two pairs of hands. I glared up at the two witches as I growled, "What the hell do you want?"

"We want you to stay away from Sasuke, baka. We don't want your loser germs infecting him or our group! It's bad enough that Kiba brought you into our group. Stay away or we'll really mess you up!" Ino snarled at me with venom in her voice and fire burning in her eyes.

Yelping in pain, I curl up as the two of them start kicking me. Damn it, I want to fight back, but they're girls! I took a chance opportunity and sprung up away from the two bitches. I took two steps away from them before Sakura grasped my shirt and pulled me back and punched my face so hard I flew into the brick wall.

Stars danced in my vision until blood ran into my eye from a gash on my head. I coughed up blood as I took a hard kick to the stomach from Ino making me fall on my knees. "You better hear our warning. Hell will come to you if you continue to be Sasuke's friend," Sakura threatens as she leans down next to my face.

I really wanted to spit in her ugly face, but I just nodded instead. I want to avoid as much pain as possible. I let out a painful sigh as they left my sight.

What will happen now? When I detach myself from that group, will it be just like before? They'll start bullying me and I'll avoid their eye contact? Will I have to give up Kiba also? Maybe not…

Damn, why the fuck do I have a gash on my forehead? They must have had a ring on or something, those bitches. Getting up, I steady myself on the wall. My vision blurred, but I quickly got it in focus. I'm glad they didn't do that much damage. This is the first I've gotten a beating from those two, but I've had worse.

I kept my eyes down as I walked the streets toward my awaiting cousin, Kyuubi. That crazy fuck will definitely say something about my beaten state. I don't want to say I was beat up by two girls though. I guess it doesn't really matter. Who gives a fuck what my cousin says?

"Naruto, over here my little cousin!" a happy voice yelled as I entered my house. I walked through the halls until entering the living room where my four guests were; there was an extra person.

"Hey, dobe," Sasuke spoke with a blank face on as he sat in one of my chairs next to Itachi and Deidara. I jumped slightly as Sasuke spit out some tea. "What the hell happened to you?" Sasuke asked with his brows furrowed as he stepped closer to me in hurried strides.

"Nothing," I pouted looking away as Sasuke got near. I walked past him not accepting his help. I gasped surprised as Sasuke grabbed my shirt and pulled me away from the 'adults'. "Wait, what are you doing?" I exclaimed as he pushed me into the hallway bathroom.

"Just shut up and sit on the counter," the raven snapped foully. Growling, I hopped up on the counter and awaited further instructions. How the hell does Sasuke know Kyuubi? Well, Kyuubi probably knows Itachi I guess. Ugh, well this is just fantastic. Ino and Sakura will probably freak when they hear about this…

Hissing, Sasuke put a steaming cloth to my forehead. I clenched my teeth as he swiped over my bleeding wound. "Sasuke be careful! That hurts," I growled as he pressed a little too hard. Sasuke replied by letting up his pressure. Looking off to the side, I blushed as a silence struck us as Sasuke wrapped the gauze around my head.

"Take off your shirt," Sasuke demanded with a straight face. I pouted with obvious embarrassment before I unbuttoned my school uniform showing my beaten chest. I looked on in wonder as the anger seeped through Sasuke's façade as he furiously wiped down the little cuts and bruises that littered my body. He put a couple Band-Aids here and there in a thick silence.

He also cleaned up the large scraped on my arms, hands and legs from falling on the concrete. Those stung like bitches. "Thanks," I offered as he finished. He only nodded sullenly as he put away the first aid kit he found under the seat. I swallowed nervously as the atmosphere became dense with every passing second.

"Who was it?" Sasuke asked suddenly as he looked sharply at me. I gasped surprised as a murderous aura surrounded him as he clenched his fists in pure hatred. It really scared me.

"It's fine Sasuke. It's not a big idea," I waved off with a forced smile as I hopped off the counter and put my shirt back on.

"No! You've been hurt your whole life. I'm not going to let this continue. Who. Was. It?" Sasuke growled not joyful one bit. I felt my heart swell as Sasuke's overprotecting nature revealed itself.

Biting my lip, I wasn't sure if I should tell him or not. Maybe if I tell him we can stay friends. "Uh it was Sakura and Ino. They cornered me after class…" I explained in a hushed tone.

Sasuke took a deep breath and took out his phone. He typed in some things and put his phone away with no explanation. Okay….

We left the bathroom and joined the group back in the living room without a word said. "What brings you in town, Kyuubi?" I asked with distaste in my tone trying to act our normal selves.

"Awww don't say that Naru-chan! Is there a problem with just visiting my little cousin" Kyuubi whined with a predatory smirk playing on his lips as he glomped me. We wrestled for about a minute before he pinned me on the couch with a confident smirk. I cringed in disgust as he licked my cheek.

"Ew, you're so gross!" I complained as I pushed the laughing red head off the couch. Sitting up, I wiped my cheek from the slobber.

"Naruto-sama would you like me to get you a cloth?" Deidara asked as he stood on his feet.

The blonde butler squealed as strong arms wrapped around his waist before bringing him onto the couch again, but now on top of a lap. "Don't you dare call anyone master, but me," Itachi growled next to Deidara's ear possessively as the raven's hands traveled all over the butler's clothed chest.

"I-Itachi we can't do this in front of the master!" Deidara moaned as his nipple was teased through his vest. I flushed as Itachi smirked at me.

I was relieved when Sasuke took my hand and dragged me away from the perverted group. I was surprised when Sasuke took us to my room. "How did you know this was my room?"

"We played video games here with Suigetsu and Kiba once before and Kyuubi took us on a tour before you got here," Sasuke answered as he took a seat on my bed comfortably.

"Do you want to play some games? Is Super Smash Bros Brawl okay?" I asked as I moved over to my video games. When he nodded over to me, I put the game in and handed Sasuke a control before sitting next to him on my orange bed so our knees would brush up against each other.

We played for about two hours and I was a little mad on how well Sasuke did against me. Sure I spend a lot of time studying, but I've played my fair share of video games. He beat me ¾ of the time and it pissed me off. In that time span we've at least had fifteen calls each from either Kiba or Suigetsu. They've stopped recently thank god.

We didn't answer them in an act of laziness and this time was really peaceful for the two of us. I pouted when Sasuke beat me once again. I was about to start another game in my conquest of revenge when the door burst open.

Sasuke and I looked sharply to the open door to expect one of the three males downstairs, but were surprised to find Suigetsu, Kiba and the rest of our group at the door.

"Awww I was expecting something a little juicier then just the two of you playing video games. Why the hell did you guys not answer your phones?" Suigetsu infers with a toothy smirk.

We both give him a glare before getting up and turning off my game device without an explanation. I direct the huge group back downstairs to the living room where my other three guests were seated. I was surprised to notice a fourth guest with them. He had short spiky black hair and deep red eyes.

"Kyuubi, can you please stop inviting people without my consent," I growl with a glare at my smirking cousin. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet you," I offer to the very tall individual.

"Tobi is glad to meet Naruto! Itachi invited Tobi, not Kyuubi. Itachi is Tobi's cousin," Tobi exclaimed with a charming smile.

Nodding slowly, I direct my attention to the growing crowd. Shit, there are so many people here! I've never had so many friends over and…. Mom and Dad are gone! They're gone on a three day spa trip. They've been working so hard recently and this was the only time they could both go. It's fine as long as everyone stays under control.

I had a mini heart attack when I turned around to see Kyuubi had snuck off and raided my parent's alcohol cabinet. "Kyuubi what the hell are you thinking? Almost all of us here are minors! Put that away right now!" I growl with venom dripping in my tone.

"Call down, Naruto. I'll replace anything we take out. There are three responsible adults here. Kushina and Minato will never find out," Kyuubi reassured with a wave of his hand as he grabbed some red solo cups. Who are the responsible adults? He can't be talking about Itachi, Deidara and himself? That's a bunch of bullshit!

"Fine, but I want all you to text or call your parents saying you're staying over. I don't want any of you leaving while intoxicated," I growl set with my rules. I don't want them getting caught by the police or getting hurt on their way home.

They all groan, but follow my instructions as they get their phones out. I have another mini heart attack as my mother texts me. 'Thanks for making the better decision 3' Holy shit she knows what we're going to do! She really does have video cameras around the house! Gulping, I sit stiffly in a circle between Kiba and Sasuke.

"I've got a great game that we can play," Kyuubi smirked as he continued to explain the game. "The game we're going to play is lap tag. It's usually not played with alcohol, but we'll add it to the game. So to play the game you have to pick a partner. One person stands in the middle while the couples sit around that person. One person sits in front while the other sits behind with their back against the other's chest. The person in the middle points at how many groups they want and if you're pointed at then the person in front tries to tag the person in the middle. The person behind does everything they can to stop the person in front. The first person that gets to the middle gets to hand three shots to whomever. You can give all three to one or slit it up. The next person that gets to the middle distributes two and the third gives one. The fourth person has to strip one piece of clothing while the fifth strips two and so on. The last person has to make out with their partner for thirty seconds. Now go choose your partners! Oh and let's keep it interesting so you have to pair up with someone that has the same gender."

I looked quickly to Kiba, but sighed since he was already paired up with Shikamaru. He gives me a sympathetic smile as he sits down with Shikamaru in front. Everyone quickly gets groups leaving very little choice. The groups are as the following: Kiba/Shikamaru, Neji/Gaara, Suigetsu/Sai, Itachi/Deidara, Kyuubi/Tobi, Sakura/Ino, Karin/Hinata, and finally Sasuke and I. That leaves poor Jugo in the middle.

Sitting down in front of Sasuke, my body tensed up as we all waited for Jugo to point at somebody. The room heated up as the ginger kept quiet. I felt my heart lurch as Jugo finally moved. My eyes widened a millisecond before I lunged forward in my mad rush to Jugo. Strong arms wrapped around my waist and I calmed down.

"Dobe, we're not even going," Sasuke commented as he tightened his arms around me. I flushed embarrassed at my mistake.

Instead, he called on Kiba and Shikamaru who sat right next to us. Shikamaru was in front while Kiba sat behind him. They were about equal when it comes to strength even though Shikamaru is so lazy. Kiba pinned the genius to the ground with their bodies close and rubbing together from their struggle.

I smirked amused at the best friend's fight as they tried to over throw and pin the other. I blinked surprised to see Sai get out of Suigetsu's grasp and tag Jugo in a quick lunge to his feet. Oh and there goes Ino.

Laughing, I didn't expect the arms around me to tighten and pin me to the ground. Shit, Jugo must have pointed at us. At this point I'm going to have to strip if I don't get out next. I thrashed violently against Sasuke trying to get my wrists free. His hot breath panted in my ear as he put his chest against mine.

"Teme," I growl out with my teeth bared as I glared at his black mocking eyes. I lost control when he smirked at me. Arching my back, I get enough room to barrel us over and get on top of the raven. The second Sasuke's back smashed into the wood; I wobbled up and scrambled over to Jugo. I gasped loudly as I crashed down only inches from Jugo's feet with my arms extended out.

"Nice try, dobe," Sasuke scoffed as he sat on the small of my back and stretched out on my back as he pinned my wrists to the floor. Growling, I noted with despair that Shikamaru and Deidara had gotten to Jugo before me. The only one left besides me was Neji.

A sudden realization hit me as I struggled to get from Sasuke's grasp. "Teme let me go unless you want to make out with me. I don't think Gaara realizes that Neji and I are the last people. Come on, let me go unless you have a crush on me," I taunted with a smile.

I panicked slightly when Sasuke hesitated. "I don't have to have a crush on you. I just simply like winning. I…. I could give a damn about the kiss," Sasuke says in his monotone that I haven't heard in a while.

Damn it, the fucking asshole. I will not let Sasuke take my first kiss! "Dude, I haven't had my first kiss! Just let me off the hook. I don't want my first kiss to be taken like this," I snarl as I thrash wildly. I smirk with victory as Sasuke finally loosened his grasp and let me tag Jugo.

"And that's game! Neji and Gaara you guys do your kissing thing. Naruto and Deidara strip your shirts. Sai, Ino and Shikamaru distribute your shots to your choosing," Kyuubi smirked widely.

I blinked surprised when I got three shots from Sai and two from Ino while Shikamaru gave his shot to Kiba. I kind of get why Ino would give it to me but what the hell Sai. "Thanks dude," I grumble as I pick up my first shot.

I've never had alcohol before so I wonder how it tastes. Taking the first shot, I coughed as the liquid burned my throat. I quickly took the other two with distaste at the foreign fluid. Stripping my shirt, I sat behind Sasuke and gently put my forehead on his back to steady myself as I became dizzy.

I watched amused as Gaara pushed Neji down, climbed on top of him and captured his lips with a heated kiss. I felt my face flush when hands started roaming and tongues joined the sloppy kiss. Well, there was an obvious sexual tension between the two. I guess Gaara is a doer not a talker. Ha.

I jolted suddenly at the absence of Sasuke in front of me as he dashed to tag Jugo. "You can't be sleeping on the job, Naruto," Sasuke taunted with a smug smile gracing his lips. He gave Suigetsu a high five since he was the second to tag Jugo.

This round went way quicker than the last. At third there was Tobi, and then Kiba and Karin. It was really close since Kiba and Karin escaped at the same time, but Jugo said Kiba tagged him first. I guess Jugo gave him a break since he hasn't had his first kiss.

I accepted the shot from Sasuke while he gave his other two to Itachi and Tobi. Sasuke glared at his best friend when he was handed two shots from the swimmer while Tobi gave his to Kyuubi who cheered in excitement. We all downed our share of drinks as Kiba stripped his shirt showing off his defined six-pack.

"Woah, it's getting hot in here, sexy," Ino cheered with a wink towards Kiba. He gave her his own sexy stare until Shikamaru sat behind him ready for the new game. I chuckled at how Ino fumed at Shikamaru as he yawned not interested in her fury.

Cheering quickly erupted in the group when Karin and Hinata started making out. I laughed myself at how red Hinata's face became when Karin grabbed her boobs teasingly. Neji took a second out of his make out session to throw a comment about molesting younger sisters before he pushed his tongue in Gaara's mouth.

All I can think about is how I'm going to get shit faced by the hands of the guy I only loathed just three weeks ago. Never thought I'd be at a drinking party with Sasuke Uchiha. It can only get worse if I had the kiss that smug teme.

I flushed a small tint of pink when Sasuke sat behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and dropped his head on my shoulder. "Pay attention Naruto or you'll have to give me a huge kiss," Sasuke commented before he licked my ear teasingly.

I smirked challengingly at Sasuke as I focused on Jugo with the intent to win. Right as Jugo got ready to pick, Sasuke broke my concentration by tickling me. I couldn't do anything as Sasuke pinned me down when we were picked.

I chuckle up at Sasuke as he smiles genuinely down at me. It must be the alcohol because I actually think Sasuke is alright. I jokingly glared up at Sasuke with a poorly hidden smile gracing my lips as I weakly tried to escape.

Sasuke tickled me once again making a fit of giggles and snorts come from me as I tried and failed at arching away from the molesting fingers. "S-Stop it t-teme!" I roared uncontrollably as my sides began to ache with the extreme laughter and the bruises from earlier.

I made my own attack and fought my way to Sasuke's side where I started my own tickle strike on the unsuspecting raven. I quickly got on Sasuke and struck him with all my power. I laughed myself when Sasuke giggled over and over again. "Naru *Giggle* Naru *Giggle* Dobe, s-stop it!" Sasuke laughed obviously not happy. This is probably the most he ever laughed in his life and that little thought made me smile. I made him laugh so much even if I did force him.

I continued my attack totally forgetting about the game. I felt an overbearing smile stretch on my lips as I stopped to let Sasuke get a breath.

Reality smashed down on me as a mini heart attack ran through my body. I quickly whipped around to find that only Kiba and Shikamaru were still wrestling around. Kiba quickly flipped Shikamaru over and pinned him on his back.

Our eyes connected and our bodies froze. One of us has to take the bullet here and give up our first kiss to this madness. Time stopped as we try to make our decision and let the other know via telepath.

I'm sorry Kiba, but I just can't…

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