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~Naruto's POV~

Looking at the brunette, I felt my heart beginning to ache. Why does this have to happen? I can't just throw my best friend under the bus like that, but... can I really kiss Sasuke? I glanced down at the raven with him looking back passively waiting for our decision. When he felt my eyes on him, he gave me a smirk.

Rolling my eyes, I looked back over to Kiba and waited for his answer. The dog lover cleared his throat and replied nervously, "It's okay, I uh don't mind losing my first k-kiss to Shika."

I gaped at the puppy lover as he takes a leap of faith and kissed his best friend. Everyone cheered and whistled as Shikamaru pinned Kiba down and started making out with him. Well they obviously liked each other. I didn't take Kiba as a gay man or the bottom man. I giggled to myself as I got off of my partner.

"What are you laughing at?" Sasuke observed as he settled in front of me. He said nothing more as I stripped my socks and my jeans leaving me in my bunny boxers. Fuck, I should wear more articles of clothing.

"Uh, nothing in particular," I giggle as plop down behind Sasuke. I frown a little just noticing that he was fully clothed and I was well yeah. That's unfair. Naruto, you need to get it together! I smirked a little when Sasuke got three shots from Kyuubi, who had a very mischievous look on his face. Okay...

Sakura gave her two shots to Ino and Itachi gave his to Deidara. Sai stripped his shirt. I tensed up as everyone got ready for the next round. I will not lose to Sasuke! "Everyone" Jugo stated simply instead of pointing.

I tightened my loose hold on the Uchiha just in the nick of time as he lurch forward. It was easy to pin the raven to the floor. He is a lot clumsier which was surprising. Why is it so easy now? Oh... He just had the shots. OMG, is Sasuke a light weight? Giggling, I sat down on his stomach. "Hey Sasuke, are yoooouu drunk?"

"Don't be an idiot, dobe," Sasuke growls as he pushes me off of him easily. Shit I wasn't expecting that. I instinctively jump after him and crash us into the gray carpet. I wrapped my arms and legs around him trying to stop the raven.

I smile to myself as I bury my nose in the dark locks. They're so soft and they smell like peaches. Ha ah ha. "Sasu, your hair is a duck's asssss..." I comment with a small giggle. "Oops!" I laugh as I slip and hang underneath Sasuke as he crawls over to Jugo and tags his leg.

Sasuke immediately collapses on top of me with his breath on my collarbone as he stuffed his face in my neck. "Shut the fuck up, you fatty. My hair does not look like a duck's ass," Sasuke growls with a meaningless glare.

"What?! I'm not fat, teme!" I growl as I gently slap his arm. That little jerk! "If anything, you're fat, teme. You're crushing me!" I retort satisfied with my response.

I giggled as Sasuke shoots his head up to stare at me like 'THE FUCK?' "Naru, shut up. You're drunk," Sasuke sighed as he sat up and took off his shirt as he settled down on my stomach because he was the fourth person.

"Whoa, I must be drunk if I thought you were fat," I commented as I look up at the masterpiece above me. Just as Sasuke smirked down at me our attention was directed elsewhere as people cheered on Sai and Suigetsu as they made out. Damn, that's sexy.

"Hey guys, we're gonna play hide and seek next," Deidara giggled at his suggestion. "So to make it interesting, we're all gonna take five shots before we start."

I quickly took my shots making my world spin. Everything started to get blurry and I barely remembered getting to my room to hide with Sasuke under my covers. We thought it was the best hiding spot in the world. I hushed Sasuke as we giggled only to giggle again.

I couldn't see Sasuke's face, but I knew we were close because his breath was hot against my lips. I put my hand on Sasuke's chest as if he had shirt on as someone stumbles past my door. Damn that was close...

'What is this deep pounding?' I think as I succumb to sleep.


~Sasuke's POV~

My heart pounds loud as Naruto put his fingers gently on my bare chest. I thanked the heavens that the person passed the room without checking. I gently brushed the messy strands from Naruto's face and tucked them behind his ears. "Hey Naruto..." I trail off trying to get his attention.

"Mhm," Naruto moans as he gets closer to me. I gulped gently as I restrained myself from touching the blonde. I took a deep breath preparing myself as I relaxed in my blonde's company. I take a couple minutes as I listened to his even breathing.

"I wanted to tell you... how much I love you, Naruto. I'm sorry for all these terrible years. I doubt you would want to, but... would you be my boyfriend? I felt like we had something tonight, but if I'm wrong just tell me, Naru," I admitted as a huge load came off my shoulders.

I feel my breath quiver as I waited in silence. Is he speechless in a happy way? Or does he not like me and he doesn't know how to tell me? Shit, I totally messed up! I was way too early with my confession. Why did I even think this was a good idea?

I had a mini heart attack as Naruto made a noise. What the hell? Was that a snore? My god, he's sleeping… I took the covers off of our faces so I could look at his peaceful face.

I feel like this is the first time he has ever let down his guard around me. He may seem carefree, but I could always see his hesitation. He may not even be conscious of it, but he still doesn't trust me, but I'm not complaining. I couldn't even imagine just a couple months ago that I would be in Naruto's bed next to him.

Naru, I hope you will be able to accept my feelings later on, but for now I'm good with what we have. Let's just hope I don't do something to mess that up. Smiling down at the drooling blonde, I kissed the top of his head and settled down next to him. I stiffened as he cuddled up next to me and put his face in the crease between my chin and shoulder. Relaxing, I wrapped my arm around him and brought him closer.

You seriously need to stop being so cute or I'm not too sure what I'll do to you. I don't have much control when I'm with you and I hate that the most. Order is my life, but you never fail to throw me off my path. I seriously can't get enough of you, Naru.

Naruto's POV

My fucking head! The sun needs to explode and die a hundred deaths! Groaning, I gripped my pillow tighter and stuffed my face in it to block out the sunlight. God, my pillow smells so fucking good! Hm… it's a lot less comfortable than usual.

I snapped my eyes open so fast that I almost went blind from the sunlight. What the fuck happened? Why am I… Oh shit. Why is Sasuke here? In my bed? This is not fucking happening! Holy shit, did we have SEX? No, we couldn't have. Could we have?

"Naruto, stop thinking. You'll only hurt yourself," Sasuke chuckled as he propped himself on his elbows to look down at me with that stupid smirk of his.

"Is that thing permanent? You always have a fucking smirk on!" I pouted as I sat up myself. Fuck, I'm never drinking again. I really shouldn't have let myself get that drunk. I shouldn't have drunk anything at all!

"Only when I'm with people lower than myself," Sasuke smirked just to prove his fucking point. God, why did I agree to friends with such a prick? Oh yeah, he cried and begged for my forgiveness. "What's so funny, dobe?" teme asked slightly annoyed with my grin.

"I was just remembering why I would be friends with such a prick, but now I remembered. You cried like a little girl and begged me to forgive you," I smiled smugly. I gasped as I was hit with a pillow to my face. The fuck? Glaring at a smirking raven, I quickly grabbed my own pillow and retaliated on his own 'beautiful' face.

I shrieked as Sasuke gave me his murderous glare and wound up to hit my really hard with his pillow. Shit. Jumping off the bed, I scrambled and barely dodged his rampage. I giggled uncontrollably as I ran for my life all around the house with Sasuke in hot pursuit.

"I'm going to fucking KILL you, dobe!" Sasuke growled as he swung and missed by only inches. By now, I'm actually fearing for my life.

Sliding down my stairs' rail, I got ahead some. I was surprised to see almost everyone awake and sitting in my living room. Thank god Kiba is here! "Kiba! Help me! Sasuke's going to kill me!" I cry as I run behind my best friend.

I felt my blood drain as Sasuke hit Kiba in the abdomen making him double over and getting a clear shot to my face. Tumbling over from the hit, I fell on my ass glaring up at the prick with that stupid smirk. I got up fast with his pillow in hand and threw it at his face only for him to dodge it and have it hit Suigetsu.

"Nar-u-to…." Suigetsu whispers deadly with his eyebrow twitching. Oh shit. Screaming like a little girl, I ran all over the room dodging behind many people. Within a minute of this chaos, a pillow fight broke out with almost everyone joining in. Shikamaru crawled under the table to sleep.

I giggled as I smacked Kiba in the back of the head making him fall forward bring himself and Neji to the ground. Shit. I ran away with a grin on my face as the two brunettes chased after me. "Oh shit," I squeaked as Sasuke comes out of nowhere and swung the pillow into my head.

After about 20 more minutes of this pointless fight, we're all sitting on the couches and floor panting heavily. I have my back against Sasuke's as we sit on the floor trying to get our breath back. Shit that was rough. Hinata and Neji were surprisingly the best. They were like ninjas or something with their fluid motions and their speed.

I smiled softly when Kiba discreetly scooted closer to Shikamaru so he could use his shoulder to rest on. Well as discreetly as Kiba could. Which meant plopping his sweet ass next to Shikamaru and claiming his shoulder as his replacement pillow because Mr. fluff fluff died a terrible death.

Last Night: Kiba's POV

I growled irritated when I could find nobody! Why is everyone so damn good? The world just decided to play it hard and spun the fucking room just to make it that much harder. "Why is this house so big? Whoever made this house knew I was going to play hide and seek while drunk and made it perfect for hiding spots. Fuck you," I grumble walking around the room.

"Kiba… You do know that you haven't even made it out of the living room, right? It's been thirty minutes," a voice all too similar spoke out with small amusement. I search the room to realize that yes; I was still in the living room. Wow the rest of the house must be fucking gigantic!

Smiling stupidly, I walk over to my best friend who laid on the couch. I trap him under me with a sly smirk. "Got you. I win, so give me something special," I whisper with deep seduction. Now that I got my first kiss out of the way with the love of my life, I feel this new rush of power and confidence.

"Mmm… What do you want, Kiba?" Shika replied with a smirk of his own as he reached up and threaded his fingers in my hair. Before I could tell him to kiss me, he pulled my head down to ignite the fiery kiss and get my heart pounding hard.

Shit, this is so sexy. Who knew that this lazy ass was so masculine and hot? "God Shika, you're so… ah uh, sexy. Fuck uh," I moaned as I got closer to him while he sucked on my tongue before ravaging my mouth. "Shika…" I groaned as he started rubbing my erection through my pants.

"Kiba wait," Shika paused with a hesitant look and a small blush. Oh god, is he rejecting me? "I just wanted to tell you that I love you," he confessed with a sincere smile.

I stared wide-eyed at him for a long time while my brain short circuited. He loves me? When these words finally sunk in, my face turned tomato red. Stuffing my face in his chest, I replied muffled, "Idiot, you're so embarrassing… I-I love you too, Shika. I have for a really long time."

I tensed up as Shika brought my chin up and made me make eye contact with him, "We're such idiots. I've loved you for a long time. I was so jealous when you told Naruto that you had liked someone. I thought that I had lost you."

By the time he was done talking, I couldn't control myself. I smashed my lips into his and ravished him. Moaning, I ground into his hard-on as I untied his hair. Pulling away from him, I took off my shirt and threw it to the side revealing my six pack.

"Lookin' good, Vice-Captain," Shika growled while he traced his fingers over my abdomen. I shivered as he went lower and lower until he was at my zipper. "Do you want this Kiba? I mean you only had your first kiss today," my raven haired crush asked patiently.

"Are you joking? I've been waiting for this for a long time! Well…. let's just not go all the way. I don't think I'm ready…" I trailed off not trying to disappoint him.

"It's good. I'm still trying to sink all of this in myself, but… I'm not going to let that ruin the chance to finally get a taste of you," Shika smirked before flipping us over and moving his face next to the bulge in my pants.

My blush turned into a deep crimson as he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans before taking them off with my boxers. "Sh-Shika!" I gasped as the cool air made my erection throb with need and want. "God, I need you so bad, Shika. Please do something!" I moaned looking down at him with lusty eyes.

Smirking, Shika engulfed me in the first go. Holy fucking shit! Stars danced in my vision as he bobbed his head fast. Within a minute a huge load was squirted into his mouth. I felt myself twitch as he swallowed all of it.

"Don't think we're done here. We're going all night. I don't just sleep all day for nothing. I've got tons of energy to spend here," Shika whispered seductively as he crawled up towards my face until his lips were ravaging mine. Fuck, why didn't I confess sooner?

Next Day: Naruto's POV

After the pillow fight, I had my chef make us all some breakfast. I made sure there wasn't any morning 'drinking'. That made Kyuubi a little mad. "This is still my house, Kyuu so suck it up," I sighed as I sat back so my servant, Hidan, could take my dish.

"Hidan, how do you like serving other people?" Itachi snickered making me confused. He knows Hidan also? Does he know everyone?

"Shut the fuck up, bastard. This job pays well enough and the kid isn't that bratty. What the fuck are you doing here so fucking early anyway? It's like nine o'clock. What, you stayed over and fucked your little blonde whore? Hey bitch, why aren't you helping me anyway?" Hidan growls foully.

Jumping up, I tried to dispel the tension, "Hey hey, it's alright Hidan. Itachi and Deidara were invited over by my cousin, Kyuu. It's not even Deidara's shift yet. His starts in the afternoon on Saturdays and I've welcomed him into my home anytime he wants."

"Yeah, shut the fuck up bitch. That's all touching and shit, but I couldn't give a damn. Whore, take the rest of the dishes to the kitchen," Hidan scoffs as he takes a seat at the table. The fuck?

"Call him a whore one more fucking time and I swear you won't be able to move for weeks," Itachi growls with his black orbs giving that terrifying Uchiha glare. I gulped as everyone tensed up as the seconds ticked by and Hidan's grin grew.

Standing up, I spoke so Hidan couldn't say anything stupid, "Hey come on, Hidan. Deidara isn't a whore. He didn't even have sex last night. No one did, right?" I smiled as I turned to everyone. My smile faded really quickly when only Sasuke, Jugo, Hinata and Karin were the only ones who looked at peace. Holy shit. "The fuck guys! I can't even imagine all the pairs of people who had sex. Kiba?"

"We didn't even go all the way! Just a lot of blow jobs and hand jobs. My god am I spent. I fucking came eight times before I passed out! Eight times!" Kiba confessed quickly as if it made it all better.

"Suigetsu, who did you fuck?" Sasuke asked really confused as he looked around the table. There was a couple people missing.

"Ah ha, I fucked Sai so hard he can't move! He needs to shut the fuck up, but he has some talent," Suigetsu shrugged with no shame. I smiled a little inside at Sasuke's disgusted look, but I showed disgust as well on the outside.

"Me and Neji," Gaara stated simply with a shrug dismissing Neji's blush as he made eye contact with his cousin. Well, shit. That would leave Itachi to fuck Deidara and…. Tobi, Kyuu, Ino and Sakura.

"Holy shit Kyuu, did you fuck Ino or Sakura? Please tell me that you fucked Tobi. I don't think I could stay your cousin if you fucked those bitches," I begged not really caring about those banshee's opinions.

"Ah ha, it's okay Naru. I fucked Tobi. I have at least some class," Kyuu smirked as the two bitches fumed and left. Thank fucking god! They were such a killer on the fun.

"Wait… That means Ino and Sakura fucked… The fuck?" Kiba concluded really confused. "How the fuck does that work?"

"My god Kiba, just shut the fuck up!" Suigetsu groaned as he banged his head on the table.

"I fucked Deidara," Hidan said simply making everyone freeze. Deidara went pale and Itachi went red with anger. "Just a couple of weeks ago. His ass was so fine. For such an annoying chatterbox, he had many uses for that mouth. He even has a pretty sexy vocabulary," Hidan smirked victorious as Itachi lunged at him with eyes blazing in anger.

"You don't fucking scare me Uchiha. You have a company to run and I don't think you need an assault charge on your record," Hidan smirked as he dodged Itachi's flying fists.

As Itachi pushes Hidan to the wall, I whisper to a very distressed Deidara, "Hey, are you alright?" I felt my heart break as the tears rushed down his cheeks. I felt like crying myself as I embraced him. He sobbed with harsh breaths as his body shivered.

"What the fuck is your problem? I thought we were fucking friends. Sure, I didn't like your attitude that much, but you had my fucking respect. Now get out of my fucking face, you ass hole," Itachi threatened as he pushed away from the tall butler with huge amounts of control.

For a second I thought Hidan was going to be civil, but he smirked sadistically before adding fuel to the huge fire all around him. "He was bleeding so hard. I had to get a new mattress because he bled so fucking much. Man, was he screaming and begging me to stop. He was one of the best I've had in awhile."

Silence is the biggest trick of the world. It may have nothing happening, but everything is going at full speed to start something. It only took Itachi three very long seconds to lunge at Hidan. It took five seconds for the full on chaos to start.

Hidan was on the floor with a bloodied face and Itachi was barely being held back by Sasuke, Kiba, Neji and Gaara. Tobi quickly went over to Deidara for moral support. One look at the broken blonde and I lost it.

"Heh, you can go fuck your- Holy shit!" Hidan gasps as he stared wide eyed at the knife in the wall next to his head.

Five more knives followed as I threw each one with accurate aim. They all hit his clothes pinning him to the wall and scratching him a little. Walking over to him slowly, I dragged the last knife across the wall making everyone freeze.

Stopping in front of the overly tall man compared to me, I looked up at him scaring the shit out of him. My eyes were a deep crimson as I glared at him. Stabbing the knife in my hand next to his face, I leaned in making him gulp.

"Shut the fuck up you useless piece of shit. Never and I mean never, touch Deidara again. If you do, I swear to you that you will fear for the little life that you hold now," I whisper with the anger making my voice shaky. Taking the knife out of the wall, I slash open his shirt making a small red line. "Now, should I make you bleed like you made Deidara bleed? Should I make you bleed more? I want you to hurt so fucking much."

Smirking, I dragged the flat part of the blade along his chest up to his throat. "What the fuck are you?" Hidan gasped out as I drew just a little bit of blood from his neck.

"Your worst nightmare." Taking the blade away, I wind back my arm and stab forward.

"Naruto!" Kyuu screamed from across the room breaking the spell on everyone. My hands began to shake as I take my hand away from the knife.

Looking back at the group quickly, my eyes faded back to my sea blue, but they still saw all of that red. No, what have I done? How could I let this happen? Turning back to the unharmed Hidan, I whispered, "You are dismissed for the next week. I'm sorry about your suit. Now get out. I want all of you to leave as well."

Turning away from the pale group, I walked away from them hoping that they would leave me alone. "Wait Naru! Hey, talk to me!" Sasuke weakly yelled after me.

"Leave! Just… leave please," I sighed as I walked into the dark shadows of my house until I crawled into the bed that I was sharing just a little while ago. I felt the tears rush out as the front door closed shut.

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