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I stare with dead, dark eyes at the wall as I lay sprawled out on my orange bed. I lay there with a blank mind as the time keeps on going without me. Eyes stinging from being too dry, I felt indifferent to my pain on the outside and from within. I was brought out of my trance only a little as my eyes look slightly down at my lit up phone signaling that I had a text.

It was from Sasuke. How many has it been? Fifty? Eighty? One Hundred? No, I think it was ninety-three. Yeah, it was. Closing my pained eyes, I ignored the text. I can't look at them. I'm sure it's all about how I have to stay away from him. He saw my eyes. I almost killed Hidan. Of course he would be scared of me.

"Naru, please come out. I haven't seen you in five days now. Have you even eaten anything? Are you even alive? Please-" Kyuu stops mid beg as I open the door and walk past him. "Oh, I'm so glad to see you. How are you feeling? Need anything?" my cousin pesters.

"Just stop please," I whisper through my horse voice. God that fucking hurt. Walking down the stairs, I couldn't help but have my legs tremble with weakness and my head spin. I move steadily into the kitchen and wait for whoever is on chef duty. I feel my eyes water as Deidara walks into the kitchen with a smile.

"Oh, hello Naruto. How have you been? I haven't seen you around lately," Deidara smiles brightly as he tucks a stray strand back into his long bangs. I shrug not ready to answer yet. "You know, Sasuke and Kiba have been calling me none stop. They're really worried. They even stopped by a couple times each day. They're really worried about you."

I look away from the worried blonde in favor of looking at a pitcher of water. Licking my dry lips, I take the pitcher and drink from it directly. I feel ten times better than usual instantly. Putting the empty pitcher down, I ask, "How are you Deidara? I've been so selfish these past couple days. I should have asked you immediately after everyone left."

I feel myself become more comfortable every second I spent with the people I love. They're all so welcoming. "Itachi has been very stressful. He's like a mother hen when it comes to Sasuke and me. He treats me like I'm some child, but it's been good otherwise. I've kind have been bored without you around," Deidara whispers the last part, but it was loud enough for Kyuu to hear.

"Hey! I'm tons of fun!" Kyuu pouts obviously offended. Deidara laughs as I smile softly. I'm so glad they're normal around me. I would have been devastated if they turned their backs to me.

"I'm going to get changed. I want to go swimming. It is summer break1 and all," I announce with a small smile while I got up from my chair. Once I exited the kitchen I felt myself smile even more. It's finally summer vacation! I can just take my time and relax.

I jump a little as there was a knock at the front door just as I pass it. Hm, I wonder who that is. Opening the front door, I almost immediately slam it shut again.

"Naruto! Open the damn door!" Sasuke growls as he tries to push it open. Fuck! Growling, I push back on it with my back and feet firmly planted. "Come on, I want to talk to you."

Letting go of the door, I scramble up the stairs with Sasuke right behind me. Shit! Shit! SHIT! I run quickly in my room stopping at the foot of my bed. Shit, I have nowhere else to- Gasping, Sasuke tackles me onto my bed getting a shit load of covers to my face.

"Naruto, now fucking listen to me. What the fuck is your problem? Did you not see my texts?" Sasuke growls as he lets me turn around to look up at him.

"I did, but I thought… you never wanted to see me again. I thought I freaked you out or something… Were you that worried?" I trail off with a small frown. Is he not scared?

Sasuke looks away as he sighs. "You're a fucking idiot. Why would I be worried. I'm an asshole remember?" the raven glances at me with a smirk dancing on his lips.

Smiling at the raven, I slightly push him away so I can sit up. "I was about to go swimming. Would you like to join me? If you need a bathing suit, there's some in that drawer over there. I'll be in the bathroom." I shuffle over to the drawer and pick out a pair of swim trunks for myself and head into the bathroom.

Wow, the teme can actually have a little humanity. I guess even Sasuke would care about his friends. I wonder why he pushes them all away and why do they all still like him? What do they see in him that compels them to befriend him? I guess when he pushes away all anyone wants to do is pull him back. He kind of has that feeling around him that makes people want to keep trying with him even if he hurts them.

Maybe this is the feeling that made me want to give Sasuke a chance at friendship. It feels like he's worth it, but why? He can be such an asshole, but I guess his small moments redeems him. Those moments are so rare that it makes one feel like a million bucks. Smiling to myself, I could barely contain my happiness. Sasuke was so worried about me that he would come over multiple times and text me nonstop.

I try to wipe away my smile but it was futile. I quickly change into my orange swim trunks before going to the mirror to look myself over. Damn, I'm so fuckable. I grin to myself at that thought. I attempt to wipe off my smile again but with no success. As I open the door, my smile comes off anyway.

"Dude, are you okay? You fucking scared the shit out of me!" Kiba chides me with brows furrowed and eyes worried. I give him a smile hoping to dispel his uneasiness. Kiba smiles contently and pats the top of my head. "So we're swimming?" the puppy asks with a gleam in his eyes.

"Yeah," I answer with a smile as I lead the two to my pool. My blood freezes as I spot a lot of the others in and around my pool. I feel my breath get heavy and my skin become cold as I take a couple steps back until I bump into Sasuke and Kiba.

"Going somewhere Dobe?" Sasuke asks with a blank face as looks down at me. I feel myself panicking as all eyes turns to me. Oh god, they're all judging me. They think I'm a monster. I am a monster.

"L-let me pass. I'm going to be sick," I reply weakly as I quickly pass my two good friends. My skin becomes cold and sweaty as my stomach begins to do flips. I can't face all of them. Kiba and Sasuke are alright since I know them more, but I can't face all of them.

"I got this," Sasuke whispers to Kiba as he runs after me. "Hey Naru, just wait," Sasuke calls as he catches up and spins me around. "You okay? You look like you're going to throw up."

"Why are all of them here? I can't look them in the eye anymore. They hate me. I know it," I frown with tears hanging on my crystal blue eyes. I look into the darkness that is his eyes hoping he would make it all go away.

"Well then why can you look Kiba and I in the eye?" Sasuke asks as he searches my eyes for any sign.

"Well that's because I can trust both of you. You two are the only ones that came to me and asked for friendship," I confess with a small smile and blush.

"You trust me? I mean….. Even though I'm the reason people didn't ask to be your friend?" Sasuke whispers with a blank face. I blink at him when the realization hit me. He's happy, but he has many doubts. He doesn't want to react afraid I'll take back my words. I guess it's normal for someone who's an asshole to have doubts about friendship.

"Of course, Sasuke. You're slowly but surely showing me all of your good sides. Before I only knew your bad sides, but with each smile and joke I can see you're a regular teenager like all of us. I feel like I should hate you, but I can't. I can see you're truly sorry and that's good enough for me. Sure you're pretty bad at showing your good sides, but when you do I feel like I won the lottery. Your smiles are so rare that I treasure them knowing that not many has seen them. I'm glad you trust me enough to let me see your beautiful smile, Sasuke," I reassure the raven with a smile that lit up the room.

"God, you're so fucking corny," Sasuke grumbles as he plays with his hair nervously. His blush is apparent as he turns slightly away from me. "You alright to swim?" Sasuke asks as a change of subject.

He's so adorable! "Yeah, much better. Thanks, teme," I nod as I run back outside with a huge grin on my face. Jumping into the pool, I scare the crap out of Kiba and Shikamaru as they make out on the side of the pool.

"Naruto! Watch where you fucking splash!" Kiba growls soaked sitting next to an equally as soaked Shikamaru. Laughing, I swim away from the mad couple. It's so cute that they finally got together. I'll have to get the juicy details later.

Floating on my back, I couldn't help but feel happy that it's finally summer vacation. I can actually spend summer vacation with some friends. My smile was quickly wiped off as water consumes me completely.

"Sasuke, what the fuck? You can't just jump on me!" I roar with my blue orbs flashing fiercely.

"Sorry, you looked too happy," Sasuke jokes with a smirk as he ducks into the water and swims away.

Smirking myself, I swim after him. That little fucker will get it!

"Kiba over here!" I yell as I break away from Sasuke and get the pass. Dribbling with my right hand, I go towards the right to get stopped by Rock Lee. I quickly bounce the basketball low to my left hand and go around him to the basket. Taking one more dribble with my left hand, I make a layup and score two points. The first years cheer from the side lines as I give Kiba a high five.

I flinch slightly as Kakashi blows his whistle twice meaning the scrimmage ended. Kiba, Neji, Sai and I gives high fives to Sasuke, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, and Gaara. Our team only won by one point. It was so close. We all circle up to listen to the Captain's finishing words until we hit the locker rooms. Usually the Coach will say something, but Kakashi is already reading his book and walking away.

"Great job today everyone. Naruto, nice ending shot. Kiba good pass, but you could have also shot from where you were. Take every opportunity to take a shot, because you don't know how much time you'll have left. Rock Lee, you rushed in to stop Naruto. You need to slow down and get in position to block. Neji, I didn't see you blocking Gaara out so you could get the rebound and vice versa. It's important to rebound because every possession matters. Shikamaru good job marking Sai and Sai, good job trying to get free. You almost had it. Hit the showers. I'll see you all here at the same time. Break," Sasuke finishes.

"Hey Kiba, you want to go swimming after we take a shower. It's really nice out today," I suggest as I jog up to him with a smile.

"Uh sorry but Shika and I are going out the whole day. I'm free tomorrow though," Kiba denies sheepishly as he glances at Shikamaru who is packing up his stuff.

"It's alright. Have fun, but not too much fun," I giggle as I dodge Kiba's light push. Those two will seriously kill me with their adorableness. Walking away from my best friend, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. I feel like they hang out so much. I'm feeling a little lonely, but I should be lucky to have friends.

"Hey Naruto, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I'm changing up my whole room. Could you help me figure out what to do and then help me do it? It'll probably be a week or so project," Sasuke suggests as we head into the locker room. He had that blank face again.

"Of course! That sounds like so much fun! I recommend a good amount of orange," I joke while throwing my sweaty jersey into my locker. I couldn't help but glance at Sasuke's bare chest. Everyone does it. It's almost impossible not to glance at others.

"I don't think so, dobe. Orange wouldn't do well for me," Sasuke cringes at the thought as he takes out his towel and heads for the showers. I watch as a drop of sweat rolls down his back and fades into his towel.

Shaking my head, I put my towel around my waist and took off my boxers. Hmmm… I've never been to Sasuke's house before. I feel like it'll be some spooky mansion or something. Now I'm kind of curious.

Sasuke's POV

"Holy shit, this place is beautiful! I seriously thought it was going to be scary as hell," Naruto giggles as he looks around with awe.

"Hn," I reply as I lead him through the mansion. I feel my stomach do a hundred flips per second as Naruto walks beside me as we brush up against each other periodically. I put my hands in my pockets and fist them tightly. I can't believe Naruto is in my house. This is so surreal. "So here's my bedroom. It's really simple."

Letting the blonde into my room, I awaited his response. "Does anyone even live in here? There's like no sign of life. The room is so clean!" Naruto proclaims as he jumps on the bed just to mess it up a little.

The room had white walls and hardwood floors. The bed was simple with a black blanket and white pillows. There were a night stand on both sides and two doors; One leads to the bathroom and the other leads to a huge walk in closet. Not like I used much of the space. There is a wooden desk with my laptop placed neatly in the center and a pencil holder with one pencil and one pen in it.

"That's why I want your help. Your room looked really cool, but bright colors aren't my style. I want a modern type of look, but also some place where I can relax," I describe as I walk through my really spacious room to the simple bed where my cute little blonde lay. I want to capture him underneath me, but instead I sit on the edge of the bed looking back at him.

"Let's start with painting! Let's do black and white stripes!" Naruto decides with sparkling blue eyes as he sits up fast. God, he's so adorable.

I can't disappoint him and I can live with that. At least he didn't suggest orange and purple. God, that would have been ugly. He's at least thinking what I would like. "Hn," I reply in confirmation. I jump slightly as my door opens.

"Hm… What are you guys up too? It's so rare to have visitors," Itachi leers from the door with a mysterious smirk dancing on his lips. And these are the moments that I hate my brother. Why does he have to fucking interrupt us?

"I'm helping Sasuke do a room makeover," Naruto answers nonchalantly missing the glance towards me. Fuck, I swear to god if you do anything stupid Itachi, I will murder you.

"Okay, I guess I'll see you two later," Itachi smirks as he makes his way out of the room. Wow, that was really easy. Too easy… "Oh, just don't look under his bed," Itachi adds before closing the door.

Are you fucking joking me? I can't believe he just said that. Looking sharply at Naruto, he glances at me before tumbling off the side of the bed onto the ground. Dashing as fast I could, I tackle the blonde into the night stand.

"Hey, I've got this same magazine!" Naruto exclaims as he starts looking through my gay magazine. Shit this is so embarrassing. "This is my favorite picture," Naruto says as he shows me the picture of the raven pounding the blonde on the beach. Shit, that's my favorite one too. It reminds me of Naruto…

As long as he doesn't look inside the box… I feel myself starting to get hard as we both look at my many magazines. God, this is so embarrassing. Naruto doesn't seem to mind, so I guess this is okay, but… I can barely contain myself. I'm hard as fuck and I'm sitting next to the one person that I want to ravish.

"What's in the box?" Naru asks as he grabs it quickly before I could get over my lust haze. Shit. "Oh my god, do you use these? I never took you as a uke, teme," he giggles as he goes through my collection of sex toys.

"Of course not. I'm strictly seme… I haven't used any of them. Itachi keeps on buying them for me and told me to get a boyfriend…" I trail off embarrassed as he looks through all of them. Please god, just strike me with lightning.

I want to die as Naruto picks up a neon green vibrating dildo. "I've always wanted one of these, but I couldn't bring myself to go into a sex shop. This is so cool he he," Naruto laughs softly with a small blush as he turns it on as a test. We both watch as it vibrates violently in his hand. Fuck, I'm so hard.

I take a huge intake of breath as I shake uncontrollably. "Ngh ha ah. D-Dobe, what the f-fuck?" I gasp out in question as he presses the dildo harder against my crotch. Shit, I'm going to cum. I lean my face into the nape of his neck as I try to control my voice. God, this feels so amazing.

Within a minute, I cry out and cum in my pants. Panting hard onto my dobe, I barely heard him. "Do the same thing to me too, Sasuke," Naruto whispers to me as he hands me the vibrating dildo.

What. The. Fuck. I lean back slightly to notice the obvious lusty haze in his blue eyes.

Fuck it. I lean back forward and start sucking his collar bone as I stick the vibrator underneath his shorts and boxers.


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