The Rise and Rise of an Aspiring Captain Commander

Well…it's not the update that many of you were hoping for, but it is the first piece of official news that I've given you with regard to 'The Red Sun Sets, the Black Sun Rises'. Anyway I tried to get back into writing it, but mentally I can no longer write for something when I keep telling myself that I can do better and should. I know you guys loved it, but I can't help but compare it to some of my other works and feel that it's more childish, more rushed than them. As such I've revised my plot outline for this story, cut out what I didn't want and added more of what we all wanted, action and some Ichi/Sui moments.

Rest assured this will still be an Ichi/Sui pairing, but more believable and less forced. Anyway let's just get started, we have a lot to get through after all.

EDIT (2014/06/22): Changed a few things again. Ichigo's less mopey and Yoruichi less motherly.

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Chapter 1:

The 11th of October…the final day of the Winter War, where the substitute soul reaper Ichigo Kurosaki cut down the traitor Sosuke Aizen and ripped the Hogyoku from his body, ending the madman's bid at godhood. The effects of the battle were felt across all dimensions as two titans of unfathomable power fought with the sole intent of destroying one another. When the standing forces of the Gotei 13 and its allies had arrived on the battlefield, it was to find enough blood to paint the Seireitei red; the ground cloven and fractured and the very mountains themselves reduced to dust.

As they approached him, most of them acquired expressions of horror on their faces at the numerous gashes, bruises and burns on his body, evidence of the sheer resilience of the individual that he had yet to pass out from how grievous they were. Before much could be said or done though, the ailing Captain Commander and Kisuke Urahara disappeared with the substitute, off to places unknown for the time being. When they returned hours later, they were tight-lipped and ignored any questions as to where they had been, pursuing whatever task they could find with single-minded determination.

Despite their curiousness, there was no time for them to sate their curiosity beyond knowing that their saviour still lived, as countless others were critically injured or in states of shock at what they had just witnessed. Thankfully though, such horrific wounds were healed by the duo of Captain Retsu Unohana and the spiritually gifted human Orihime Inoue. After a week of clean-up, healing and mourning, the soul reapers at last had time to celebrate their victory. In light of the celebratory atmosphere, the Soul Reaper Women's Association (SWA) with aid from various squads, organised a party to properly celebrate their victory, an event attended by almost every soul reaper and Ichigo Kurosaki's closest allies. Of course despite the celebration though, there were some absentees, namely Ichigo Kurosaki, the hero himself, and Captain Commander Yamamoto.

Within the barracks of the Fourth Division, the Captain Commander knelt down on the balcony outside his room, his sole remaining arm resting on his zanpakuto, while his Lieutenant watched from the shadows.

Within his inner world, the roar of the molten landscape did little to unsettle him, for after all, it was his inner world in the end. Standing with his one remaining arm on his cane, he stood calmly and watched the molten river flow below him, unheeding of the charred ground cracking around him. With one thunderous roar, the ground erupted behind him and a flaming golem emerged from the ground, its form melting the very ground around it into a molten slag. Walking over to him, the elemental stood next to him, observing the scenery in silence. After several minutes of quiet contemplation, Genryusai turned to face his companion, his narrow red eyes smouldering with life despite his obvious age.

No word or sound passed between them, for none was needed after knowing one another for millennia, but nevertheless the aged Commander's shoulders slumped soon after the exchange began, followed soon after by his partner's form. Returning to his body in the Spiritual World, he sighed and made his way to his feet slowly, grimacing as he struggled to stand up straight. Appearing at his side almost instantaneously, Sasakibe supported him as best he could; careful not to wound the pride of the man he respected above all others. Nodding his head at his subordinate, the pair of them walked towards the door and started their slow walk towards the main senkaimon…the gateway to the Living World.


In the Living World, a heavily bandaged Ichigo Kurosaki stood with his mentors Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin in the back room of the Urahara shop, a grim expression on his face as he stood before his body. Memories of Aizen destroying human souls by simply coming into contact with them haunted his mind and had forced him to avoid his human allies and friends for fear of what he would do to them, should he even so much as scrape past them. Now though he was faced with an even greater predicament, returning to his human body.

Despite trying to end his Bankai and 'put a lid' on his power, his wishes were dashed as the transformation was indeed permanent, the most being that he could let go of his sword and cause the glove to recede back into the chain wrapped around his arm if he so wished. Taking a slow, deep breath, he braced himself as he tentatively reached out to touch his human body. As his index finger lightly touched his body's shoulder though, he and his mentors watched in horror as it began to turn to dust before his very eyes, reduced to nothing but a pile of ashes in front of him.

Falling to his knees, Ichigo was dimly aware of the tears pouring from his eyes, his concentration solely on his hands as he dug into the dust and watched it flow through his fingers back to the floor.

Grimacing at the sight in front of her, Yoruichi bent down and started to slowly rub her student's back, her eyes locking with her friend's as she prayed beyond belief that he had a solution to their problem. Meeting his hardened gaze though, she tore her eyes away from him at the look of defeat they held and went back to the boy next to her, cursing their inability to help him beyond offering a simple comfort.

Within his mind though, Kisuke cursed himself, cursed Aizen, and cursed fate itself for hoisting this tortured existence on the boy and for turning him into the greatest threat to his friends and family. When the boy abruptly stood up, throwing both their hands off of him, they watched in silence as he wordlessly moved his mouth, trying to communicate with them.

"I'll be downstairs," he muttered eventually, his voice hollow and lifeless as he spoke. Not waiting for their acknowledgement, he disappeared noiselessly from the room, appearing almost instantly in the underground training chamber.

"Kisuke…surely there's something you can do," Yoruichi pleaded once more, her voice lacking the teasing or ferocious nature that it normally held.

"I wish I could Yoruichi, but he is far beyond anything we can even understand…I don't even know where to begin and the only being that might have, is now dead and buried," he replied, removing his striped bucket hat from his head and staring at it forlornly. Feeling the ground shake slightly below them, along with muted cry of anguish, the shopkeeper sighed and walked towards the store's phone, intent on contacting the boy's father.

As he reached for the receiver though, he stiffened as the distinct reiatsu of the Captain Commander appeared above his store, along with the muted presence of his Lieutenant. Sighing, he pulled his hand back and headed towards his front door, his expression grim as there was a calm knock at it. Sliding the door open, he was surprised to see Sasakibe supporting the Captain Commander as he was, but quickly stepped aside and ushered them into the dining room, shutting the door quickly so they were given privacy from the inhabitants of the shop.

"Kisuke Urahara…" the Captain Commander began in his grave, stern tone, "…I require an audience with Ichigo Kurosaki. I was told that he might be here."

Taken aback at the request, a frown appeared on his face at the possible reasons for such a meeting. The three of them were distracted though as Yoruichi slipped into the dining room, bearing a tray with four cups and a pot of tea. Seeing the glint in her eyes, Kisuke knew that her mind was racing through various possible scenarios too and that she was simply trying to delay them at the moment.

"Of course Captain Commander," he replied in a sombre tone, "but perhaps you'd like a cup of tea first? I'm sure you'd enjoy a moment to refresh yourself after everything that has happened recently."

Feeling his remaining limb begin to shake vigorously, Genryusai hid the offending limb and nodded his head ever so slightly, accepting the invitation despite knowing that the unassuming shopkeeper was trying to distract him. When a cup was placed in front of him, he grimaced and brought his hand out into the open, struggling to keep control of it as it shook lightly. Picking up his cup shakily, he barely flinched as a few drops of scalding hot tea touched his skin, their touch like cool rain compared to the heat he could create with Ryujin Jakka.

The jitters did not go unnoticed by any of the three in the room, but while Kisuke and Yoruichi shared a pointed look with one another, Sasakibe pointedly ignored the display and concentrated on his own cup.

"I appreciate your hospitality Urahara, but I do not wish to repeat myself. Where is Ichigo Kurosaki?" the aged veteran asked again, his tone mildly annoyed at being delayed.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Kisuke was about to answer, until another tremor rocked the shop's floor, causing both Genryusai's and Sasakibe's brows to furrow. Sparing a look at the shopkeeper, the Captain Commander struggled to his feet and pushed past him, ignoring his frantic attempts to delay if not stop him entirely.


Meanwhile in the underground training area, the ground exploded in a shower of dust and debris as Ichigo tore it apart, his grief fuelling his destructive rampage. From a short distance away, his zanpakuto spirit watched, still in the fused form from when they had fought in the Precipice World. He was torn between sadness and joy as he watched his master. Joy that he still existed to protect him, but saddened that his existence ended what remained of his master's human life.

Looking up as the sounds of destruction died down, he could see Ichigo on all fours, his head bowed as he gasped for breath, his hands digging into the parched ground.

"Ichigo…"he said softly, walking over to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. He was grateful when Ichigo merely allowed the contact and didn't try to throw him off, or turn and direct his rage at him.

"I gained Rukia's powers in order to protect my family and in return, I had to protect countless other souls. I earned my own powers and was rewarded with a hollow within my soul. Even now after accepting the two of you, after gaining the power needed to truly protect my friends and family…my reward is to be told that I have no place with them anymore. Tell me Tensa Zangetsu, where does my sacrifice end?!" he yelled out loud, slamming his fist into the ground and creating a rather large crater from the impact.

"All victories come at a cost Ichigo. Throughout history sacrifices have been made to ensure that our loved ones are safe. I was willing to sacrifice myself so that you could live! You and your loved ones are alive Ichigo…is that not enough?"

"I…You're right, it is enough, but knowing it doesn't help dull the pain," he relented, rising from his crouch to his full height. Feeling several signatures approaching him, he felt his zanpakuto disappear back into his inner world, as he glanced over his shoulder and noticed Kisuke, Yoruichi, Yamamoto and Sasakibe walking towards him, the old man in the lead.

Taking in the damaged to the surrounding area, along with the haunted expression in his eyes, the aged commander levelled his stern gaze at him. "Explain," he spoke, his commanding tone reverberating through each of their beings such that they all felt compelled to answer, all except one.

"I just killed myself and was venting my grief over it. That is until someone knocked some sense back into me," Ichigo replied with a shrug.

As the old man's eyes examined him impassively, Ichigo could almost see the wheels turning in his brain, formulating some form of plan that he was sure he would not like, or appreciate.

"I see…" he trailed off, leaning his cane against his body as he stroked his beard in thought. "Am I to assume then that Urahara cannot assist you in the creation of a gigai then?" Judging from the silence from the three of them, he assumed he was correct and went back to his thoughts. "Very well then, it seems that you will be returning to the Soul Society with us when we leave," he eventually said, drawing surprised looks from everyone present.

"Jii-san?" Ichigo asked in confusion, staring back unflinchingly even as the old man levelled his hardened gaze at him.

Before he could reply though, he felt his limbs begin to quiver and shake again, forcing him to grasp his cane for support just as Sasakibe rushed to his side. "I will explain myself to you fully, but please let us discuss this back upstairs," he requested, getting a nod of agreement from the teen.

Once they were all seated in the dining room once again, Yamamoto took a sip of his tea to wet his throat and began what he felt what would be an intensive explanation. "Kurosaki, you have just admitted that you destroyed your own human body and we are lucky that it was not another human soul that would've faded out of existence. Taking this into account, do you really think that you could prevent your friends and family from interacting with you in this state? If you are a danger to the Living World, would it not make sense to leave it for its own protection?" he queried, each statement piercing through Ichigo's stubborn will to remain behind. "Do you really want to be responsible for an accidental death Kurosaki?"

"I know what I've got to do Jii-san," Ichigo muttered, turning away from the old man, "but it doesn't make it any easier to accept. Nor does it answer the question of what you're doing here in the first place."

Sighing, Yamamoto lifted his remaining arm up onto the table, revealing to all how severe his fits were. "My body is failing me Kurosaki. The effects of the sacrificial Hado, along with the damage my own technique did to my body, have allowed my age to handicap me. If I am correct, my situation will continue to deteriorate until finally I pass on from this world." His piece said, he reached for his teacup again, conscious of the deafening silence that held sway over the room and the mixture of horrified and distraught faces that stared back at him.

"I came here specifically to find a successor," he continued as they still stared at him, "both to my position as a Captain and also as Head of the Yamamoto Clan, one of the Four Great Noble Clans of Soul Society. Throughout all my years I have never cared for my succession, but now finding my time limited and waning, I find myself in need of an heir, a successor to keep one of the oldest and most powerful clans from dying out." Turning to face Ichigo, he cracked open his eyes and met Ichigo's eyes, his red irises almost aflame as he prepared to speak again. "With your permission, I would like to formally adopt you into the Yamamoto Clan as my grandson and heir and to further put forward your name as a candidate for the rank of Captain Commander."

With his final word spoken, Yoruichi and Sasakibe gaped and stared at him open-mouthed, each convinced that they had not heard him correctly, that this was merely a joke in poor taste on the Captain Commander's part. Surely he wasn't about to pull something as crazy as this?! Kisuke's had his eyes narrowed to near slits as he stared at the old man in front of him, before switching to the teen that all of this talk was centred around and why he wasn't being his normally brash and outspoken self.

Ichigo though…he was simply running through the idea in his head, turning it over and over again and dissecting every detail about it. After minutes spent in silence, he finally uttered two words, "Why me?"

"The Soul Society owes you a debt of gratitude Kurosaki. A debt that cannot be paid not in material goods, in praise or any other form that is available to us. The cost to you has been the destruction of your life here and I will try to at least offer the best possible substitute that I can in the afterlife." Pausing for a moment he continued with a sigh. "Of course there are also selfish reasons for my choice. To have an individual of your strength and determination leading the Yamamoto Clan would ensure its survival for centuries, if not millennia. As for your recommendation to become Captain Commander, you must understand that the Gotei 13 has remained incredibly rigid in its rules and beliefs, barring certain minor influences, for the better part of a thousand years. It is my belief that we have lost touch with the changing needs to maintain the balance of the afterlife. It is also my belief that with a bit of instruction, you will be the one to turn the Gotei 13 into what it needs to be, not what we are."

"I'm still not an official soul reaper Jii-san and last I checked, you can do more than just swing a sword around," Ichigo muttered as he rubbed at his temples.

"I am not dead yet Ichigo and even if I retired from my position, I can still teach you everything I know, an education that will more than match what an academy student is taught," Yamamoto replied, removing yet another obstacle in Ichigo's mind.

As the minutes continued to pass again in silence, the occupants at the table looked up as Ichigo rose to his feet. "I…need a moment to think it over," he whispered, disappearing out the sliding door and heading to the exit of the shop. Sharing a look with Kisuke, Yoruichi silently got to her feet as well and followed after the teen.

Finally left alone with the old man, Kisuke sighed and fixed him with a neutral expression. "There are other candidates," he said seeing the old man nod his head slightly.

"For my position of Captain Commander, perhaps," he said with a nod, "but given the circumstances, who is there that can match the boy as he is now? The Captain Commander is feared not only for the strength he commands, but also the strength he possesses. I do not believe that anyone, but I could match that boy as he is now."


Stepping out into the cool night air, Yoruichi glanced around, before the sound of tiles shifting above her, caused her to look back at the roof of the shop. Standing with his arms crossed, staring up at the stars, Ichigo showed no reaction as she joined him.

"You know…" she began softly, seeing him glance at her out of the corner of his eye, "being a noble and a Captain is quite a drag. Always some stuffy elder wanting your attention about what colour to paint the walls, which guest should be seated where at a dinner party, to even choosing which bathrooms you should and should not use," which earned a muffled snort from the teen. "But then with all the power at your fingertips, all the people under your protection, relying on you to make the right decision no matter how much it pains you to do so, well then it does have its perks. Of course you're going to need a stress reliever. God I had such fun teasing Byakuya when he was younger. You know this one time I…" she started to say until Ichigo turned and locked his eyes with her own.

"Do you think I could do it Yoruichi?" he asked, his tone imploring her for the truth.

"Honestly…I don't know," she replied, watching as his shoulders slumped slightly. "Then again I didn't know if it was even possible for a bunch of brats to invade one of the most secure places in the afterlife. Nor did I know if it was even possible for a rookie soul reaper to earn his Bankai in three days and still use it in battle mere minutes later. Past experience has shown me Ichigo that so long as you believe you can do it, well then the rest of the world can go fuck themselves, because you don't give a fuck what it thinks anyway," she finished with a smirk, earning one from him as well.

"Heh, such language is unbecoming of a noble isn't it Yoruichi-san. And thanks, I'll try and take that as a compliment," he muttered as he smiled for the first time since his battle against Aizen.

"Any time kid, now where was I...?" she trailed off, while Ichigo groaned and shook his head at her.


Walking towards the Urahara Shop at a brisk pace, Isshin's mind was racing at the abrupt call he had received from Kisuke, requesting his presence immediately. Generally any time the eccentric shopkeeper called, the news that he had to relay was less than pleasant. Therefore it was perfectly logical that the dread festering within him seemed to grow with each step that he took.

As he finally reached the shop though, he was surprised to sense not only Kisuke and Yoruichi, but also the Captain Commander and his Lieutenant as well. Rapping at the door, he was quickly greeted by Kisuke, a serious expression on his normally carefree visage.

"Isshin," he greeted him softly, before gesturing him to follow him further into the building. As the pair of them arrived at the dining room, Isshin was surprised at the tense atmosphere present in the room. The Captain Commander and his Lieutenant sat dead still, their eyes closed as they appeared to be meditating, while Yoruichi was leaning with her back against the wall, watching the three people in front of her with practiced ease.

It was his son's presence that drew his attention though. His chin resting on his interlocked fingers as he sat in quiet contemplation, his brow furrowed as he mulled whatever was on his mind.

"Ichigo," he said, breaking the silence in the room and drawing everyone's attention to himself.

"Oyaji," he replied, sitting up straight and removing his hands from the table. "A lot has happened in the last 30 minutes, so please let me finish before you start speaking." Hearing the seldom used tone from his son, Isshin was quick to obey and sunk down across the table from him, Yoruichi on his left, while the Captain Commander and his Lieutenant were on his right. Minutes later and Isshin was speechless as he let his mouth hung agape in disbelief. It surely wasn't possible that his son was, in a physical sense, dead. Glancing over at Kisuke as he stood with Yoruichi at the door, he could see the shopkeeper and scientist nod his head slightly, confirming Ichigo's words as the truth.

"And there's nothing we can do to drain you off this power?" he asked astounded. When he had suggested that Ichigo learn the Final Getsuga Tensho, he had never considered this to be a consequence of it.

"You can't fix what you can't even understand Oyaji," Ichigo said with a shrug, referring to the fact that his powers were still on a level that none of them could even understand. "And considering my options, the Captain Commander's offer sounds the most appropriate at the moment."

Hearing Genryusai clear his throat, he turned back to his father, a sad smile on his face. "This is it for now Oyaji. Tell Karin and Yuzu I'll miss them and I'm sorry for leaving them alone like this. Heh, I almost wish I could see their faces when they learn that their brother plays such a large part in reshaping the afterlife."

"They wouldn't believe me even if I told them Ichigo," his father said with a smirk. "Nor are any of your friends for that matter."

"Tch, I guess you're going to make me tell them then aren't you, figures," he replied with a sigh, rubbing the back of his neck. Hearing Genryusai call out to him that they had to leave, he dropped his hand to his side and gave his father one last look. "Goodbye oyaji…thanks for everything."

"Goodbye Ichigo…remember that no matter what you do, I'm proud to call you my son," he said in uncharacteristic seriousness, tears beginning to pool in his eyes. Clasping his son's hand one last time, they shook briefly before Ichigo walked over to Yoruichi and Kisuke.

"Thanks for everything, Urahara-san, Yoruichi-san," he said with a smile, remembering the torturous if not essential lessons each had imparted on him.

"Don't get all sentimental on me now Kurosaki-san, who knows with your knack for attracting trouble, you'll be calling me soon enough for help," Kisuke joked, his fan fluttering in front of his face.

"And don't you dare think that I'm going to just let you go off on your own Ichigo. After all, who else is going to teach you how to have fun as a noble if not me? Certainly not Little Byakuya I can tell you that," she said with a smirk, while a shiver of fear ran down his spine at what she considered as fun. Giving them one last nod, he walked over to join Genryusai and Sasakibe, just as the latter thrust his zanpakuto into the open air and opened a senkaimon, whisking them away from the Living World.

"He's all grown up now isn't he?" Kisuke murmured softly as the door closed in front of them, heralding Ichigo's journey into another world once again.

"They never really grow up though do they? They're still a parent's baby in the end," Yoruichi said with a wink, nodding her head over at Isshin, who was trying unsuccessfully to wipe his tears away in what he considered to be a manly way.

"It's just…who'll be there to make sure his skills stay sharp, especially since I won't be there to greet him at the start and end of every day," Isshin whined with a pout, while both Kisuke and Yoruichi groaned inwardly at his antics.

"I'm sure he'll be just fine. There'll be more than enough people keeping him from sleep without you adding to his problems," Yoruichi muttered, though her eyes darkened slightly as she realised what she had said. "Say Kisuke…open up a senkaimon for me would you…there's someone I need to see."


As a new day dawned over the Seireitei, it found the majority of the soul reapers clutching their heads in pain or grimacing slightly as their heads throbbed mercilessly, the bright light a most unwelcome visitor. The notable exceptions though were Captains Unohana, Komamura, Kyoraku and Kenpachi as well as Lieutenant Matsumoto. When a message summoning both the Captains and Lieutenants to a meeting at midday made its rounds though, both the sober and the hung-over grimaced at the unpleasant event.

On her way to said meeting, Rukia Kuchiki, alongside her Captain, fidgeted with her Lieutenant's armband for the Thirteenth Division, struggling to get the badge to rest comfortably on her upper arm. The promotion itself had been a most pleasant surprise as she had been convinced that both she and Renji would face disciplinary action for their involvement in the Invasion of Hueco Mundo.

Abandoning her attempt to make it settle comfortably on her arm, her mind wandered back to the other worrying topic on her mind, namely Ichigo's absence over the last few days. What made the situation even worse was that his newfound power effectively masked his presence from everyone, unless of course said individual was on the same level of power as him. As she continued to ponder his absence, she was struck out of her thoughts by her Captain's voice.

"It seems strange to have a Captain's meeting so soon after the war, don't you think Rukia?" Ukitake asked as they walked along the open-air passageways of the first division. "Even more so now that the Lieutenants are to be briefed at the same time, the news must be incredibly important."

"It does seem that way Captain," Rukia said in the most formal voice she could manage.

Pausing in his stride Ukitake looked down at her, a sad smile on his face. "Come now Rukia, you're my Lieutenant now. There's no need for such stiff formalities between us now. Just relax." Starting his brisk pace again, he continued to the meeting hall, while Rukia hurried after him, trying to catch up.

As they entered the meeting hall it was to find that they were the last to arrive, apart from the Captain Commander and his Lieutenant. Walking up to their place in line, Rukia watched as Ukitake took his place next to Kenpachi and she stood behind him like the other Lieutenants. She could see Momo fidget as she stood behind the empty spot of the Fifth Division while Kira and Hisagi stood stoically behind the Third and Ninth Divisions respectively. She sent Momo what she hoped was a reassuring smile and watched as the timid girl seemed to calm down slightly.

As the bell tolled midday, the doors creaked opened once more and in walked Captain Commander Yamamoto and his Lieutenant. Seating himself, Yamamoto banged his cane into the ground, signalling the start of the meeting. As the sound echoed throughout the room, there were some groans as the sound seemed amplified within the heads of the hung-over.

Noting the reaction Genryusai growled slightly releasing a bit of his reiatsu to silence their protests. Once quiet reigned he cleared his throat and began. "I will now begin this meeting of the Captains and Lieutenants. Despite our victory over Aizen in the Winter War, it is with great regret that I announce my retirement from the Gotei 13 and from the Soul Society at large."

All the standing Captains and Lieutenants were wide eyed with shocked at the news, a feeling of dread ran down the spines of Ukitake and Kyoraku as they wondered which of them would be expected to step into his role. A fact reinforced as many of the Lieutenants looked to the two of them.

"Forgive me Captain Commander, but why now so soon after the war?" Ukitake asked as he stepped out from the line.

Seeing the look of dread on his pupil's faces, Genryusai sighed. "My body has become increasingly frail since my use of the Sacrificial Hado and was further complicated due to the effect of my own zanpakuto on my body."

Those who were present at the battle recalled the toll both abilities had taken on the commander's body leaving it charred and broken. In fact many considered it a miracle that he was still alive.

"Therefore I must both nominate my successor for the rank of Captain Commander and also the as the new Head of the Yamamoto clan."

The two senior captains felt their backs stiffen again, while the rest of the assembled soul reapers now were curious as to who would replace him as a clan head, the nobles foremost among them since they knew he had no heir.

"After great deliberation I have decided that both positions should go to the new Scion of the Yamamoto clan," Genryusai said with a sense of finality, causing a wave of confusion to sweep across the faces of everyone present.

"And who is this man Captain Commander?" Byakuya asked, while Kyoraku and Ukitake tilted their heads to the side as they observed their sensei.

Before he could answer though, there was several repeated knocks at the entrance, before the door swung open to reveal Ichigo, fussing with the collar of a flowing purple cloak. Noticing that everyone's eyes were on him, he huffed and strode down the aisle, ignoring the gasps of surprise as they took in the sigil of the Yamamoto household on his back. "Sorry about that Jii-san, the tailors wouldn't let me leave without ensuring that it fit perfectly," he muttered as he took his place next to Genryusai.

Nodding his head in understanding, Genryusai slammed his cane into the ground once again to silence the whispers that had broken out amongst his soul reapers. "To answer your question Captain Kuchiki, the new Scion of the Yamamoto Household as of last night…is Ichigo Yamamoto."


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