Here you go guys, the very last chapter. Why couldn't I have just included this in the last update, you ask? Well because I'm a dumb and I thought there were 49 chapters instead of 47. Oh well, here you go!

I slowly walked up to Leon and looked at what he was holding in his hand: a key with a small teddy bear on a keychain with it.

"Very cute," I said, looking up at him. "But uh… what exactly are those for?"

He didn't answer me, just grabbed my hand once again, and nearly ripped my arm out of its socket as he began dashing for the elevator. Good times.

Once we had reached Ashley, he stopped and looked her dead in the eye. "We gotta get off this island now, it's gonna blow any minute."

My eyes grew wide. "Wait, what?!" Ashley and I hollered, but he was already pulling us through a dark tunnel.

"Are you sure this is the way to go?!" I asked once we reached a ladder to jump down.

"No, but do you have any better ideas?"

We all jumped down and continued sprinting for our lives until we reached a small, four seated boat. Leon hopped in first, sitting in the driver's seat, followed by Ashley, then me, sitting in the two seats in the back.

"Hang on to something!" He barely gave us enough time to do as he said before shooting forward at full speed. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty horrifying. Ashley and I clutched onto the rails on the inside of the boat for dear life. I had my eyes squeezed shut, not daring to open them because I knew once I did I'd probably throw up in my seat.

Apparently Ashley had the exact opposite idea because just then she shouted, "Waves, behind us!"

"I know, just hang on!" Leon shouted back before somehow making the boat go even faster.

I could hear rocks falling, and feel the freezing cold water splash into the boat as they fell, with Leon dodging every time. We would tilt one way or the other and I swore we were going to capsize, until finally I saw the light of day through the slits of my eyes. I opened them just a peak and then water spewed from behind us, pushing us out of the tunnel and into the large body of water. We landed with a crash just as the rest of the island exploded, but we were completely unharmed.

He turned off the boat and turned around and looked at us. "Are you girls okay?"

"Absolutely fantastic," I replied, only half sarcastically, coughing up water I had somehow managed to swallow.

He smirked. "Come on, let's go home."

He started the boat once more and Ashley smiled. "Sounds like a great idea… mission accomplished! Right, Leon?"

"Not quite. I still have to get you both home safe."

Home. That was something I hadn't thought about in a while. Where would I stay? My parents were dead, as much as I hated to admit it, and I had no other family whatsoever. But I guess these guys were kind of like my family… right?

"Hey… Ash?" I asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Yeah?" She looked over curiously.

"Well I, uh…" How on earth could I go about asking her that? "Well… wh-where am I supposed to stay? M-my parents…"

I fell silent, but she knew what I meant. "I'll talk to my dad, okay? I'm sure he'll understand and he might even let you stay with us for a while." She said with a smile.

"Wh— … seriously? You would do that?"


I smiled. "Thanks…"

"No problem… So… you and Leon huh?" She smirked over at me and I immediately became very tense. She hadn't spoken very loud, but he was literally sitting right in front of us. There was no doubt that even over the sound of the motor he could hear everything we were saying.


"You heard me! So how was it?!"

I couldn't help but laugh at her obvious fangirling. "Just as amazing as the first time."

"First time?!" Okay, I knew he heard that one. Her father had probably heard it back in the states.

"SHH Shh shh shh shh shh… Yes, Ashley. I said 'first time.' Now will you just quiet down a little?"

She laughed. "Okay! I'm sorry! But you owe some explanations!"

"Maybe later… right now I need to uh…" I nodded my head in the direction of our rescuer and she immediately hushed and winked at me as I moved to the front seat beside him.

As soon as I sat down, Leon's walkie-talkie went off. He answered the call and I heard a familiar voice coming from the other end.

"Leon, can you read me?" She asked and then I remembered who she was.

"Hunnigan is that you?"

"Finally, the line's jack free. What's the status of the mission?"

"I've rescued the subject, along with Emily. We're all returning home safe."

"You did it Leon!"

"Hey Hunnigan… no glasses." Leon said flirtatiously. Maybe he was into her? I leaned back, sitting sideways in the seat, and crossed my legs, observing their conversation.

"May I remind you that you're still on duty," She replied strictly, which seemed to shut him up.

"Story of my life…"

He hung up and I sat forward, getting a quick glance from him. "So Hunnigan, huh?" I said with a smirk.

He shrugged. "Nah, she's not really my type."

I raised my eyebrows and sat up. "Oh? You have a type?"

He shrugged again.

After a few seconds I changed the subject. "So… I might be staying at the white house for a while…"

"I heard." He smirked over at me and I blushed.

"Leon… are we ever going to talk about this?"

He sighed. "You kissed me—"

"Twice." I interrupted.

"Yes, twice, and I may or may not have kissed you back a little both of those times, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything."

And there went my hope. "I-it doesn't?"

He sighed again. "You're young." A mixture of pain and confusion flashed across my eyes and he continued. "Look, I'm not saying no… I'm just saying not right now… okay? If you're serious about this, try again in a few years and maybe, maybe, I might think about it."

"So… you're saying you'll try?"

He thought for a second before very carefully saying, "Yes."

A broad smile spread across my face; that was all I needed.

That's it! Well, it's not the absolute end. There's still It's Only Just Begun, the sequel to this which can be found on my profile. And as I've stated before I'm working on a third installment to the series as well. Well, I've only gotten a few things jotted down but I am trying my best the get something else out there. It may not be what everyone's been hoping for, but I promise I will not disappoint! Well, that's all for now, folks! I'll see you next time!