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Lauren smiled as she clutched George's hand tighter. After a wonderful dinner at a quaint restaurant, they had walked to a small park where they now sat looking at the stars. She sighed and leaned her head against George's shoulder. This seemed so perfect. She really did like George.

"Hey, Love?" George almost whispered.

"Yes, George?" She turned her head to look at him.

"Well, 'as this night been as good for you as it has for me?" Lauren gazed into his eyes, their deep brown so serious.

"Of course, George!" She began ranting when she got nervous. "I mean why wouldn't I- Or it's so– I'm just-"

"Hush now, Love" He put a finger to her lips, grinning at her. She laid her head back on his shoulder.

"So would you mind greatly if I saw you again tomorrow?" He said stroking her hair.

"I would be disappointed if you didn't." She whispered. Lauren suddenly realized how close they were. George leaned in close. She felt his lips touch hers as he kissed her softly. She kissed him back lost in the moment.

"Shame, Shame Lauren. You promised you wouldn't do this."

Her eyes widened as she pulled away from George. "Robert?!"

There was no answer. She began to panic a little.

"I'm sorry, George, I'm not feeling well." She said as she stood up quickly. "Can you please take me back?"

"Um sure." He said sounding a little disheartened. He stood up and brushed himself off. He went to take her hand but Lauren had already begun walking. He jogged to catch up.

"What's the matter? Slow down." He said trying to act calm. But her head was ablaze with questions.

What's going on?! You aren't supposed to hear voices in your head besides your own! Does this have to do with my accident?

"Lauren?" George grabbed her arm. His eyes shone with concern.

Oh No! Now George is gonna think I'm crazy! She stopped, trying to keep from looking frantic.

"Did I do something amiss?" George asked as he rubbed her hand.

"No!" She shot out. She really did like George. "It's not that!"

"Then wha's the matter?" He asked.

There was no way she could tell him the truth, not right now. "Eh, It's my aunt. She has heart issues and I didn't tell her about her pills!" She tried to look convincing.

"Oh." George looked relived. "Why didn't you just say so?" He pecked her on the cheek. "We'll 'urry then."

Once they got back to the hotel Lauren said goodbye to George and hurried up to her room.

"Scarlet! Daniel!" She quickly looked around but the room was empty.

She went into her bedroom and collapsed crying. She needed to talk to someone. She was so confused. Why had she heard Robert? And what about George? She cried harder. It had all seemed so perfect. She crawled under the covers and curled into a ball, crying herself to sleep.

"Why Lauren?" Lauren looked around the blank empty space. She was tied to a chair, the ropes cutting into her wrists.

"You said you would wait." Suddenly Robert appeared a look of distain on his face.

"Robert! I didn't mean-"

"Silence!" He cut her off. "Oh but you did! Look at you." His eyes blazed with a jealous fury Lauren had never seen before. She began crying.

"You love him, don't you?" He Stormed. "Don't you!" Lauren screamed.

"I don't know! I don't KNOW!" She struggled to free herself.

"Stupid Girl." He slapped her across the face.

"Robert!" She squealed. Her face burned with the force he had hit her.

"You do!" He shouted so loud it echoed, pounding through her head.

Lauren awoke with a start. She was back at the hotel, it was morning. She touched her face. It was tender, and Robert's roar of anger still hung in her mind.

"Marge!" She flew out of bed, tripping over the covers. She ran into the other room to find her aunt and friends sitting around the breakfast nook.

"Well the London eye was- Oh, Good morning Dear! How was your date?" Marge asked as she spread some jam over toast. Lauren just stood there, her eyes wide.

"Is something the matter, did it not go well?" Marge asked.

Lauren looked at Scarlet and Daniel for help. She caught Daniel's eye and he stood up.

"Hey, I had something I wanted to show you." He quickly dragged her into the other room.

"Ok spill it. What's up?" He said. She sat down in the chair and began telling him of all that had happened last night and finally about the dream.

"Hmm. This doesn't sound right." Daniel said once she had finished.

"What do you mean?!" Lauren asked through tears.

"I mean a dream shows something of your subconscious. So why does you it show you a dark side of Robert?" he looked concerned. "Has he ever acted this way toward you in reality?" Lauren didn't like the way he said "Reality".

"No." She sniffled. "If he had you would have known." Daniel furrowed his brow.

"And what about my hearing him?" more tears fell down her cheeks. "Why was that? Am I going crazy?" She looked at Daniel.

"Of course not!" He hugged her. "I just think this is another part of your brain trying to tell you something." He spoke slowly. "Maybe it's trying to tell you- and don't take this badly.- there is a side to Robert you are too blind to see. That you would be hurt by him." He tried to explain. Lauren nodded understanding.

"I think it's good you won't see him for a while. This really concerns me." Daniel stayed with Lauren until she had stopped crying. She got up and washed the tears off her face, deciding she needed to change. When she went back to her room Scarlet was sitting on the bed.

"Hey sweetie!" Scarlet pulled her into a hug. "Look I'm sorry about how I was acting."

"It's ok-"

"No! It's not. I was acting jealous." Scarlet hung her head.

Lauren started digging though the clothes she had brought. "Don't worry, Scarlet." Lauren tried to smile. Scarlet jumped up and pulled out a light blue top.

"Why don't you wear this one?" She suggested. "It would look cute with these." She pointed to some shoes they had painted together once.

Lauren hugged Scarlet again. "Of Course!"

"Now.." Scarlet sat back on the bed. "Daniel told me about what happened last night." Lauren rolled her eyes. She should have known.

"But I want to hear the good stuff!" She giggled.

"Oh alright!" Lauren laughed.