HP and Lilo and Stitch crossover

By: Sayaalv

(A/N: I don't own and I came up with this after drinking two bottles of coco-cola and eating three pixie sticks in less than ten minutes. AU OOC Bashing, Fem!Harry and plenty more.)

Grand Councilwoman Kekoa was sitting in her office going through several different reports and finishing up her paperwork when something tickled the back of her mind and caused her back to straighten in alarm. The guards on the inside of the impressive office had been having silent staring contests when they noticed Kekoa suddenly standing up from her desk in alarm as a huge amount of magic gathered a little ways in front of the desk.

"What was that?" Kekoa asked straightening up when the magic let out a giant pulse that temporarily knocked her and the guards off of their balance. The two silent guards now had their weapons at attention and pointed towards the area where the magical pulse had come from as several more guards ran into the room with an alarm blaring outside somewhere.

"I-I made it. It worked." An ghostly looking woman with long white hair and golden eyes said panting from where the pulse had originated.

"Who are you? What is your business here?" Kekoa asked loudly as she forced her way past her guards, she was more than capable enough of protecting herself due to her magical and fighting prowess, it was the main reason why she had been the next Grand Councilwoman when the old one had died.

"I'm Magick, from the planet of Earth although many call me 'Mother Earth', 'Giga', or merely 'Mother of Magic'. I'm here because I needed to get Magicks child, my chosen child somewhere where she will grow up safe and loved. This was the safest place I could find for her." The ghostly woman explained while the guards and Kekoa blinked at suddenly noticing the sleeping infant in the womans arms. It was a tiny human infant of only one and a half if Kekoa had to guess with blood red hair that had small streaks of gold in it.

"Very well but why are you in my office instead of in the office of whoever is best suited to raise her?" Kekoa asked raising a thin eyebrow at Magick and causing her to laugh lightly.

"Silly Grand Councilwoman. I am in the office of the person best suited to raise her." Magick said grinning slightly as she offered the infant to Kekoa, causing Kekoa and the guards jaws to drop.

"I'm the one best suited to raise a human child? That's impossible. I know nothing of humans or children, let alone human children." Kekoa said regaining her composure and giving the sleeping infant a wary glance as she motioned for the guards to leave the room. The guards picked up their jaws and didn't look happy but all but the two of them that were normally in the room left.

"Maybe not but my magic never lies, certainly not when it concerns my child." Magick said smiling kindly at Kekoa who retook her seat behind her desk.

"If she is your child then why do you wish to give her away to a complete stranger?" Kekoa asked logically causing Magick to sigh sadly.

"I did not give birth to her myself, I chose her to be my child. Her birth parents were murdered not too long ago by a deranged wizard on Earth. A barmy manipulative old coot by the name of Dumbledore tried to leave her with her birth mothers sister and her family. That manipulative old coot would have cost the child her young life. Those relatives of hers would have killed her before her second birthday." Magick said her eyes filling with anger at the thought of Dumbledore and the childs relatives while the armrest on Kekoa's chair snapped in her grasp at that.

"Children of any species are revered and protected and those…monsters would kill a child. Unacceptable." Kekoa hissed through her teeth in her anger while her guards looked just as angry, children were rare amongst all alien species and therefor were protected and cherished by all.

"Heh. Why do you think I took her away from there and brought her here?" Magick asked raising an eyebrow at Kekoa who nodded her understanding of this. The small infant let out a cute yawn and blinked her eyes open sleepily. Kekoa felt her breath hitch unnoticeably in her throat at the sight of the childs eyes. Where there would usually be white on a humans eyes the infants were black and the iris themselves were a golden amber color.

"Hehe. Looks like you're finally awake huh little Ali'i?" Magick asked smiling softly down at the child in her arms while Kekoa's eyebrows shot upwards.

"The infants name means Royalty?" Kekoa asked looking at Magick curiously, due to being in charge of all planets she had to know all languages even those hardly used off of their planet of origin.

"Her birth father was arrogant while her birth mother thought it was fitting since in her words she was 'there precious little princess'. Ouch!" Magick said snickering slightly before exclaiming when the child in her arms punched her right in the nose with impressive motor functions.

"I don't think she likes that title." Kekoa said in faint amusement as she noticed the small child glaring up at Magick cutely.

"Better than what she would do when her father called her that. I think she must have set his hair on fire at least half a dozen times before she was only three months old." Magick said snickering slightly while Ali'i turned her tiny head to look at who else had spoken. Looking at the now awake child full in the eyes Kekoa couldn't help but to sigh heavily as she felt her resolve against taking the child fall immediately. Magick and the guards watched curiously as Kekoa opened a screen in order to talk to her secretary.

"Ms. Slkifh? Bring me a crib and some baby supplies. I suddenly find myself taking in a young human infant of about a year and a half." Kekoa requested her secretary causing the secretary's, and guards, jaws to drop while Magick smiled brightly.

"Alright. Hand her over and get out of here before I change my mind." Kekoa said after closing the screen and holding her arms out to take the child from Magick.

"Of course. Before I leave though is there anything you want to know? Or do you wish to change her name?" Magick asked grinning as she stood up from the chair she had taken a seat in and handed over Ali'i to the most powerful woman in the universe.

"She will have magic right? So it will be safe for me to raise her with knowledge of fighting and using magic correct? What is her day of birth? No, I think her name will fit her now more than before." Kekoa said all of this quickly as she looked down at the small child that fit into her arms almost perfectly.

"Yes, she'll have incredibly strong magic both elemental types and generic. Yes it would be safe, and in fact a great idea since it will give her an advantage in her future. She was born on July 31st in Earth time. So long and good luck. You'll need it." Magick said grinning as she vanished with another magical pulse that didn't bother anything this time since it was much smaller than before, so small that no one even noticed. Magick kept on grinning as she returned to Earth and then she began to cackle. The Grand Councilwoman of the universe was in for the time of her life now. If there was one thing that Ali'i inherited from her birth father it was her love and talent for pranks of all kinds.