HP and Lilo and Stitch crossover

By: FunahoMisaki

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"Run for your lives! Lilo and Ali'i found their male counterparts!" One man screamed as he ran, causing others to scream and run as well looking as if the four children were Godzilla.


When Kekoa next went to visit her daughter and her daughters' friend she was more than slightly surprised when the town was all but deserted because of the locals hiding from the four prankster children.

"Thank god you're here! I don't know how but Lilo and Ali'i had found a pair of twin prankster boys that were visiting the island with their family and they've teamed up!" Lilo's older sister Nami, said letting out a large sigh of relief when she spotted the tall woman who was looking around curiously.

"That explains why all the locals are hiding." Kekoa said idly as she tried to figure out how bad the damages would be if all four of the pranksters managed to go into space together. For some reason the thought both made her pale and made her smirk at the same time. Smirk at the amount of damage and chaos that would cause the galaxy, but pale at all of the paperwork it would cause her personally. She'll have them be the secret weapon in case of a war or fight of some kind.

"Mama!" Ali'i cheered happily as she saw her mother standing there and tackled her legs in a hug.

"Hello my little princess. I see you've made some new friends." Kekoa said reaching down and patting her daughters head as she looked at the two boys that were only two years or so older than Ali'i herself, which made them about Lilo's age give or take a few weeks or months.

"Nice to meet you madam. My name is Forge and this is my humble twin Gred." Fred said grinning roguishly like their big brother Charlie taught them too and giving a clumsy but passable bow, much to Kekoa's amusement.

"Nice to meet you Fred, George." Kekoa said causing the boys to grin widely at her when she realized they had switched around the first letter of their names in order to call them by their correct names.

"Come on mama! You can prank with us!" Ali'i said grinning widely as her eyes sparkled at the thought of pulling a prank with her mama, causing the woman to snicker slightly at the look of horror on Nani's face.

"Not right now princess. I came to pick you up because it's time for the ball." Kekoa said causing Ali'i to droop and groan, she hated balls!

"Yes mama. Stitch you stay with Lilo okay?" Ali'i asked looking at the small monster and causing him to nod as he hugged Lilo who beamed at him, although she was sad that her friend had to leave now.

"Bye bye." Ali'i said waving at her three friends who all took turns giving her hugs before she walked over to her mama and slipped her hand into the much taller womans. They left while Kekoa smirked at Nani's muttered comment.

"One hellion gone, four more to go."