Discipline Fail:

When Wally got home after school that day, he knew he'd be in some trouble. You see, due to some earlier events during History class, he and the teacher had gotten into a mild dispute, and the teacher had given him detention this Thursday, and also a note to take home. The note had to be signed and returned tomorrow, or else his teacher would be calling home.

His Aunt and Uncle weren't home yet thankfully, but Iris was always home by five, and since it was barry's early day he would be home at four thirty. That only gave him a few hours to come up with a good sob story of why he had made his teacher so angry. Sadly the few hours he had to himself went by quickly, and eventually his aunt and uncle had made it home. He kept silent about the note at first. helping Iris made roast beef and potatoes.

Shortly after dinner was when he decided to bring it up. They were all in the living room, with Iris reading one of her vampire romance books, and Barry watching the evening news. The teen retrieved the slightly crumpled note from his pocket and slowly shuffled over to where his uncle was sitting, hoping that he wouldn't get in too much trouble.

"What's this kid? A permission slip or something?" Barry asked cheerfully, muting the tv so he could read it without distraction.

Wally didn't reply, but cringed as he watched his uncle read the note. The adult speedster's smile had slowly formed into a frown.

"What is it Barry?" Iris asked after a moment of silence. Barry just kept staring at the note, unblinking and unmoving, which was strange for a speedster. Then, he burst into laughter, which had both Iris and Wally pretty surprised. Wally then started to smile...maybe he would be able to get out of this.

"You got detention for calling your teacher a dil-hole?" Barry asked in between gasps.

"What!?" Iris screeched, and Wally cringed. No, he probably wouldn't get away with it. "Wally Rudolph West, you explain yourself right now young man!"

"It wasn't my fault!" Wally blurted out quickly. "Mr. Mathieu took points off my paper just because I said I hated Abe Lincoln!"

Barry was now howling with laughter, but Iris still looked unphased, though perhaps a little confused. "Why do you hate Abe Lincoln?" She asked, and also backhanded Barry, which still did nothing to shut him up.

"I dunno! He just seems to conceded in that huge hat of his. We were supposed to write an essay about him, and just because I shared my opinion he gave me a C-. That's below average!" Wally said. "So I protested."

"By calling him a dil...by using rude profanity?" Iris said, crossing her arms and giving him a glare that could compete with Batman's.

"Well what else was I supposed to do?"

Iris pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a loud sigh. "Barry, do something!"

Almost immediately Barry jolted up, trying to conceal his laughter. When Iris turned her glare on him, Barry quickly stopped laughing and put on his Mr. Serious face. It actually didn't look serious at all, which was no surprise.

"Wally, that was very bad. Don't do it again." He said sternly, before un-muting the tv and turning his eyes back to it once again.

"That's it?" Iris asked in shock. "Sweetie, our nephew used crude language, insulting a teacher nonetheless! Don't you think there should be some punishment?"

"Oh...well sure honey! Um, Wally...you're grounded." Barry said, trying to sound stern again but failing horribly.

"Okay, for how long?" Wally asked, not too upset.

"Er...for the rest of the night!" Barry answered, but then caught Iris's glare. "I mean until Friday!"

"Gotcha," Wally said. "So, will you sign the note?"

"Sure thing kid!" Barry said, signing his name with a flourish. "Now go to your room or something...whatever it is grounded kids do."

"Okie dokie! I guess I'll just go call Dick or something," Wally said with a shrug, pulling out his cellphone and turning to leave the room.

"Wait just a moment," Iris spoke up. "Wally, grounded means that you can't use any electronic devices and your curfew if seven unless you're fighting crime. That means using your cellphone is prohibited."

"W-What? Then what the hell am I going to do with my life? I'LL DIE!" Wally shouted overdramatically, falling to the floor on his knees. "D-do you guys hate me or something?"

"No, of course we don't!" Barry shouted fearfully, instantly falling for his nephew's act. "Iris, at least let the kid keep his phone. And maybe switch his curfew to eight."

"Barry, please don't tell me you're falling for this. I can see right through his act," Iris said, but then accidentally looked into the fifteen year old's green watery eyes. "Ugh...fine, you can keep the phone. And your curfew is seven thirty."

"YES!" Wally fist pumped the air, and then zipped across the room to give Iris a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Auntie Iris! You're the bestest auntie in the whole wide world!"

That last statement was something Wally had always used to say when he was younger, and even now it still made her heart swell with happiness.

"So...can you bake your special peanut butter cookie recipe?" Wally asked after a moment of silence.

"Don't push your luck Wally."

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