When Goliath and Elisa got to the infirmary, they saw Broadway was holding her talon. She was still out cold.

"What was she thinking?" Brooklyn said.

"Exactly what the rest of us would have done. If the bomb had gone off where it was, none of us would have survived." Goliath said.

"She saved us all." Hudson said. Broadway stroked Angela's face.

"That's my girl." He said. Goliath and Elisa looked at each other and smiled.

"Come, she needs her rest." Goliath said. The others all turned to leave.

"Goliath?" Broadway said. Goliath looked at him. "Can I stay with her? In case she wakes up."

"Very well, keep us informed of any change." Goliath said. Then, with his arm around Elisa's waist, he walked out.

"Now that's what I call devotion." Elisa said, smiling.

"He is doing for Angela exactly what I would have done for you." Goliath said.

"He really does love her." Elisa said.

"I can see that, and to be honest, she could not have done better." Goliath said.

"Don't let the others hear you say that. They might take offence." Elisa said.

"Then they will not hear." Goliath said. Elisa laughed.

"And I thought you didn't have a sense of humour." She said. Goliath just looked at her.

"Come; let us go somewhere more private. There's nothing more for us to do here." Goliath said.

"What do you have in mind?" Elisa said.

"There's something I want to show and I hope you won't be offended." Goliath said.

"What could you possibly show me that could offend me?" Elisa said.

"I'll show you." Goliath said. He took her hand and led the way. He took her to a large room a large, rustic sofa, log fire, a large bookcase with an impressive selection of books. There was an adjoining bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom was beautiful with a large, insanely comfortable bed with a solid, wrought iron frame.

"It's beautiful, but why are you showing me?" Elisa said.

"Xanatos had it done to persuade you to live here." Goliath said.

"You mean this is for me?" Elisa asked. He took her hands in his talons.

"For us, if you want it. This will be our private sanctuary." Goliath said. Elisa just looked around. "Elisa?" Then she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"I love it." Elisa said.

"So you would be happy to live here?" Goliath said.

"I had considered it. I mean after all, I am joining the clan and the clan live here and the lease on my apartment is up next week." Elisa said. Goliath just smiled at her. He led her tight as she cuddled into him.


Broadway was still with Angela a few hours later when she started to stir.

"Angela?" He said. She opened her eyes and looked at him. She then shot up and cowered in a corner.

"Who are you? What am I doing here?" Angela said, obviously scared.

"Angela, it's me, Broadway." Broadway said. He tried to go to her, but she backed away.

"Stay away from me." Angela demanded. Broadway couldn't help but feel hurt and shocked. Elisa came to him.

"Hey Broadway, how's Angela." She asked.

"She's awake, but she doesn't know me." Broadway said.

Let me try." Elisa said. Then she went into see Angela. "Angela?" Angela looked at her. "Do you know who I am?"

"No, where am I?" Angela asked.

"You're at the castle, your home. I'm Elisa, your friend." Elisa said. Angela looked passed her to Broadway.

"Is he the only one?" Angela asked.

"The only one what?" Elisa said.

"Of his kind?" Angela said. Elisa and Broadway looked at each other.

"You mean our kind?" Broadway said.

"Excuse me?" Angela said. Then she saw her wings, tail and fangs in the mirror and looked and saw her talons. She screamed and smashed the mirror.

"What am I?" She cried.

"Angela, you're a Gargoyle, like me." Broadway said.

"What did you do to me?" Angela demanded.

"We did nothing, Angela. It's who you are." Broadway said.

"Broadway, we need to back off a bit, give her time to adjust. It's obvious she has amnesia. So we should leave her be for now." Elisa said.

"You don't want to hurt me?" Angela asked.

"Of course not, Angela, we want to help you." Elisa said.

"And are there anymore of us?" Angela asked sheepishly.

"Yes, and we'll introduce you to them slowly. Now can I leave you with Broadway? There's someone I need to talk to." Elisa said. Angela nodded, warily looking at Broadway. "Ok, I'll be back soon." Then she pulled Broadway to one side. "Don't overwhelm her, if she asks questions, answer them. I'm going to talk to Goliath and the others." Then she went to find Goliath.


She found him in the library.

"Goliath." Elisa said. Goliath looked up at her from the book he was reading.

"How is Angela?" He asked.

"She's awake, and she seems in one piece, but she has amnesia. She can't remember who she is, who we are or what she is." Elisa said.

"So what can we do?" Goliath asked.

"My best guess would be to help her regain her memory piece by piece. She seems comfortable around me, but then I don't look as intimidating as the rest of you." Elisa said.

"So how can we help her?" Goliath asked.

"Well amnesia sufferers usually start to remember those closest to them first so I'll take her on a tour of the castle, then I'll bring her to you, see if she remembers who you are." Elisa said.

"Very well." Goliath said.

"I need you to do something for me." Elisa said.

"Of course." Goliath said.

"Tell the others to keep out of sight; I know they'll all want to help. But it would overwhelm her and scare her. I know they'll listen to you." Elisa said.

"I'll see to it." Goliath said. Elisa quickly kissed him then left to rejoin Angela and Broadway.