4 Nights had passed and Angela still hadn't regained her memories. She was still incredibly anxious and was only comfortable around Goliath, Broadway and Elisa. Goliath and Elisa were in the great hall, talking.

"It has been 5 days and still not much of her memory has returned." Goliath said.

"I know, and she only really feels comfortable around us and Broadway." Elisa said.

"Yes, I am aware." Goliath said.

"You know what this means? In 2 nights this castle is going to be filled with people and mutates and gargoyles that Angela doesn't know." Elisa said.

"I know that as well." Goliath said. Brooklyn was about to walk in when he heard them talking and hung back. "I think we should postpone it, just until Angela is well again."

"I agree, but that could take years." Elisa said. Goliath looked at her. "We could at least postpone it until Angela is comfortable."

"Agreed." Goliath said. Elisa hugged him and he wrapped his wings around her.

"I love you." Elisa said.

"And I you." Goliath said Brooklyn walked away and found Lex.

"We have a problem." Brooklyn said.

"What's wrong?" Lex said.

"I just overheard Goliath and Elisa talk about cancelling their bonding ceremony until Angela is better." Brooklyn said.

"What! Why?" Lex said.

"They said Angela will be really uncomfortable in the crowds that will be here. They thought it was for the best." Brooklyn said

"But what can we do? We can't give Angela her memories back." Lex said.

"I know but they were wanting this so much." Brooklyn said.

"Evidently, they love Angela more." Lex said. Angela overheard the entire conversation. Goliath and Elisa were planning on cancelling their bonding ceremony because of her. She had to talk to them. She found them in the Great Hall. They heard the hurried approach and turned to look at her.

"Angela are you ok?" Elisa said.

"No, is it true?" Angela demanded. Goliath and Elisa gave each other puzzled looks.

"Is what true?" Goliath asked.

"That you're planning on cancelling your bonding ceremony because of me?" Angela demanded. Goliath began to get annoyed.

"Where did you hear that?" He asked.

"It doesn't matter where I heard it. Is it true?" Angela asked again. Goliath and Elisa looked at each other again.

"Angela, it's not like that, we just don't think now is the best time." Elisa said.

"But you're both so in love, now is the perfect time." Angela said.

"Angela, it wouldn't be very responsible of us to force you into a situation that you were not ready for." Goliath said.

"No, it's not fair for you to not do this because it would make me uncomfortable." Angela said.

"Angela, we both love you and would hate for you to feel uneasy." Elisa said

"Look, I may not have all my memories, or know everyone I'm supposed to know. But I know you two, and I've seen you. You love each other so much. I know it would make you happy and seeing you happy will make me happy. I'll behave and I won't run off, just please don't stop this because of me." Angela said. Goliath and Elisa were shocked by what Angela had just said.

"What do you think, Elisa?" Goliath asked.

"I think she has your way with words." Elisa said. They looked at each other and smiled.

"Very well, Angela. The bonding ceremony will take place as planned." Goliath said. Angela hugged him and Elisa.

"Thank you." Angela said.

"Thank you for talking us back into it." Elisa said. Angela smiled then she walked away. She passed Lex and Brooklyn.

"Oh, uh...hi Angela." Brooklyn said.

"Hi, guys." Angela smiled.

"What are you so happy about? Did you get your memories back?" Lex asked.

"Not all of them. I still can't remember anything about coming to Manhattan. But you two should be careful about who listens to your conversations." Angela said. Brooklyn and Lex looked at each other.

"What conversation?" Lex said.

"The one about Goliath and Elisa cancelling their bonding ceremony." Angela said.

"You heard that?" Lex said.

"Angela, we're so sorry, it's what they said." Brooklyn said.

"I talked to them." Angela said.

"You what!?" Brooklyn said.

"I talked to them and things are going ahead as planned." Angela said.

"That's great." Lex said.

"Way to go Angela. Wait, you didn't tell them you heard that from us, did you?" Brooklyn said.

"It'll be our little secret." Angela smiled.