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Jeep Shenanigans

Chapter 1: Where It Started

Stiles tried not to glance over at Derek but God trying to drive and not watch Derek rub himself off through his jeans. Even if he wasn't insanely attracted to him it would be difficult. Considering that he is it made it damn near impossible. Stupid spell, stupid weird magic bullet making Derek insanely horny. All he has to do is get him home so Derek can ride this thing out. At least that was what Deaton said.

Why was he the one to take him? Apparently Scott couldn't do it. Okay well Scott doesn't have a car but still! Why him?

When Derek unzipped himself pulling out his hard length Stiles throat went dry and when he began stroking himself Stiles immediately slammed on the breaks stopping the jeep. There was no way in hell he could keep driving. He would kill them both.

"Dude, do you have to do that in my car?" There is only so much one person can handle. "That's enough. Go hump a tree or something," he ordered pointing off into the forest.

"Let me finish. Or I will rip your throat out. With my teeth," Derek finished never faltering in his strokes.

"Again with the teeth? Really?" But Stiles turned away leaning against his window and waited.

He could hear Derek's grunting, the sound of flesh against flesh as he stroked himself. In the window he could just make out Derek's cock. Stiles could feel himself growing hard. He tried to think of anything. Scott, his Dad, Mr. Harris, suicide runs! But none of it helped and as his eyes drifted over to Derek he watched each stroke, each twist of his wrist. His eyes had drifted closed and he was biting his lip.

Stiles almost moaned finding himself straining against his jeans. That was when he realized that Derek's eyes where opened and he was staring at him. Derek had to know, had to smell the arousal pouring off his body. He swallowed.

Derek tracked the movement studying his throat and Stiles felt himself shift forward. He shouldn't do it. He knew he shouldn't. He and Derek barely have this friendship thing going on. What would happen if he crossed that line?

But he couldn't watch anymore. Stiles licked his palm before knocking away Derek's hand and wrapping his fingers around his dick. Derek moaned, a sound that went straight to his dick, his head falling back against the seat.

This was a whole lot more different then jerking yourself off. The angle was weird and being in a car wasn't helping matters but feeling him, feeling every twitch his cock made, the blood pumping, it was incredible. Derek was gripping the seat, his chest heaving, and Stiles did moan at the sight. When precrum began dripping from the tip he found himself wanting to taste, wanting to know what Derek tasted like.

He dipped his head down only intending to lick, to taste. He cleaned the head eyes closing. Derek gasped moaning his hand went to the back of Stiles neck squeezing. Taking that as encouragement Stiles took in as much as he could feeling the tip brush against the back of his throat forcing him to pull off as to not gag. Using one hand he cupped Derek's balls rubbing them in his hand and the other he wrapped around whatever of his length Stiles couldn't take in.

He ran his tongue on the underside getting a feel for what he was doing. Stiles had seen porn. He is a teenage boy after all and once he realized he was bi he began checking out gay porn. So he knew the concepts of what he should be doing but putting it to practice was a whole 'nother thing. He took it slowly bobbing his head as he pulled off so only the head was between his lips. He sucked dipping his tongue into the slit and swallowing whatever precrum came out. Taking him back in Stiles moaned moving faster, sucking harder as he finally began figuring out what the hell he was doing. And by the way Derek was responding gripping tightly on his neck, thrusting up into his mouth, moaning completely unabashed, he was doing it right.

Now whoever said it was easy to swallow was a fucking liar especially from this angle. But it was worth it. When Derek came Stiles hadn't been expecting it yet he managed to swallow most of it only a little dripped from his mouth and down his chin. Licking Derek clean because he was not having cum on his baby's upholstery before leaning back into his seat chest heaving.

He was suddenly very aware of how hard he was in his jeans and as much as he wanted to take care of it he had just given Derek a blowjob and they were definitely not dating. The only reason he had probably got away with it was because Derek is under magic horny stuff.

Whipping his mouth off with the back of his hand Stiles reached for the gearshift to take Derek home. At least until Derek stopped him by reaching over and undoing his jeans. When Derek's hand reached inside and untucked him he had barely begun to stroke him when Stiles started moaning desperately because really masturbating was nothing compared to receiving a hand job. This was so much better and Derek knew exactly was he was doing. His thumb rubbing along his head dipping into the slit letting his nail scrape against him. Stiles bucked up into him wanting to grab a hold of him, to touch him, but unsure if he was allowed to.

So Stiles watched mesmerized by every movement knowing this was the one and only time this was probably going to ever happen not wanting to miss a second of it. He was going to cum and ridiculously quickly. He wanted to hold off just a little bit longer but when Derek leaned in pressing his lips to his he was coming harder than he ever had all over himself and Derek.

Derek ran his tongue across his lips before leaning back into his seat licking Stiles cum from his fingers. Stiles flushed feeling the arousal begin to pool in his belly again. God being a teenage boy could be so damn difficult sometimes. He closed his eyes waiting until his body was back in his own control.

"So," Stiles trailed off. "Now what?"

Derek was silent and Stiles felt panic flare up. "You're going to take me home and I'm going to fuck you into the mattress." Derek turned to look at him. "How does that sound?"

"Y-yeah!" Stiles is ashamed at how eagerly he gunned it but Derek didn't seem to mind actually chuckling. He could totally work with that.

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