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Ginny Weasley and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Chapter 1- Back to Bill

Ginny Weasley woke up screaming, cold sweat running down her neck. Where is Tom? Didn't I kill Harry? Where am I? I'm not in the Chamber of Secrets- that's for sure. I'm…

Home. She was in her bedroom, where some socks were were scattered across the floor, where Gwenog Jones's poster stood on the wall next to her, and where Tom was nowhere near.

Harry had killed Tom. Everything was alright, to some extent. Ginny let out a sigh, and slid off her bed, walking downstairs to the kitchen. Shaking, she got herself a cup of warm milk, drinking it until she had the image of Tom Riddle out of her head.

I can't believe that I thought he was my best friend. I can't believe that I trusted him.

Ginny looked up at her family clock, her hand pointing at home, and then moved her gaze to their traditional clock, pointing at 3 AM. Five more hours till the rest of the family wakes up. Ginny made her way to the broomshed, taking out Fred's Cleensweep. She quickly got on it, and began to ride. Night flying was Ginny's outlet- she could still remember the first time she tried.

Little 6 years old Ginny Weasley was furious! How come all of her brothers could ride- even Ron?! He was only a year older than her!

"No, Ginny. You're just a girl." Just a girl! Her hero, Mae Connes could ride just fine on a broom! Was Mum, "Just a girl?" No, she wasn't!

Ginny was so furious, she didn't realize she bumped into Molly Weasley in the flesh. "Ginny? Dear, pay attention."

Ginny could see a plan of revenge hatching before her very eyes, "Mum...," she sniffled, "Cha-Charlie and Gred and F-Forge are putting R-ron on a broo-m and they..." Ginny began to burst into tears, not finishing. Her mum's face turned red, and she ran to the backyard.

"CHARLIE, FRED, AND GEORGE WEASLEY- GET YOUR BROTHER OFF THAT BROOM RIGHT NOW!", she roared, beginning her rant. Ginny secretly walked to the kitchen to set the table. By the time Molly's lecture was over, Ginny was nearly done setting the table. She placed the final cup down when her mum walked in, "Oh, Ginny, did you set the table for me? Such a wonderful child. I just wish the rest of your brothers would follow your example," before hugging her. Ginny stuck her tongue out at her brothers behind her mum's back. Charlie's jaw dropped, while Fred and George seemed impressed by her skills.

When dinner ended, the boys were all sentenced to their rooms, and Ginny's parents went upstairs to talk about what had happened. They always used silencing and locking charms whenever this happened, so no one knew what they were conversing about.

Seeing nobody, and hearing nobody, Ginny snuck to the broomshed. She knew her brothers would have left it unlocked because of her mum's rant. Ginny looked at the various brands of brooms. She knew how to read some words, and the alphabet, so she could tell broom from broom. Ginny decided to use Bill's broom- since Ron used Charlie's broom. Outside, she picked it up, and tried to ride it. Simple to say, it didn't fly. She got off the broom, and tried sitting on it again. It didn't work once more. Ginny got off the broom, sat on it, and jumped, but all she did was fall on her bum. Ginny stood up, glaring at the broom, before yelling at it to, "GET UP!" and it did. It flew up to her hand. Ginny gave the broom a smirk, and tried lifting one leg over it, sitting on the broom. She was hovering!

And then she fell. She practiced hovering for hours and hours, and managed to hover in a circle by sunrise. When the sky turned pink, Ginny quickly put the broom away, ran to her bedroom, and fell asleep when her head hit the pillow.

Ginny decided to just fly around in the moonlight, basking in the scent of fresh air, beginning to feel a bit better by the time the sun rose, and then proceeded to put away Fred's broomstick. Sneaking into her room, she noticed the time was 5:30- her mum would be up soon. She crept into her bed, and felt her lack of sleep catching up to her.

"Ginny dear, wake up."

Ginny groaned, rubbed her eyes and looked up questioningly to the blue eyes of her dad. "We have really good news Ginny! We're going to Egypt! We can visit your older brother Bill!" Ginny's eyes widened at the name of her eldest brother. She was immensely excited to see him again, after not seeing him in three years.

Ginny hopped out of the bed, but then realized that a trip would cost more than they could afford. She looked at her father, and as if he knew her thoughts he excitedly added, "I won 700 Galleons in the draw! Hurry up and pack, we'll be gone for two weeks!" Following that statement, a large explosion shook the house. "Merlin's Beard!" exclaimed Arthur. "What was that?" He left quickly to investigate, hoping that Molly wouldn't overreact.

To be honest, Arthur Weasley was worried for his daughter. After the whole Chamber incident, Ginny wasn't responsive to anyone in the family. She didn't talk about it to anyone, and everyone in the house heard the screams that occurred every night, without fail. Arthur felt guilty that after one week of failure, everyone gave up on helping her cope, except for Molly, who took it to the extremes. She even fed Ginny's cereal to her! So Arthur, pitying Ginny, encouraged Molly give Ginny some alone time and explained that if Ginny needed them, she would come to them.

Little did he know that the first week helped her more than he believed. She really appreciated it, and was disappointed when no one came to her aid after a while. Ginny thought that her family didn't love her enough to visit her, reminding her of her time with Tom, repeating that no one loved her, and no one would come save her because who really liked the youngest? Ron ignored her all the time to spend time with his mates, and Gred and Forge were always with their own friends, being popular because of their pranks. Pompous Percy was the only real brother to talk to her, and even he ignored her plenty times to be off with his girlfriend Penny. Ginny was all alone, which fueled herself to write to Tom all the time, penning about her loneliness and how much her brothers hurt her. She found herself stupid and naïve for talking to Riddle, but for some sick reason, she found herself missing him. In a way, they were best friends, she told him everything, and he showed her parts of his life, which now that she thought about it, could be falsified. But the point was, that now that everything was over, she found herself in the same situation. She hoped Bill would love her enough to spend time with her, but to be honest, she doubted it. After all, he was much older than her, and maybe like Ron, wouldn't want her to embarrass him.

Sighing, Ginny opened her wardrobe with a small option of robes and cloaks. She packed the ones that changed in temperature according to the weather. She then went down to eat breakfast with the whole family. As she sat down at the table, her mum paused, and gave her a bowl of cereal.

Then, Percy arrived, announcing his Head Boy status at Hogwarts. Molly took him into a hug, demanding he show her his badge, before talking about his duties and how proud she was of him, forgetting about the twins and their prank.

The twins, taking advantage of this opportunity, sat down on either side of her. Probably because Mum won't yell at me. But to the twins, it was because they missed talking to Ginny. Their mum refused them the right to talk to their sister or spend time with her, because she thought they might accidentally hurt her feelings.

"So Gin-Gin", Fred began.
"As the wonderful brothers we are"
"We've decided to"
"Help you pack and maybe"
"Prank our Ickle-Ronniekins a bit"
"What do you say?"

Obviously, Ginny said yes, not wanting to miss an opportunity to spend time with her brothers. She and the twins ran upstairs and placed parts of their cereal and toast in his face, before dunking milk on his head. Ron woke up, gasping, and began to yell at Ginny and the twins as they ran down the stairs.

In the meantime, Percy was purposefully distracting his Mum. He saw how lonely Ginny was and actually began to blame it on the Boy-Who-Lived himself. If he didn't take Ron's wholehearted attention, maybe Ron would pay more attention to Ginny. Maybe she wouldn't have trusted He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Maybe she wouldn't have nightmares. Maybe Ginny would look as happy and as full of life as she used to. Believe it or not, Percy was beginning to hate said Boy.

Ginny was done with packing, and was depressed to find out she wouldn't be able to night-fly. In fact, she was terrified. What if someone else heard her scream and thought the worst? What would Bill think? He probably knew about her situation, and was probably disappointed in her. If not, maybe even disgusted.

Ginny walked along the line with her family to the International Fireplace that was connected to Egypt. It was huge, and people went in groups of three- hers had her mum and dad.

Sooner than later, she went in, and came out through the Receiving Fireplace in Egypt. Once everyone was accounted for, they began searching for a person with Weasley hair, and of course, her mum found Bill first, Ginny second. Ginny ran over, shouted his name to get his attention, and hugged him tightly. "Hey Ginny," Bill's soft and comforting voice whispered.

After everyone spoke to Bill, they all went over to an inn to check in. The winnings guaranteed them a Phoenix Suite, the best kind, fit with enough beds to fit all of them. Ginny roomed with Bill and Percy, Ron with Gred and Forge. Charlie was still in Romania, oh well.

Once they finished unpacking, it was nighttime, so they all decided to get enough rest for the next day.

"Ginny, you naïve fool. No one loves you. No one needs you." Tom Riddle hissed to her.
"No-my mum loves me, my dad needs me." Ginny spoke defiantly.
"Oh, really? Look at this then." Ginny was sucked into his diary and was shown a family, where everyone was present, but her. Even Harry and Hermione were there.
"Hermione, I must say, you must know a lot about muggles, no?" her dad asked.
"Oh yes, did you know…" as Hermione continued to speak about them, the family smiled at her.
Percy then chose to comment, "You know, you're much more amusing then our OLD little sister."
Old little sister? What did Percy mean?
Ron added, "Yeah, Ginny the Ninny sucked. Really, who liked her?"
Ginny was heartbroken, how could Ron say that about her?
Murmurs of agreement were said. That caused another stab.
Then, Molly added, "I regret giving birth to her. She tried to attack you. She had a horrible temper, and never acted like a girl." That caused Ginny's caused another stab, and another, and another, and soon- it broke.
Ginny was then whisked out of the book, to Tom's eyes, and now, this time, Harry didn't come to save her.

Ginny awoke yet again screaming. She took a few deep breaths to calm down, and then she became acquainted with her surroundings. This wasn't the Burrow.

Egypt. Ginny was in Egypt. Right.

Ginny also noticed that Bill was awake as well, and so was Percy.
Bill had woken up in the middle of the night, and chose to get a midnight snack like he usually did. Taking his wand-you never know when you need that- he opened a bag with snacks, and began to eat a treacle tart. Halfway through, screaming sounded throughout the suite. Bill ran to the source, his room, wand in hand, expecting to see a dark wizard. What he did not expect was his little sister, crying and trying to calm herself down. Looking over to Percy, he saw that he was looking at Ginny with a pained expression on his face. Percy was a prat, sure- but even he would help his own little sister. Once Ginny calmed down, he looked over to her and asked, "Ginny did you have a nightmare? What was it about? Do you want to talk about it?"

Ginny didn't expect Bill to worry for her that much, but maybe it was just in the beginning, like the rest of the family. Ginny replied, "The usual, Chamber and all."

Bill was confused, what chamber? Was she talking about a bedroom? Who has reoccurring nightmares about a bedroom? Percy then whispered to him, "The Chamber of Secrets, William." Oh, now that makes sense. Wait...

"It's not a myth?"
"Truthfully. Ginevra opened it."

Bill's jaw dropped. His little innocent sister opened that? Yes they were purebloods but, his family couldn't have opened it. Their family ran generations of Gryffindors- not Slytherins.

Ginny knew they were whispering about her, but it felt like it was behind her back, and it hurt, so she said "If you're going to talk about me, why not tell me what you're talking about."

Bill immediately asked her, "How-Why did you open the Chamber of Secrets?"

Ginny explained, "T-Tom", it was weird to say his name aloud, "I was given his diary and wrote in it, thinking it was a gift from Mum, and then he wrote back and was so nice to me. So we kept on writing-back and forth, and then I started to lose my memory. When I began to suspect him, I threw in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, but then later on I saw it with Harry, and took it from him. T-Tom was angry so he took me to the Chamber and said I would be there for all eternity, and no one would ever come for me- but Harry came, and took me out of there, destroying the diary."

Bill was astounded. Why didn't anyone tell him this? But he still had one more question. "Ginny, Who's Tom?"

"V-Vol-d-dem-mort," she sobbed. Voldemort took possession of his little sister? Ginny talked with Voldemort? He wanted to go straight to his parent's room and ask why they never told him, but right now, he hugged Ginny. She needed him more. That night, Bill stuck with Ginny. He asked Percy if he wanted to hug Ginny throughout the night as a joke, but Percy actually said yes. With her two brothers, that night, Ginny fell back to sleep, without a nightmare.