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(Magical Mystery plays)

Donald, Goofy,Riku and Kairi were at Master Yen Sids room. "So you're say that you want Kairi to train?" Riku asked. Yen Sid nodded his head.

"As I said to you before we need all 7 of you." He rubbed his beard."Since you are able to wield the keyblade, I see you will take a great part in this...war."

"War?" Kairi asked clueless.

"I shall explain. In the meantime , one of you see if Sora has return."

"I'll go." Riku said, he walked out the door, leaving the Mage, Knight, the wizard and the young girl to discuss what's going on. Riku walked down the stairs, his hands in his pocket. He was thinking of when he almost lost Sora...it was very close but he managed to save his best friend from becoming a vessel for Xehanort . Riku walked outside and saw nothing, he sat down on the stairs-waiting for his friend to come back..."Just what is Sora doing?"

(Magical Mystery Ends)


(Traverse Town Music Plays Dream Drop Distance version)

Sora grinned at his dream eaters, after they began to hug him with affection. Sora patted them."I just wanted to say thanks guys!" He said."But I really have to go!" His dream eaters made a sound, indicating that they were upset that Sora had to leave. "It's okay, I promise I'll be back, you guys take care...alright?" The dream eaters jumped up and down with joy and then slowly began to disappear. Before he was about to open the gate back to the real world, he heard a voice.

'Shared by others but not by your own..' The voice said. Sora looked back and forth.'The one who opened the door will also be the one who creates destruction to the worlds..'

"Whose there?!" Sora yelled. The voice then was gone and it was quiet..Sora looked back again to see no one...He squinted his eyes and turned back ...he pointed his keyblade, a beam of light then engulfed him. He was gone..A shadow figure appeared in the dark.


(Magical Mystery Plays)

Riku tapped his foot a bit and closed his eyes, lost in thought. Suddenly, there was a glimpse of light that appeared right where the colored tracks were at. Riku opened his eyes instantly, but covered it from the light. After the light was dimming down, he looked up to see Sora trying to stand up. "Took you long enough." Riku got up and walked over to him. Sora smiled.

"H-Hey, I didn't think it was THAT long." He pouted.

Riku rolled his eyes."Come on, we all have been waiting for you. There's something you should hear." Riku began to walk ahead. Sora walked after him but then suddenly felt a weird feeling in his chest, he froze and thought he heard that voice again. Riku noticed he wasn't following him. He turned to him,"Sora, what are you doing, come on!"

"R-right!" Sora shook the feeling off and ran after the walking Riku, into the castle. While they were walking up the stairs they began to have a conversation among each other.

"I don't think I got the chance to say thanks, Riku ...for saving me back there." Riku rolled his eyes.

"Y-Yeah! I still owe you alot of savings."

"What do you mean?" Sora asked. Riku stopped walking.

"How many times have you saved me?"

Sora put his finger on his chin."Uhhh...?" He didn't even remember...he only remember saving Riku once from the darkness.

"Four times."

"What? When did I ever save you four times?" Riku looked at him this time. Sora had a confused looked and began to cross his arms."Usually, you were the one who saved me...expect for when you ...were being controlled by darkness." Sora was still confused, in his thinking state. Riku shook his head with a smile.

"Not all physically, but mentally."


"When I was controlled by Xehanort's heartless, the time I was in Castle Oblivion and almost lost myself to darkness, when I had given up hope back at The World That Never Was...and when we fought Xemnas." Sora looked surprised yet confused.



"I don't remember saving you in Castle Oblivion."

"Not physically...like I said.." Riku sighed.


Riku sighed again."I'm saying, whenever I would go deep into darkness..whenever I lost faith in myself or letting the negative thoughts take control of me..I always thought of you...you and your idiotic smile. You're the type that doesn't give up...and I can never let myself give up...if you do."Sora still looked confused at him. Riku placed his hand on Sora's hair."Man...why are you such a sap?" He asked walking to the door.

"HEY! I'm not a sap!" Sora yelled annoyed, but he smiled himself, chasing after his best friend.


Sora and Riku walked inside the castle,"Sorry..I'm late..heh.." Sora said nervously.

"Honestly, Sora!" Donald yelled.

"Hehehhe.." Sora laughed nervously, he then noticed Kairi there."Kairi...? Huh, what are you doing here?"

"Sora!" Kairi greeted.

"Riku?" Sora asked confused.

"That is what I wanted to discuss with you all here." Yen Sid said. "Kairi, will aid us."

"What?!" Sora made a face."B-but how..what?"

"She has possession of the keyblade."

"What? When? When did this happen?" Sora asked. Yen Sid motioned for her to call forth her keyblade, she obeyed and appeared the flowery keyblade that Riku had given her back in The World That Never Was.

"When did you get that, Kairi?"

"Riku, gave it to me when we were fighting off the heartless." Sora looked even more confused at Riku.

"Don't ask me where I got it from." Is all he said.

"Now, Now...you already know that Xehanort is on the run and will be making a war soon."


"With, Lea and Kairi's help..."

"But Kairi, she shouldn't have to do this!" Sora interrupted.

"Sora! Don't interrupt, Master Yen Sid!"Donald yelled, with excitement. Master Yen Sid, motioned for Donald to calm down. Kairi looked at Sora serious.

"And you can?"

"But...there is a difference!"

"I'm not staying and watching the two of you fight..I want to help!" Kairi said. Sora made a groan.


"Don't look at me.."


"Yes, well...ahem.." The powerful wizard did. Everyone turned their attention to him. "We must be prepare for the worse. Lea is off in another world training with his keyblade, as Kairi should to. We do not know when Xehanort will strike but it's best if we know what were up against. As of now, I want you all to go to Mickey, he has more information provide for you. Kairi you as well, but before you go, I would advise you all to do some training before departing."


"Golly, I wonder where Lea is at?" Goofy asked.

"Still surprised that he and Kairi are able to use the keyblade.." Sora mummbled. He remembered when Xigbar had told him that most of the organization's where alive..."Does that mean...that we may have to fight the organization?" Riku was leaning on the stairs.


"No matter,with you and Sora there, nothing can stop us!"Donald yelled.

"Donald.." Riku made a noise.

"Alright." He took out his Way To Dawn.


"Come on!"


"Master Yen Sid, did say we should train a bit, how about it?" Sora paused..the last time he fought Riku...was when they were on the same side..sort of speak...it felt wierd fighting his best friend again.

"B-but." Before he could even finish his sentence, Riku had swung at him. Sora quickly dodged it."Riku!"

(Tension Rising begins to play)

"Come on! I'm not holding back!" Riku smirked. Sora stumbled a bit, and knew Riku wasn't kidding around this time. He had no choice, he took out his Kingdom Key.

"Alright, have it your way!" Sora yelled, the two both got into their fighting stance, and began to run towards each other-clashing keyblades. Riku pushed his keyblade harder against Sora's keyblade. Sora tried to push Riku's keyblade away, but Riku was forcing it more.

"Still the same, Sora!" Riku taunted him. Riku always had a way of making Sora mad or annoyed whenever they fought. Riku pushed harder until he hit Sora in the face. Donald and Goofy watched on as the keyblade wielder and keyblade master fought against each other. Sora dropped his keyblade which was right next to Riku's. Sora tried to get it but Riku stepped on it. Riku pointed his keyblade at Sora's face. This was somewhat familiar to Sora..he remembered when he fought Roxas...it was somewhat like this. "Man, were you always this weak?" Sora gritted his teeth."Looks like I win."

Sora's keyblade then disappeared and then reappeared in his hands. Riku smirked, when Sora swung at him. Sora began to get up."I know your moves, Sora." Riku threw a dark firagra at him. Sora blocked it with his keyblade, when he it vanished, Riku charged at Sora and pushed at him. Sora tried to get his balance.

"What?! Since when were we able to use magic!"

"Who ever said we couldn't?!" It's not like Sora learned a magic as of now..so he couldn't do nothing magic related at this point.

'Who needs magic, when you have me?' It was that voice again, before Sora could even think Riku was in face his face, hitting him over and over with the keyblade, Sora fell back.

"Looks like I won, Sora!" Kairi just came outside to be with the others. Sora groaned a bit.

'Let's show him, what type of power we have.' Sora slowly got up, his expression was unable to read. He felt strange for a second. His heart felt very heavy..he could feel his body not responding to him. He wasn't in control of himself, before he could even make a move.

"Sora! Riku! Are the two of you done?! We should be heading to his majesty's!" Kairi cried. In that instant, Sora snapped back to reality. He felt his head confused.

(Tension Rising Ends)

"Yeah, we were training, Kairi. I know you want this to end because I was beating up, Sora." Riku said cocky with a smirk.

"Hush, Riku!" Kairi said putting her hands on her hips. No one noticed the darkness that was in Sora for that split second..who knew what he was about to do. Sora just felt wierd at this point.

"Where you training, as well?"

"Yes, only for a little bit..I was just learning the basics of how to swing and attack with my keyblade..I probably have to do more once we go see his majesty."

"Well..I guess that's it then." Donald said, he turned to see Sora standing in the same spot-lost in thought."Sora! Get over here!" Sora walked over to the four, Riku grabbed him and began to nudged his head.

"Don't take it to serious, Sora!" Riku laughed. As long as Riku could remember...Sora was always such a sore loser whenever he lost against him. Sora ignored what just happened and brushed it aside. He began to laugh softly.

"Hey..Stop it!" He laughed.

Donald, Goofy and Kairi smiled."Okay, were off to see his majesty!"

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