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(Cavern of Remembrance Plays)

Lea with boredom looked at Even and Ienzo."So this thing you were talking about that's inside Sora..."He said trying to start a conversation.

"It appears to be more powerful then... what did you say his name was?.. Vanitas."


"Vanitas was just another bait of Xehanort's..who would have figured." Lea said."Soo?" Wanting to know more information about this.

"Nothing I can do. Sorry." Even said.

"YOU'RE KIDDING ME! WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF EVEN COMING TO YOU!" Donald screamed at the top of his lungs. Even glared at Donald.

"You're going to want to keep your voice down with me." He muttered. Donald growled.

"You didn't help at ALL!" Donald yelled in fury.

"Ahem." Mickey cleared his throat."What can we do to help Sora?"

Walking in the room was Riku, Sora and Kairi."Sora! You're okay!" Donald yelled at the top of his lungs. He suddenly became angry and crossed his feathered arms. Stopping his foot with frustration."You just went off like that! Goofy here was worried sick!"

"Gawesh, Donald I thought you were more worried! The way you were talking about-!" Goofy said but was quickly interrupted by Donald. Donald's eye twitched and he suddenly stepped on Goofy's foot.

"Yeaaahooo!" He screamed in pain, jumping up and down while holding his foot.

"Hahaha!" Sora laughed. "Looks like Donald missed me." Sora smirked and put his hands on his hips.

"Why did you leave?" Mickey asked all of a sudden.

"Well I heard a noise and went to go investigate."Sora rubbed the back of his hair embarrassed.

"You couldn't wait for us?!" Donald screamed.

"Heheh, sorry!" Sora said sheepishly.

"What happened out there?"

"It was just heartless..strange thing is, they weren't there for that long." Aqua said.

"That's very weird indeed."

"Well now that's that! How about we continue our research?"

"After that we can go check on Tron and see what's up with the defense mechanism." The older boy said.

"How about we go now? I mean we don't know when the heartless will show up again." Sora said.

"That is true..."Donald said.

"We should figure out what's wrong with you, Sora."' Mickey said seriously.

"I feel fine. I don't sense Vanitas at all." Sora grumbled.


"Sora..we want to make sure you're okay ..it won't take long." Kairi said Sora pouted. He couldn't say no to Kairi.

"Ahh okay. But I'm telling you guys, I'm fine."


Sora was put under the same machine again. "Okay let's see what's going on." Even said. The same screen that came up before was now different. Even made a shocked noise.

"What is it?" Lea asked. Even's shocked face slowly vanished as he cleared his throat.

"Everything looks fine, I don't detect anything."

"What?! Just seconds ago , you said .." Kairi said.

"I know..but it senses nothing."

"This is..rather strange." Ienzo muttered.

"This..just doesn't make sense..I mean I'm happy but..the darkness just vanished just like that?"Aqua couldn't believe it, Donald and Goofy looked at the window to see Sora laying there.

"Riku, did you sense any darkness when you were with Sora?" The mouse asked. Riku shook his head.


"So does that mean ?! He's back to normal?!" Kairi yelled with hope.

"It would seem like it..although I would like to do some more tests on him."

"Gawersh, do ya think Roxas might've went and fought da darkness with the help of Ven?"

"That would explain it!"Donald yelled.


Sora sighed, moving around uncomfortable under the machine. He closed his eyes and smiled to himself. He heard the door open and opened his eyes to see the machine coming off. Sora sat up and looked to see Even, Ienzo and his friends walking inside. "Okay? Are we done yet? I told you I'm fine!"

"..Hmm.." Donald mumbled while Sora got off the table. Donald moved towards Sora and looked him up and down, as well as from the back.

"What?" Sora asked a bit embarrassed at Donald.

"Just checking!"

"Checking for what?!" Sora asked confused.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Riku asked confused. Sora pouted and crossed his arms.

"I said I was." He grumbled. Riku laughed and plucked Sora on the cheek making him wince pain.

"What was that for?!" Sora yelled with anger.

"I had to see if it was really you. Fix your face or you're going to stay like that." Riku said. Sora glared at Riku who in returned smirked at him.

"Anyway..shouldn't we go and check on Tron?" Sora reminded them, still rubbing his cheek.

"Yeah!" Goofy said. He grabbed Sora along with Donald. While the two of them playfully pulled on Sora, who was shocked but had a huge grin.

"All for one and one for all!" Goofy yelled.

"..." Mickey didn't know what was going on..but he had to figure it out. The darkness just disappearing like that..it just didn't add up. Did Roxas help defeat the darkness..just like that?


Even, Ienzo as well as Lea watched as the group left the place."Looks like you didn't get your wish to experiment on him some more." Lea mocked. Even put his hand to his mouth and began to chuckle silently.

"On the contrary, while I was testing him, I've got enough information I needed."

"Oh and what is that, Doctor?" Lea sarcastically asked. Even looked at Lea and Ienzo.

"It seems Ansem The Wise put something special in him, while he was asleep."

Meanwhile while going to the the computer room. Kairi and Sora were left alone. Kairi held both of her hands together. She was just so happy to see Sora back to his old self.

"Hey, Kairi?" Sora asked. Kairi looked at Sora.

"What is it, Sora?" Kairi asked.

"When I was..ya know..let the darkness take over me..what exactly did I do to you?" Kairi was a bit taken back by his question. She didn't expect him to just ask her that out of nowhere. Maybe he was still not over the fact of what he had done. He didn't really remember anything.

"What do you mean, Sora...?" She asked quietly, acting dumb. Sora stared into her eyes with such intense.

(Kairi's theme Plays)

"You know what I mean." Kairi held her arm and sadly looked at the ground.

"You said that I was a burden and that I meant nothing to you .." She didn't want to say everything. She thought Sora was over this. Sora lowered his head and turned around , lost in thought. He began to stare at the broken glass in Ansem's room. Kairi took a step towards him. She put her hand on his shoulder."But I know it wasn't you talking." Sora turned around to Kairi.

"Do you really think that?" Sora asked. Kairi smiled to herself and nodded."..." Sora didn't say anything at this point and just looked at her."I did more things to hurt you didn't I?"

"Sora! It's the past! It wasn't you! It was Vanitas!"

"...You don't know that, Kairi."

"Sora!" Kairi yelled. Why was he saying all of these things and asking all these questions. She thought everything was back to normal.

"I noticed the lucky charm you gave me is gone." He said going through his pockets."I wanted to ask you about that. Did you take it back?" He asked confused.

"Sora..." Kairi muttered. She didn't want to show and tell Sora of what he did to her lucky charm, how it was destroyed by his own hands. Before the young keyblade master could say anymore. Donald came running in, impatiently.

"Sooooorrrrra!" Donald whined.

"Oh, right.." Sora grinned with embarrassment, stroking the back of his head. "We can talk later, Kairi okay?" Sora walked after Donald, leaving Kairi to think to herself. She didn't know what was more painful, telling Sora what he did or watching him become this person he's not."


(Radiant Garden plays)

"I was wondering what was taking so long, then I forgot you were with Kairi." Riku said.

"Huh?!" Sora screamed with embarrassment. "What exactly is that suppose to mean, Riku?!"

"Haha! I'm glad to see you Sora." Sora realized that Leon was standing next to Mickey the whole time.

"Leon!" Sora shouted. Leon nodded.

"I'm glad that you are alright." Sora frowned and began to think to himself. "Did I do damage to this world too? How many worlds have I went to?"

"Okay, so tell me what happened." Leon said. Riku explained to Leon about the defense mechanism."I see..that is strange because its been working alot better before."

"We're going to go speak to Tron!" Donald said.

"That is great idea. He should know why the mechanism was acting up."

"What are you guys going to do?" Sora asked curious.

"We'll check around town." Mickey stated. Sora nodded. The three friends walked infront of the machine beam. The beam suddenly began to glow and download them once again into the digital world.

(Space Paranoids plays)

Sora and his friends were back at the cell, in their digital attire. "Gawersh, I wonder where Tron is."

"He must be in the dataspace. Let's head out!" The duck said so loudly. The three of them walked and transported outside the cell. Once again they transported closer to their destination. Sora sighed. Donald and Goofy looked back. "Sora!" Donald yelled. Sora was still upset about what he had done to his friends, he would never let this down.

"No frowning! Remember!"


"Pull that frown upside down mister!" Donald said, pulling Sora's cheeks.

"Ahhh, quit it Donald!" Sora shouted, yanking the duck off him.

"Stop worrying about the past! Everything is okay now!"

"That doesn't justify what I've done! How can you guys just forgive me like that..after everything I've done..?"

"You forgave Riku."

"That's..That's different.." Sora muttered.

"Friends forgive friends. No matter what you've done Sora we will always be there for you. Everyone understands that it wasn't you..it was Vanitas. Now that he is gone, everything is okay." Goofy then bent down to whisper to Donald.

"But what about what ole Even sai-SSShh!"

"Right now we should look for Tron, Sora and figure out what's going on."Donald nodded. The two friends walked ahead while Sora followed. The two of them didn't notice the look on Sora's face..it was almost menacing.


They walked in the dataspace and saw Tron in the middle of a beam. Tron was raising his disk up in the air so the beam could hit it.

"Tron!" Donald and Goofy yelled.

"Greetings friends! I was wondering when the three of you were coming back!"Tron smiled at his friends.

"Whatca dewin der Tron?" Goofy asked.

"I was trying to test and see if I could collect some hidden information by my user." Tron said jumping off the beam.

"You mean Ansem The Wise?" Sora asked.

"Of course..why digging around the system I found some more information he put about hearts, darkness and oddly you Sora."

"Huh? Sora?!" Donald and Goofy both said at the same time, looking back at the boy. Sora made a confused face.


"Affirmative." Tron said. He walked towards the small computer."He put alot of information..it seems he was trying to hide it."

"Hidden information.." Donald muttered. Sora was quite curious to learn what Ansem The Wise had put about him.

"Actually I want to know more of what he put."

"Of course." Tron said, looking at the computer. Sora smirked to himself when Donald started jumping up and down in a hurry.

"WAAAAAAAIT! Tron the town, the defense mechanism didn't work!"

"My apologizes..that was my fault. While I was looking up some information from my usher it must have interfered. "

"What?!" Donald yelled.

"Well, at least we know what the problem is." Goofy said. Tron nodded.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Tron! We just didn't know what was going on!" Goofy grinned. Tron gave the dog a warm smile. Sora cocked his head.

"Sooooooo about that information of me."

"Ah, yes. I can send it to you in the user's world. It would come up better."

"Guess, were headed back then." Sora said.

"Why do you want to know so bad?!" Donald cried.

"Hey, if it was about you. I'm sure you would want to know as well!" Sora grinned at how Donald was when it came to fame.

"Whatever!" Donald muttered, saying something under his breath that nobody could understand.


(Radiant Garden Plays)

Riku noticed the look on Mickey's expression, he seemed worried about something. While Aqua and Kairi were talking to Leon, Riku walked over to Mickey who was standing in the small hallway. He was pacing back and forth to himself."Something on your mind, Mickey?" Riku asked. Mickey stopped walking and froze, his tail went up in surprise. He quickly turned around to Riku.

"Riku! I didn't even know you were standing there!"

"Heh, sorry about that. You seem to be apprehensive about something."

"Welp..it could just be me over thinking.."

"What is it?" Riku asked.

"Welp...it's about S-" Before Mickey could even finish his statement a huge light was shown in the computer room. Mickey and Riku looked back to see Sora, Donald and Goofy standing there.

"That..didn't take long." Leon slowly said."Did you find out what went wrong?"

"Well, there's nothing actually wrong. Tron was just looking up some more information he had found from Ansem." Mickey and Riku suddenly walked in the room to hear better.

"Ansem?" Mickey asked.

"Yup! Ansem The Wise had some hidden information..maybe he was hiding them from Xehanort!" Goofy said.

"He wrote alot of information about more about the hearts, darkness and oddly Sora." Donald said.

"Sora..?" Mickey and Riku asked.

"Yeah!" Sora said.

"Hello users!" A voice called. It was Tron."I will put up the information I have gathered. The screen turned black and then suddenly lots of pictures came up all at once.

"There is so much.." Aqua said.

"Let me see.." Riku said going to the computer and typing on the keyboards.

"Good thinking we wouldn't want Sora to touch the computer...AGAIN." Donald said.

"HEY!" Sora grunted. Riku looked up and down towards the screens.

"Hearts...yeah yeah...darkness..." Riku muttered to himself."Princess of Hearts..."

"Hmmm." Kairi did.

(Villains Of A Sort Plays)

"Let's see.." After finishing typing, he managed to slow down the screen as well as the loading."Sora.." He finished. A small picture of Sora's face appeared in the lower screen. Possibly when Sora was still in his "coma". Did Ansem the Wise record what he was doing here while Sora was still asleep. It never occurred to him.

"Oh, you found it!" Sora said anxious.

"Read it!" Donald said. Riku looked over the words that appeared on the screen. He squinted his eyes and saw his name. It was describing what Ansem had placed in Sora. It was also talking about the darkness that was in Sora.

"HEY! Read it already!" Sora shouted, trying to push Riku out the way. But Riku just glued himself to the screen, not moving away."I can't see, ugh!"

"Riku...?" Kairi asked. Mickey stared at Riku's reaction to Ansem The Wise's information. Riku "accidentally" pressed a button and the screen switched off back to a new page about hearts.

"Oops.." He said.

"What was that?!" Sora shouted shocked.

"I must have pressed the button by mistake, when you were pushing and pulling on me." Riku said. Sora's mouth dropped.

"Are you serious?! Try and go back to it!"

"I can't it's gone."

"What no way?!" Sora shouted."I'm sure Tron can find it!"

"He's right the data is gone.." Tron said.

"How is that even possible..?" Donald asked.

"Okay, what did it say at least...?" Sora asked."I wanna know!"

"..." Riku shook his head and sighed. He turned to his friend."Well...all it really said was that Ansem The Wise had plans for you..for trying to ruin the Organization's plans. It wasn't really anything new." Riku lied. Sora crossed his arms.

"...That's it..? Uh..I was expecting something more...useful or something."

"Yeah.." Riku said. Riku was always able to lie to Sora, because Sora was just so naive but Mickey knew when Riku was lying.

"Hmm, well is there anything interesting about the darkness and the hearts. I'm quite curious." Aqua said. Riku moved to the side and pressed the button so both screens could show about darkness and hearts.

"All yours." Riku said. Sora pouted and crossed his arms."Hey, Mickey maybe we should go back to Master Yen Sid's. I have to ask him a question." Riku whispered.

"Of course...Riku."


(La Pace Plays)

Mickey and Riku walked outside of the computer room. He told the others that they would meet them back at Master Yen Sid's castle."Hey Mickey?" Riku asked, while the two of them walked.


"Do you remember when we were both in Castle Oblivion and I was struggling with Xehanort's heartless-the darkness..I couldn't find my way..I thought everything was lost.."


"I didn't know what path to choose. I was already influenced by the darkness..but there was no way for me to go back to the light. So I made my own path...Dawn. Even though I have the power of darkness."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Well..I don't know it's just something I've been thinking for a while." Riku said mysterious.

"Does it have something to do with what you saw on the computer?" Riku then stopped walking, Mickey stopped as well and looked back to see his friend."I knew you were lying. I could tell ..you were trying to protect Sora."

"It's complicated.."

"I understand." Mickey nodded.

"Ansem The Wise had wrote in one of his reports."Two friends would have to fight against one other. Dawn vs Darkness..in order to save the world."

"..." Mickey stared into Riku's eyes.

"He was talking about Me and Sora." Riku calmly said."I was trying not to believe that.." Riku looked at the ground."If Sora saw that...I don't know how he would react..."

"Riku..just like you changed your path you can change your destiny. Trust me."

"Yeah.." Riku muttered. Riku let out a sigh."Aside from that, I saw what Ansem had put into Sora while he was asleep. He didn't give much detail but all he said was that it was something that Sora had to awaken. It could save himself as well as those around him."

"...I wonder what that is. I guess Sora is the only one who is able to figure it out." Mickey said."Geeze this all so much to take it."

"Haha, yeah I know I didn't want to worry the others. I figured I tell you and Master Yen Sid." Mickey nodded.

"Let's go talk to Master Yen Sid about this." Riku nodded walking with Mickey.

"By the way you were going to tell me something earlier..what was it?" Mickey shook his head.

"Oh I forgot..I'm sure it will return to me." He sensed something was off about Sora, but Riku was already dealing with alot of weight on his shoulders. Mickey could be wrong, of course. That's what he kept telling himself, anyway.

"Ah okay.."


(Eternal Moments Plays)

Lea stretched and started walking around. Even made it seem like he actually knew what Ansem The Wise put in Sora. All Even said was that it was very powerful and it could save the world."I should have known better then to listen to him." Lea muttered. He saw a bunch of kids running around. One with red hair and another with blue hair. It reminded him of when he was a kid with Isa. A quick flashback appeared in his mind. Instead of the two random kids it was him and Isa. He was running with Isa by his side who had a small smirk on his face."Isa...do you even have a mind of your own?" Lea asked himself outloud, bitter. While Lea walked to himself, with his hands in his pockets. A man was standing on one of the roofs staring at an old friend.


(Magical Mystery plays)

"Ah..so Kairi was able to sustain Vanitas."

"Yeah..but I'm still a bit worried about what Even said about there being something dark and strong within Sora." Mickey said. Master Yen Sod rubbed his chin.

"You speak of a dark and strong darkness within Sora." He muttered.

"He said he feels fine..like nothing is wrong and Even didn't even detect anything wrong." Riku explained.

"And Riku didn't even sense any darkness on Sora."Mickey added.

"You also said that you found some of Ansem The Wise reports?" Master Yen Sid asked.

"Yeah." Riku explained what Ansem The Wise was saying about planting something powerful in Sora as well as possibly him having to fight his best friend in order to save the world. Master Yen Sid sighed.

"Where are they now?"

"They should be arriving soon." Riku said.

"What should we do, Master?" Mickey asked.

"You said he was feeling better?" He asked again to be certain of Sora's status.


"Keep an eye on him. Looks could be deceiving." Riku and Mickey took a glance at each other. Just then the door opened. Speak of the devil, it was Sora and his friends. Donald and Goofy automatically saluted.

"Sir!" The two of them said. Yen Sid nodded and had his eyes on Sora.

"It's good to have you back. I'm glad." Yen Sid said with a nod.

"Good to be back!" Sora grinned. Yen Sid paused before he could say anything else.

"Now that Sora is back to normal, what now?" Kairi asked.

"Isn't there other worlds that still need to be sealed?" Sora asked a bit to anxious for Yen Sid's taste. Yen Sid could tell something wasn't right.

"You are correct. After that you should return here." Sora nodded. Yen Sid at the corner of his eye looked in Riku and Mickey's direction.

"Hmm alright then!"

"Fellas, I'm going to need your help back at the castle. Aqua should come as well."

"Guess it's us three again!" Sora grinned, holding both Kairi and Riku around the neck playfully.

"S-Sora?!" Kairi said. Yen Sid was still glancing at Riku. Riku couldn't forget those words coming from Master Yen Sid.

'Looks can be deceiving.'


(Villains of a sort plays)

"Ooooww!" Pete whined. He stormed into the shadows. "Can't believe that pipsqueak did this to me!" The wound that "Sora" did was still there although it was taking a while to heal.

"I'm going to get him no matter what!" He muttered."Or else I won't hear the end of M-Maleficent..!" He rubbed his chin and suddenly smiled to himself."Maybe I should pay a visit back to the castle. Hehehahaha!" He cast a portal and had a devilish smile on his face.

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