No Sir, Officer

"Oi!" A shout floated though the window of 205 Halldon Drive. Scorpius poked his head out to see his girlfriend, Rose Weasley, standing on the front lawn with her hands on her hips.

"Are you a sissy? Come on!" she shouted. He closed the window and pulled on a faded blue T-shirt, before rushing down the stairs and out the door, trying not to make too much noise and wake his parents. The warm summer night was a nice alternative to his stuffy bedroom. Rose was standing on the side-walk now and had crossed her arms. She was dressed in short jean shorts and a midriff with the flag of Brittain on it. She had applied gray eye shadow for a Smokey Eye affect and her lips were a naughty dark red.

"About time." she drawled. Scorpius strode over to her a smacked her ass. "Hey! What was that for?"

"For insinuating that I'd chicken out," He smirked. She rolled her eyes and turned on her heel, leading the way back to her car. From this angle he got an optimum view of her figure. He looked her up and down once as they were walking to the car.

"Stop staring at my butt," she said as she climbed in the driver's side of the red convertible.

"Where'd you get these wheels?" He asked as he joined her and they drove off.

"A close personal friend of mine." she replied smartly.

"In other words, you stole it."

"Pretty much," she smirked, "Your neighbors two doors down are on vacation, and it's only for the night." They came to a stop. Scorpius shut the door and wandered around the car to Rose.

"This the place?"

"Yup," she replied. They made their way into the small brick building. The exterior walls were covered with graffiti, reminding Scorpius of the two half-empty cans of spray paint Rose probably had hidden under the seat. He jogged to catch up with her a wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Are you sure about this?" she swung her head around, her red hair swishing over her shoulder. She raised her eye brows.

"Having second thoughts?" Her voice was challenging.

"Definitely not."