This will be a slash story so if you don't like it then you could skip it or simply not read. I hope you like it. RandR!

"Girls who are in love, pledge their love to you; you who shines so bright my darling," Watanuki sang softly as he pulled the last lunch out of the oven. He placed it on the stove to cool and went to pick up his bag from his bedroom. It was a small, modest apartment but that suited the high schooler just fine. He walked back into the kitchen, still humming and poured the rice into the bento boxes. Three in total, one for himself, one for Doumeki, idiot, and the last for his beautiful Himawari. He twirled at the thought of her, his wonderful, kind, amazing- He gasped when he glanced at the clock. He was going to be late! He wrapped the last box and sprinted from his apartment. As soon as his presence left that of the building, he was assaulted by an eerie feeling. It was slick and oily and made him want to be sick right there, but he ignored it and pursued on. As he sprinted he could feel the presence following him and, though tempted too, he didn't look back, he simply ran on.

As he neared the school he felt something slick and dark wrap itself around his arm and pulling back. Watanuki cried out in surprise when he was lifted out his feet and drawn towards the ground. Something then began to drag him away and though he kicked at it and clawed it, the thing would not release him.

Suddenly it stopped, "Oi," an annoyingly familiar voice said, "Why are you on the ground?" Doumeki asked.

Watanuki paused to look behind him but saw nothing. For a moment it felt as though something was watching him but he shook the feeling away and focused on his annoying rival/sort of friend. "What do you mean? I just felt like being on the ground," Watanuki answered with venom. "And my name's not Oi!"

"Was it a spirit," Doumeki asked without emotion.

"What if it was," Watanuki spat back. Doumeki studied the boy's face for a moment, "Will you stop looking at me with that blank face! It's creeping me out!" Doumeki shook his head simply turned on his heels and began towards the school. "Hey don't walk away when I'm talking to you," Watanuki yelled, following after him.


"So, that was him? He looks delicious," He said licking his lips.

The woman with gray skin bowed, "Yes my lord, that was the boy."

"Oooh, I want him. I want all of him," He said rubbing his hands together in anticipation. "But we must be careful in retrieving him. That other boy with the sour face is quite strong. Grail, be a dear and fetch the one with the glasses for me," he said in a voice like a child.

The gray skinned woman bowed with loyalty, "Yes my lord, I shall," She said with a cruel smile that revealed her pointed teeth.

"Oh and Grail, you may receive your payment through the boy just don't drink him dry. I want him alive," the man said before she left.

She bowed again and her smiled widened. She was so thirsty.


Mokona's eyes popped open. He immediately turned to Yuko. She wore a serious look as she took a sip of sake, "So you felt it too," she stated more than asked.

"He should be more careful, the idiot, attracting so much attention to himself," Mokona grumbled and he took a swig of the sake.

Yuko nodded in agreement, "We should warn him, and Doumeki too. He will need all the help he can get," she said softly and took another sip of the drink and sighed.

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