To return to school after having been absent for so long was difficult for poor Watanuki, though, and he would never admit it, he was very grateful for the help Doumeki gave him. The archer provided him with notes and papers from the past months lessons and it help Watanuki complete his mountain of homework. This gave the two time to enjoy the new bond they had. They went on dates and walks together, Doumeki often accompanying Watanui to the shop, though he never went in himself. So far they had been together for more than five months.

Both of the boys relished the time they had with each other. Soon Doumeki started to show more emotion around Watanuki only, and the seer yelled less, though he was no less animated when he spoke.

When they had told Himaware of their relationship, she had squealed, "I knew it!" Watanuki guffawed, but Doumeki smiled slightly. "Oh, I was so hoping you two would get together!" She exclaimed with a smile.

Watanuki watched her smile and felt strange for not having his heart flutter, though he still thought she was beautiful it just wasn't the same. He glanced to his right and saw the very small smile playing on Doumeki's lips and then he felt his heart flutter.

'Strange how things have changed,' he thought. He did not realize he was staring at his boyfriend until the archer turned to him, "What?" He asked.

Watanuki smiled and blushed and turned away, "Nothing."

Himaware squealed again, "Oh, you guys are so adorable!" She exclaimed.

Watanuki laughed, "Himaware! I'm not adorable," he said with another laugh.

This time it was Doumeki's heart's turn to flutter. Watanuki laugh was beautiful and soft, like wind chimes in the summer. Doumeki was immeasurably happy with how everything had turned out. His gaze drifted to the small lump on the inside of Watanuki's clothes, on his chest. He felt a small pang of pain. Watanuki had to pay a price for being alive. He had to, per inanely, wear the moon charm around his neck, or else he would die within the day. Doumeki's fist clenched in anger when he remembered who had done this to his other half. He nearly jumped when he felt a gentle hand close around his fist. He looked up to see Watanuki staring at him in concern.

"Are you alright," he whispered under Himaware's animated talking of their relationship.

The Archer nodded and very slightly, smiled. Watanuki returned it with a brighter smile of his own and Himaware smiled just as wide. She gazed at them and felt as though she as intruding.

"Well, I'll be going, I have to talk to one of the teachers," she said and stood up quickly and hurried away.

As soon as she was gone Watanuki felt strong arms wrap around his middle and lift him into Doumeki's lap. Watanuki leaned back into the great warmth and into the hard chest behind him. He sighed happily and closed his eye. Doumeki leaned his face into the raven locks and breathed. Watanuki smelled like amazing cooking, like sugar and home. Doumeki smiled to himself, the action covered by his lover's hair.

Watanuki felt comfortable, safe in his boyfriend's arms. He sighed contentedly, "Come over tonight, I tried making something new and I want you to try it."

Doumeki nodded, "I can't wait to try it."

Watanuki laughed, "I can't promise how it will taste," he said remembering the last time he experimented. It had turned out to look decent but tasted like burnt bread. Doumeki had remained neutrally calm as he forced himself to swallow it and smile.

"I will like it regardless of what it tastes like," Doumeki answered.

Watanuki laughed again, "That makes no sense, idiot," he said fondly.

Doumeki kissed him gently on the forehead, "I suppose I am."


Doumeki arrived at the small apartment. He went slowly up the stairs and unlocked the door with his key that Watanuki had given to him. When he walked into the apartment, he was hit with a blast of warmth and amazing smells. He breathed in deeply and sighed.

Watanuki toiled at he stove, bent over concentrating so hard that he did not even hear Doumeki as he entered the room. He dipped the wooden spoon into the pot and tasted it. He smiled a little and nodded.

Doumeki came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his lover. Watanuki jumped and scowled at the Archer, though he kissed him.

"It smells amazing," Doumeki said.

Watanuki smiled, "I hope it tastes just as good as it smells," Doumeki attempted to take the wooden spoon to try some himself, but Watanuki swatted his hand away, " Not until dinner."

Doumeki scowled at him but Watanuki just stuck his tongue out at him. Doumeki retreated to the living room and opened the book he and been waiting to read. He sat down and quietly waited for Watanuki to finish cooking dinner.

After what seemed like hours to poor Doumeki's stomach, Watanuki finally announced that dinner was ready. Doumeki calmly shot up and with great restraint ran to the table. Watanuki laughed at his haste, "I'm sorry it took so long for me to finish cooking. It took such a long time to boil though and I couldn't turn the heat up or I would burn it."

Doumeki nodded in understanding and simply poured out a hefty bowl of the... What seemed to be dumplings swimming in a vegetable and soy sauce broth. He hefted a large portion into his mouth and smiled widely as the flavors exploded in his mouth. He saw Watanuki watching him nervously. Doumeki decided not to keep him in suspense any further. He smiled wider, a smile only Watanuki ever got to see, "This is incredible," he said and shoveled more into his eager mouth.

Watanuki smiled and ate some of his own creation. The two together ate the whole pot, both relishing in the last few morsels of the delicious food. Satisfied and full they both went to clean up the table and the dishes. Watanuki washed while, Doumeki dried. Watanuki knew that Doumeki kept glancing at him ever so often.

Ever since the incident where he had died, Doumeki had been so protective of him. Whenever there was a fight or a problem with demons or spirits, and they seemed to be occurring more and more frequently, Doumeki was there in a second. But there was something different about the way Doumeki fought. It was as if he was consumed with rage. Like he was furious with either himself or the spirits, Watanuki did not know. He fought with a fierceness and he had no mercy. Watanuki was becoming worried.

The last plate was dried and they curled up together on the couch. Doumeki running his fingers through his lover's hair. Watanuki felt soothed at the action and soon found himself drifting off to sleep, he decided to worry about it tomorrow and he succumbed to sleep.

Doumeki watched Watanuki's eyes drift shut, his breathing even out, his entire body relaxing in Doumeki's hold. The Archer watched the boy sleep and felt his heart begin to swell. Watanuki was beautiful. His mind drifted painfully to the adventure they had shared, that had resulted in Watanuki's death and resurrection. He remembered how he had felt, so much pain and loss. Like his soul had been ripped in two. Then he remembered how happy he had been going on his first date with his long time crush. He pressed his forehead to his sleeping lover's and swore he would never allow anything to happen to his other half again.

The eyes watched them together. It plotted against them. Nearly ready to strike.