Naruto's Journey: The Whirlpool Heir

Summary - Naruto is sent to the whirlpool village of Uzugakure after the Kyuubi's attack. He lives with his grandfather, the Uzukage, and becomes a ninja. Naruto dreams of becoming Uzukage and making his grandfather proud. But one fateful day, Naruto loses all. Will Naruto give up his dream or will he bring Uzugakure up from the ashes?

Chapter 1: The Whirling Pools of Uzugakure

As Minato lay dying he made his final request to the previous Hokage.

"Old man, send ... my boy ... Naruto to Uzu ... gakure," Minato, also known as the yellow flash and the fourth Hokage, commented just before he died. The third looked sadly at the dead bodies of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. ANBU appeared on the scene. The rain clouds poured buckets of rain onto the barren streets of Konoha.

"Boar and Hawk!"


"Take this infant and scroll to the Uzukage in Uzugakure." The two ANBU picked up the scroll and infant and took off towards Uzugakure.


Uzugakure was a peaceful village, all the citizens took care of each other. The buildings were made of pure, polished rock. The Uzukage was reading the scroll given to him by Konoha ANBU.

Dear Father,

Sorry for not writing more. Since I last wrote I had a baby boy named Naruto. I had the Kyuubi extracted from me as well. I am writing this in my last moments.

I need you to take care of my little boy. I know you can raise him well -ttebane.


Your Daughter, Kushina

The old Uzukage sighed and looked out his office window. He had a full view of Uzu. A baby's crying snapped his gaze from the window. Naruto had finally woken up, and was most likely hungry.

"Welcome to your new home, Naruto," the Uzukage smiled.


Naruto was now four years old. He had started his ninja training not to long ago. It was strength and chakra control training right now. Naruto's grandfather had told him those were the two most important areas. Naruto dreamed of becoming the Uzukage. But he would have to wait. Naruto wore a bright orange t-shirt, brown knee length shorts, blue ninja sandals and a pair of green googles that kept his wild and messy, spiky blonde hair out of his azure blue eyes.

"Good morning Naru-kun!" called his childhood friend Karin. Karin had shoulder length red hair. She also had red eyes behind brown glasses. Only a select few people knew that Karin kept a blade in her glasses.

"Hey Karin," Naruto smiled. The two children ran towards Tom's Ramen and Anything Sweet Café. The café had just opened up. Karin's loose fitting lavender dress fluttered and flapped as she ran along side Naruto. The café was small and painted a light pink. Cakes lined the walls and the smell of ramen filled the air. Naruto inhaled deeply and say down at the counter. The counter had bar stools which sat roughly ten people. Luckily for the two children there was two empty stools left.

"May I help you?" Asked Tom. Tom was a former ninja, which explained the scars on his body. Tom wore a plain red bandana that covered most of his midnight black hair, his eyes were an emerald green colour and he wore all white.

"One bowl of miso ramen, a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk," Naruto ordered.

"I'll have one bowl of vegetable ramen, a piece of vanilla cake and a glass of water," Karin ordered. Naruto made a disgusted face.

"Who could put vegetables in ramen? That is so gross Karin!"

"Don't come complaining to me when you are shorter then everyone else," Karin shot. Naruto huffed and turned away from Karin.

"Here is your ramen." Naruto instantly dug in, he loved miso ramen and any ramen in general. On Naruto's right, Karin was eating slowly. Naruto started coughing.

"Are you okay kid?" Asked the middle aged ninja on Naruto's left. Naruto nodded and gulped down his milk.

"More milk please! I won't be shorter then everyone else, I must drink a lake of milk a day." Karin put down her chopsticks and looked at Naruto skeptically.

"Naruto, Naruto, Naruto. You need more than milk to grow."

"The girl is right, you know," the man on Naruto's left said, "You have to eat at least some vegetables to grow." Naruto grumbled and cleared up his food.

"Here is the money for the two lunches old man." Naruto walked out of the cafè. He ran to his grandfather's office.


Three years later...

A group of bandits hid in the tree line surrounding Uzu.

"Remember," the leader instructed, "Leave no one alive."

"What about babies?" Asked a random bandit.

"Not unless you are willing to care for them."


Uzu was burning and under attack. A blonde boy and a red haired girl ran into the Uzukage's office.

"Grandpa! What's happening?"

The Uzukage finished writing and said, "Bandits are attacking our village. Now Naruto, I want you to take Karin and this scroll and go to the Hidden Leaf village." A flaming spear shot through the air and towards the Uzukage.

"Grandpa! Watch out!" Everything went in slow-mo. The Uzukage smiled and the spear struck his heart. Naruto broke down crying.

"Naru, we have to go. I know it's sad he died, but we have to leave. Your grandfather wants you to live. So ..." Karin was cut short by Naruto picking her up bridal style.


Naruto and Karin made it out of Uzu, through several secret passages. Naruto leaped from treetop to treetop, still carrying Karin. Naruto stopped on the tallest tree. Tears streaming down his face. Karin reached up and touched Naruto's cheek. Naruto smiled and continued on to the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

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