Naruto's Journey: The Whirlpool Heir

Summary - Naruto is sent to the whirlpool village of Uzugakure after the Kyuubi's attack. He lives with his grandfather, the Uzukage, and becomes a ninja. Naruto dreams of becoming Uzukage and making his grandfather proud. But one fateful day, Naruto loses all. Will Naruto give up his dream or will he bring Uzugakure up from the ashes?

Chapter 2: The Joy and Saddness of the Whirlpool Heir

Naruto and Karin stopped to take a rest before continuing on their way to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The duo stopped at an inn in a small village an hour away from Uzu. The houses were simplistic; not just because they were only made of wood, but they were also just one roomed buildings. Naruto sat on his hay bed. The hay beds were just yellow hay mounds with a white blanket and dirt brown pillow.


"How could you lose a stupid seven year old jinchūriki!?" shouted the mysterious leader. He was mysterious because he was made of gay rainbows and a grey blob. The other members were too, but they knew each other. A fart sound rang through the cave. The cave looked like pacman; the opening was triangular and the rest was a circle.

"Hahahaha!" Laughed a spicky haired figure, "You farted rainbows Hidan! Hahaha!"

"Shut it you! Or should I sacrifice you to Jashin," the now proclaimed Hidan shouted.

"I hope Josh thinks I am a good boy!" The other members all facepalmed.


[Naruto's Flash Back]

Naruto sat on the Inn's roof and looked at the full moon. He thought back to all the good times he had with his grandpa and how he meet Karin.

A four year old Naruto was sitting on his grandfather's lap. They were in the meeting room. The meeting room was a small four walled room with two parallel brown couches. The Uzukage was meeting with the hokage.

"Grand-daddy, who is the hokage?" Asked the young Naruto.

"He is like me, but the leader of a different village." A knock echoed through the room, indicating that someone wished to enter the room. The Uzukage cleared his throat.

"You may come in!" Bellowed the Uzukage. Naruto covered his ears with his small mud covered hands. An old, frail looking man entered the room wearing the same clothes as the Uzukage, a robe and kage hat, but his was red and not a blue colour. Naruto looked at the new man with a curious glance, the man smiled at him. Naruto clung to his grandfather.

"Don't mind Naruto, he gets a little nervous around outsiders."

"It is quite alright Lord Uzukage. How is young Naruto?" The hokage asked as he sat down.

"He is good. Naruto is about to start some basic training soon. Isn't that right Naruto?" Naruto nodded.


Naruto was walking to the park. He usually went there to joke around with the other boys his age. The park was uncharacteristically calm. Usually it was full with kids; running, screaming and simply having fun. But today there was only one person there besides Naruto. It was Karin. Naruto sat down on the swing beside her.

"Let's have a swinging contest!" Naruto said excitedly to the girl. He started pumping his legs.

"Hey no fair! You got a head start!"

"Swing red! Swing!" Naruto laughed.


Naruto and Karin stood side by side in front of the Uzukage.

"Hey old man daddy! Let's get training!"

"I thought he was you grandpa," Karin said confused.

"He is, but he is like a dad to me -ttebayo."


Naruto is now seven years old. He is wearing a jet black sweater, dark grey pants, black ninja sandals and a long orange scarf with red swirls on it around his neck. Naruto is hiding in a hollowed out tree waiting to strike. A twig snapped and it was on. A series of punches and kicks were delivered and received, neither side giving ground.

"Give up old man!" Shouted Naruto as he aimed for a pressure point. The cloaked figure blocked Naruto's punch and punched Naruto, who only smiled with a knowing twinkle in his azure blue eyes. Smoke filled the place Naruto once occupied.

"A shadow clone! Nice work Naruto my boy," the man said pulling back his hood, reviling the Uzukage.

[Flash Back End]

Naruto smiled as he drifted into a peaceful slumber.


The hokage sighed as he finished one heaping mound of paper work and started on another. His assistant knocked on the oak door and walked in.

"Lord Hokage, a small blonde boy with a small red haired girl are here to see you."

'What are Naruto and Karin doing here?' the hokage thought.

"Send them in please."

"As you wish." Naruto ran up to the hokage and hugged him.

"What brings you here Naruto?" Naruto handed the hokage the scroll.

Dear Sarutobi,

Bandits and missing nin wearing black cloaks with red cloads are attacking Uzu. By the time you get this Uzu will be destroyed and everyone will most certainly be dead. Please take care of Naruto and Karin for me. I always thought of them as my own kids, so it was tough to see them go. But it was for the best.

- The Uzukage, Daichi Uzumaki

The hokage looked down in sadness.

Naruto spotting the hokage's sadness instantly asked, "What's the matter gramps?" The third drew in a long, slow breath. He would have to tell them sooner or later, he just hoped for later. The third handed Naruto and Karin the scroll. Their eyes widened. Naruto curled up into a ball and uncontrollably sobbed. Karin tried to comfort the upset boy, but he just pushed her away. Karin looked away from Naruto.

'Poor Naruto, his grandfather was his only family and Naruto loved him dearly,' Karin thought.

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