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They're not yelling. He expected at least one of them to be shouting at the other. He thought it would be him. He's not sure if they're trying to be quiet for her sake or if they just can't handle screaming at one another right now. Not now. Not after...

"Her humanity, Damon; it was all she had left," He should sound more reproachful. He's had his humanity stripped from him unwillingly. Somehow, though, he can't bring himself to.

"Humanity means nothing when you don't have anyone to care about, Stefan" His voice is soft, gentle.

He really believes what he's saying. Stefan thinks of himself. He's both had the opportunity to turn it off – he had turned it off... but something (someone) made him fight to get his humanity back.


He's never "flipped the switch". Damon acts like he has no emotions, like he doesn't care, but nobody really believes him anymore. He used to think about it, nearly did a few times, but he means what he told Stefan. Humanity is caring about people.

He cares about Stefan.

"She had you," There's no scorn. No bite.

"She lost her brother; I'm not enough, not this time"

Neither of them says a word. Her brother. The most important person in her life. The only thing that kept her human. The last thing she truly loved. Damon and Stefan weren't enough for her. Not in the face of losing her brother.

He can't lose his brother.

"Listen, Damon, uh... I know that you and I, we've been through some bad spots lately, especially when it comes to her"

It seems to trivial now, fighting over a girl.

"Yeah, well, I guess none of that matters anymore"

His brow furrows when he says it. Almost like he's surprised to realize that it's true. It doesn't matter. Not when he realizes what he stands to lose. His brother.

"Well, I just, uh... I want you to know that uh,"

He's not making any sense. He's not even sure what he's trying to say. I'm sorry. I miss you. I can't lose you. You're all I have... I love you.

"I know, Stefan."

Damon gets it.

Damon rests his hand on Stefan's shoulder and squeezes tightly, reassuringly. They don't smile. Stefan looks at his shoulder and then at Damon. He nods slightly, his eyes shining.

I know. Me too.

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