Dragon Moon Z! – By Ocramed

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Special Note: This story is part of the SMST/TRT series, and is inspired by Team Four Star's Abridged Parody series.

Part 1: "The Saiyan Saga" (I)

It has been five years since the Saotomes last been on the Earth colony world known as "Chikyuu", which means "Earth" in Japanese. The planet was first founded by a Weyland-Yutani subsidiary known as the Capsule Corporation, a company that specializes in micronization of products, vehicles and homes. These days, the present CEO of Capsule Corp, Dr. Briefs, tends to do more research, relying upon his wife to do the day-to-day operations of the company. However, the Briefs hope to groom their only daughter, Bulma, to become the new head of Capsule Corp, once she gets over her fascination for wanting to find true love…

The elegant vessel shunts back into normal, after exiting warped space. The design of the vessel was similar to the design found in Juraian vessels. It was colored tan with silver trim, and was as large as a typical Federation space shuttle.

"Well, we're here," Usagi said, as she piloted her craft, as she maneuvered some floating spheres.

"Me-aw?" said the ship.

"Yes, you'll get to see Goku again, Tho-Ohki," Usagi said with a smile.


It must be pointed out that the ship was a living, transformable creature known as a cabbit. Cabbits, a hybrid of cat and rabbit, were created by the infamous Dr. Washu, and served as companions that could transform into space-faring vessels, although there were some that had more than one form. Usagi had acquired her cabbit due to the fact that she and Washu were old classmates at the Science Academy of Juraian, along with her husband Ranma…

"Ranma, it's time," Usagi said, as she turned her head towards Ranma Saotome, who was in a deep state of meditation, in order to deal with his phobia of cats…

"Thanks," Ranma said, as he opened his eyes. He gets up and activates a virtual window, in order to take a good look at Chikyuu.

"Well, it's still there," Ranma said.

"Ranma, Goku and the others KNOW what they are doing," Usagi said.

"After what had happened five years ago, you would think that Piccolo would have sought revenge on our son," Ranma said.

"If that happened, we wouldn't have gotten that invitation from our son through Bulma," Usagi said. "I wonder why he wanted us to come back to Chikyuu? And why did he say to go to Master Roshi's place first?"

"Maybe he finally came to his senses and divorced his shrew of a wife?"

"Ranma, behave yourself," Usagi said. "She is family."

"It's just that I didn't like her insistence on marry our son," Ranma said.

"You did set up the arrangement with Chi-Chi's father, the Ox King."

"Don't remind me. And I only did it because Goku insisted on wanted to know more martial arts techniques, when we had to deal with Pilaf and his henchmen."

"Well, what's done is done," Usagi said. "But, I do hope to get a chance to see the others again."

"Yeah," Ranma said. "It will be nice to just enjoy our vacation with NO problems."

"Speak for yourself. I rather not be anywhere NEAR that pervert Roshi."

"Oh, stop it," Ranma said. "You're not the one who had to stay in girl form in order to learn the 'Kamehame Ha Wave Technique', you know."


And, with that, Usagi pilots Tho-Ohki into Chikyuu's atmosphere. Unknown to Saotomes, they weren't the only ones to arrive on the planet from outer space…

"…And this is my son, Gohan," Goku Son Saotome said, as he presents his son to his adopted parents. While Goku was explaining things to his friends and family, Tho-Ohki was playing the Master Roshi's turtle friend…

"Grand…pa?" said the five-year old, as he looked at Ranma.

"Hey, kiddo," Ranma said with a proud smile. He then looked at his son.

"You did good, son."

"Thanks, Dad," Goku replied with a smile. "But thank Chi-Chi. She did all the work."

"I see…"

Gohan then looked at Usagi.


Unfortunately, Usagi had a different reaction than Ranma.


"Usagi, what's wrong?" Bulma said.

"I'm becoming an old woman!" Usagi replied. "Now I have to get a senior citizens card! I'll be as decrepit as that old pervert!"

"Hey, I'm here, you know!" Roshi, aka the Turtle Sage, yelled.

"There, there," Bulma said, as she comforted her best friend Usagi. "It'll be alright."


"Sure. I'm mean, even though you're older than me, I don't see any wrinkle lines."

"Thanks," Usagi said. She then turned towards a frightened Gohan.

"I'm sorry, little one," Usagi said. "I tend to act weird sometimes."

Usagi presents her outstretched hands.

"Can you forgive your grandmother?" Usagi said with a smile.

Gohan was hesitant at first, before he produced a smile on his face.

"Grandma!" Gohan said, as he ran into Usagi's arms for a hug. "Grandma!"

"So…does this make Usagi a 'GILF'?" Krillan asked.

"'GILF'?" Roshi asked.

"You know, 'Grandmothers I Like to Fondue'. You know."

"What does any of this has to do with melted cheese-"

"Whoa," Goku said suddenly. He then looked towards the seas.

"Dad, do you feel that?" Goku said.

"Yeah, I do," Ranma said.

"Me, too!" Krillan said. "That power level…it's strong!"

"What's going on?" Bulma said. "Is it Piccolo? Has he returned?"

"If that's Piccolo, then he must have had serious training," Roshi said.

"Daddy?" Gohan said.

"Gohan, stay with your grandmother," Goku said.


"It's okay, Gohan," Usagi said. "Grandma will protect you…"

"Promise?" Gohan asked.

"Promise," Usagi said with a smile.

Fifteen minutes later…

"WHAAAAAAAAAA!" Usagi cried. "I couldn't protect my own grandson from some evil alien warrior who turned out to be Goku's older brother-!"

"Man, that guy was strong," Ranma said, as he wiped the blood from his mouth. He was more surprised than injured, as well as holding back a bit. After all, he didn't want to risk using his full power with his grandson and Bulma being present.

"Is it safe to come out?" Bulma said, as she sat within Tho-Ohki's mecha form.

"Me-aw?" Tho-Ohki asked.

"You can come out, Bulma," Krillan said, as he rubbed his head. He didn't know what's worse: being casually slapped into the side of Roshi's house, or realizing just how soft he has become…

"I can't believe that I'm really an alien named 'Kakkarot', and that I was originally sent to this planet to conquer it," Goku said. "Wait a minute. What am I thinking? That bastard Raditz has my son-!"

"Ah, so, here that guy went," said a voice from above.

Everyone looked up to see Piccolo, as he floated down to Roshi's island.

"If you're looking for a fight, I'm not in the mood," Goku said. "My son was just kidnapped!"


"So, you have to help us," Usagi said, as she confronts the son of Piccolo Daimon.

"Why should I?"

"I will owe you a favor," Usagi said simply.

"Usagi, don't promise this guy anything," Ranma said.

"But what choice do we have? None of us is strong enough to take on Raditz alone. But…maybe we can all join forces to rescue Gohan and stop Raditz from ruining this planet?"

Piccolo looks into Usagi's eyes…

"You can keep your favor," Piccolo said. "The only thing that I care about is defeating Goku in combat. Once his brat has been saved, he and I will fight to the death."

"Fine," Goku said. "I accept your terms."

"Son?" Ranma said.

"Goku, are you sure you want to fight Piccolo?" Usagi said. "What about Gohan?"

"In the unlikely chance that I could get myself killed, I know that you and Dad will be there for Gohan," Goku said with a smile. "Besides, as Dad likes to put it, a Saotome never loses."

"Humph!" Piccolo said in a huff. "We'll SEE about THAT."