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I have something new to do and it's a pokemon-naruto crossfic

Naruto x May pairing

Okay let's try this out!


Island Names/Pokemon names/Kurama speaking:Swag

Humans: Sweed

Demonic: Sweed

Thoughts/and maybe even flashbacks: Sweedtastic

Calling of Jutsu/Pokemon Powers: SWEEDALICIOUS



Rumors say of a new region, nine islands appear out of the blue. It was….demonic, remote, invincible. Has gym leaders stronger than ever before, making the gym leaders from the other regions look like tiny baby ants. Each one stronger than the last. Each island more demonic than the last. It is said that the islands were made by one man. He used strange powers to bring the very earth to the surface and instantly made the piece of rock sustainable to live on. The regions champion is said to be on par with the champion of Unova or even stronger.

The first island: THE ISLAND OF SAND.

The second island: THE ISLAND OF HELL FIRE.

The third island: THE ISLAND OF WATER.

The fourth island: THE ISLAND OF LAVA.

The fifth island: THE ISLAND OF MUTATION.

The sixth island: THE ISLAND OF SLUGS.

The seventh island: THE ISLAND OF BEETLES.

The eighth island: THE ISLAND OF MANY.

The ninth island: THE ISLAND OF DEMONS.

This region is called, THE DEMONIC ISLANDS.


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