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Wait wait hold on a second I forgot to mention the winner of the challenge of the last chapter which is (I wish I was avatar18) this is his character:

Axel Smith. He is as you can tell a man! He is rather laid back but when he get into a battle he is utterly ruthless but caring at the same time since he hates to see him own Pokemon in pain. He is 20 years old. With shaggy silver long hair that reaches just above his shoulders. His eyes are deep abyss blue.

the pokemon he has are:

Machamp, male

Gangar, Male

Exegguutor, female

Flygon, Female

Milotic, Female

Metagross! HELL YEAH

Ok Axel will be wearing the same clothing as Morty the gym leader from Johto.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or Naruto or that OC avatar18 does. So far all I own is that new region I made and the new Pokeballs.

The Guardian Of A Second

Chapter 4: Battles and Rattles Part 1

"I challenge you to a gym battle!" Ash Ketchum shouted as he entered the gym, with May and Brock following behind him.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu said with enthusiasm.

"I accept your challenge Ash!" Norman agreed as he brought out his pokeball. (Note: they are already at the battlefield.

"Go Slakoth!" Norman yelled as he threw his pokeball to reveal a brown sloth like creature.

"Pikachu give it your all!" Ash announced as his Pikachu took to the field.

"Both trainers may use only three pokemon, if all of your pokemon is unable to continue the opposing side wins the match!" the ref announced aloud. "You may begin!"

"Pikachu use Quick Attack!" Ash commanded as Pikachu charged at the sloth with speed.

But the sloth like Pokémon side stepped the attack letting Pikachu pass by him.

"Slakoth use Shadow Ball now!" Norman called out as the sloth created a black purple ball and threw at the mouse.

"Pikachu dodge it," Ash gave out the command. Pikachu jumped but the attack hits its tail causing him to front flip onto its face.

"PIKACHU!" Ash called out as his electric friend laid on the ground.

Pikachu struggles to get up. "You can do it Pikachu, use Thunder Bolt!" Ash commanded as Pikachu let out a flash of lightning.

"Slakoth counter attack with Hidden Power!"

Slakoth then threw the hidden power at Pikachu's thunderbolt. Though the thunderbolt overpowered Slakoth's attack and hit it.

"Slakoth hang in there!" Norman called out.

"Pikachu use Iron Tail!" Ash called.

Pikachu charged at Slakoth and made a swing at him from the air, but Slakoth dodged it bending back. This caused Pikachu to twirl around like a ballerina, making him dizzy.


"Slakoth finish it with Hidden Power!" Norman commanded as Slakoth prepared for his attack.

As Slakoth prepared to attack but suddenly. "Pikachu use Iron Tail to sweep Slakoth off his feet!"

"Now use Thunder bolt!"

"Slakoth is unable to continue! Pikachu wins the match!" said the ref as he flagged Pikachu as the winner.

"Nice one Ash but don't get cocky on…. Vigoroth!" Norman called out as he threw out a Pokeball.

"Go Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt!" Ash yelled as Pikachu charged up.

"Vigoroth dodge and use Slash!" Norman commanded as the giant sloth dodge the bolt and hit our fellow yellow mouse.

"PIKACHU!" Ash shouted as our electrified hero fainted.

"Pikachu is unable to continue! Vigoroth wins the match!" said the ref as he flagged Vigoroth as the winner.

"You did good buddy," Ash said as he scooped up Pikachu in his arms and handed him to May.

"Come on Treecko!" Ash called out as a Treecko appeared with a twig in his mouth. "Treecko Tree."

"Treecko use Bullet Seed!"

"Vigoroth use Flamethrower!"

The flamethrower burned right through the bullet seed and slightly burned Treecko.

"Treecko you okay?" Ash asked the cool attitude Pokémon who got up and nodded with frown/grin. "Okay use Iron Tail!" Ash commanded as the leafy creature jumped and swiped at Slaking.

"Slaking grab Treecko's tail and chuck it away!" Norman said as Slaking grabbed Treecko's tail mid-air and chucked him violently at the wall.

"TREECKO!" Ash yelled in concern as Treecko hit the wall and collapsed onto the ground.

"Come on Treecko stand up! You can do it!" Ash yelled in desperation.

The badly beaten Treecko struggled to get up as he heard his trainers voice.

"Tree…cko…" the grass type said as it was covered in a white bright light.

"H-he's evolving!" Ash said as he looked in awe as his Treecko evolved into a Grovyle.

"Maybe now your Grovyle can stand a chance, but I won't let you have that chance! Slaking Hyper Beam!" Norman said as his Slaking prepared his attacked, while Ash quickly looked at his pokedex for new moves.

"Grovyle use Quick Attack then follow it with Leaf Blade!" Ash ordered as Grovyle set off like a speedy ninja with bright green blades forming on his arms. Both Slaking and Grovyle released their attacks forming a dust cloud.

It was a stand down. Who will go down first? Grovyle? Or Slaking? Both with their backs facing the other. Our green hero flinches and falls to his knees.

Gasp goes the crowd. Tears flowing from May, covering her face, and the rest in suspense. Slaking falls to the ground with a faint.

"Slaking is unable to battle Grovyle wins the match which means Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town wins the challenge!" ref claims as he flags Ash as the winner, then Grovyle fainted too.

"Grovyle!" Ash said as he was startled with Grovyle going down. "You okay buddy?"

Grovyle nodded as he got on his feet. Norman then confronted them. "Ash I'm proud to say that you have won the Balance Badge!" Norman said with a grin as he gave Ash the badge.

Ash stared at the badged then, "Yeah! We just got the… Balance Badge!" he shouted as he, Pikachu and Grovyle danced around comically.

(At the Pokémon Center)

(Note: Norman and Naruto are there too)

"Your Pikachu and Grovyle are all better, here you go," Nurse Joy said as she delivered a cart carrying his green and yellow partners.

Then all of a sudden in a flash of brown. "Nurse Joy…. Please ride into the sunset with me, and lets have a beautiful life together," Brock said as he was on one knee and held out his arm romantically –ish.

"Come on you idiot, it's time for the therapist," Max said as he took Brock's ear and dragged him off. (This is due to Max's strength training)

Everyone sweatdropped at this, though they turned to hear the doors to the center open. "So… beaten once again , how pathetic you have gotten Norman," said the man.

"A-Axel, what are you doing here?" Norman stuttered as he sees the mentioned man leaning against the door frame.

"Oh, I'm hurt Norman, I thought you'd be happy to see me," Axel said with mock hurt.

Then Axel felt a hand on his shoulder, "Of course we did Axel, that's just his way of saying hello," Naruto said as he creeped up from behind Axel with a scary face.

Axel shuddered as a chill went down his spine. He then jumped in a fright and landed on the ground still shaking with fear coursing through his veins. "N-N-Naruto s-s-sensei?"

"The one and only," Naruto claimed as he helped the silver hair up. (Just adding the hair color part in because avatar18 never mentioned the hair color and he won't answer me)

"Hey Norman, Naruto who is this guy?" Ash asked the gym leader.

"This Ash, is my one true rival, Axel Smith," Norman said calmly but ended with a smirk.

Both Max and May were trying to figure out who this guy was, but both then blinked in realization. "Uncle Axe!" both of them shouted as they ran towards the shaggy silver and practically tackle hugged him.

"Hey guys, didn't recognize you there, both of you gotten big since I last saw ya haha," Axel said as he chuckled.

"Now that aside, I wish to evaluate both you and Norman," Naruto asked as Axel got up.

"Seems troublesome, but I guess I can beat little Norm here like old times," Axel proposed as he pointed at the now furious gym leader.

"I'm older than you Axel! And it's going to be me winning this match!" Norman claimed in a shout as lightning started to spark between him and Axel. (Its like Natsu and Gray) (Where Norman is Natsu and Axel is Gray and sometimes vice versa)

"Who knew dad could be so hot-headed?" May whispered to Max as everyone else sweatdropped at the scence.

"No," Naruto blantly said out as both Norman and Axel stopped their fight and looked towards Naruto.

"Both of you are tag teaming against me!" Naruto said with a smirk.

"What!" everyone besides Axel and Norman shouted at this proclaimation.

"We're so going your ass sensei!" Norman and Axel said in unison with smirks on their faces.

"Lets see then go get your respective Pokémon it's a three on three match, see you on the field," Naruto said calmly as he left to the battlefield in the back.

The End

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