I know.

And in a way, I feel like I've always known. He was more to Dean than just a friend, another hunter, an angel. He was everything that Dean was missing, everything that I, as a brother, couldn't provide for him.

Dean was happy.

He'd never say it out loud, but I can tell. Whenever he's around, Dean lights up, he talks more, he smiles. Honestly, I thought it was an act. Dean's been through so much, he's seen so much, that it's hard to believe he could let himself go like that. I had Amelia, sure, but Dean and I – we aren't the same person. He needs Cas. I have hope, and Cas gives hope.

He's happy now. Times are still rough, but he sees Cas and – it's brilliant. I wonder if I ever looked at Jess that way? Or if Dad ever looked at Mom like that? I can see it in his eyes, that's the stare, the smile of a man in love.

Sure, we've got the trials, and sure – maybe there's other stuff going on. But none of that matters, I don't see any reason to dampen Dean's spirits. I'll be alright.

And hell, if I'm not, he's still got Castiel.