"Kill it." Alec hissed at the Chairman, watching warily as the spider crawled across the floor towards the kitchen. It was huge and brown and Alec was not touching the floor until it was gone. The Shadowhunter was perched on the couch, holding out Chairman Meow in the direction of the spider, hoping the cat would get the idea and attack the thing already.

"Alec?" Magnus walked into the room, pausing when he saw what the Shadowhunter was doing. "Are you…okay?" He asked, lifting a brow when Alec turned to face him, his face pale.

"No." Alec answered, setting the Chairman on the floor and nudging the cat towards the spider with his foot. The cat merely yawned, before sitting down on the floor. "Damn it." Magnus sat down on the couch and tugged Alec against him.

"What's wrong, darling?" He asked when Alec remained rigid in his arms. The Shadowhunter's gaze was fixed on the spider where it had paused on the floor. Magnus followed Alec's gaze to the arachnid. "A spider?" Magnus let Alec climb out of his arms, rising and walking over to the spider. It was the size of a quarter, not even. "It's just a common house spider." He knelt down, letting the spider crawl onto his hand. Alec made a shrill sound in the back of his throat, throwing himself against the other side of the couch. Magnus looked at the Shadowhunter with amusement, walking over with it. "Are you really afraid of spiders, Alexander?" He asked, his tone teasing.

"Magnus, don't you dare come near me with tha-" Alec pulled a dagger from the sheath in his boot, gripping it tightly in his hands. His knuckles were as white as his face. "Magnus. Get it away from me." He hissed, a tremor rocking through his body. Magnus paused, concern blooming on his face.

"It's not even poisonous. Not very much." He amended, glancing down at the eight eyes that were staring back at him curiously. "It won't even bite until you aggravate it." The warlock had nothing against a spider or two in the house. They kept the other insects in line, and so long as they stayed in their ceiling corners, Magnus wasn't at all bothered. Alec seemed to be a completely different story. The Shadowhunter's face was ashen, and he looked like he might even pass out. "Why are you overreacting?" Alec squeezed his eyes shut, shaking his head slowly.

"We were hunting. Found a nest of them. Spider demons. Huge and hairy and…" Alec trailed off, looking like he might be sick. "One of them went for Isabelle, I went to stab it and it turned and spat acid all along my side. It burned, and scarred." Magnus remembered seeing the slight discoloration along his boyfriend's side in the middle of foreplay. He'd commented on it once, and Alec had been so disturbed, that he was decided no longer in the mood. So spiders were to blame for that ruined night. Not directly, but still. Magnus snapped his fingers once and the spider disappeared, off to some cozy patch of grass in Central Park for all he cared.

"Poor baby. Getting spat on by a spider demon." Magnus was only half-joking as he reached out, frowning in confusion when Alec still moved away.

"Wash your hands." Alec demanded firmly, looking decidedly less pale, but still upset.

"Alexander, I think you're taking your phobias too far."

"I don't care. Wash your hands." Alec hissed, curling against the corner of the couch when Magnus took another step forward. Magnus eyed the dagger in his shaking hands before raising his own in defeat.

"Alright, I'll be right back." He replied, rolling his eyes as he went to the kitchen and gave his hands a decent rinse. He walked back into the living room, drying his hands with a flick of his wrists and a crackle of hot sparks. "There, better?" Alec nodded, sliding the dagger back into his boot, looking thoroughly shaken by the event. Magnus couldn't help but laugh.

"Alec, you look like a frightened kitten." He sat down on the couch, smiling at the glare Alec sent him. He couldn't help the stream of chuckles that were escaping his throat. "Don't you think you're overreacting a bit?" He asked curiously. Alec shook his head, looking around, as if anymore spiders would come crawling out of the woodwork. Magnus made a sympathetic sound, reaching forward to pull his boyfriend into his arms. "Don't you worry. If you see any spiders lurking around, just let me know and I'll snap them away for you." He promised, kissing the Shadowhunter sweetly on the lips. Alec hesitated for all of a second before he wrapped his arms around the warlock, kissing him back. Magnus' fingers ran up Alec's back, pattering lightly, much like a spider would have if it was climbing up Alec's back. Alec yelled against his mouth, throwing himself on top of the warlock in terror. The Shadowhunter squirmed out of his shirt, throwing it on the ground. It took a moment before he recognized Magnus' laughter, and hissed. The warlock sprawled back against the couch, his entire body shakily with laughter.

"It's not funny." Alec stated angrily, looking as though he might punch the warlock. Magnus smiled, reaching up to pull Alec down on top of him.

"It is." Magnus disagreed, kissing the sulking Shadowhunter's nose. "At least a little, you have to admit." Alec huffed out a breath, which Magnus took as acceptance. The warlock turned his attention to running his hands down Alec's bare sides, the Shadowhunter shifting so that he was straddling him. Alec's eyes drifted closed when Magnus began to kiss up his jawline.

"I'll get my revenge." Alec promised half-heartedly as Magnus pushed him back against the couch, until he was kneeling between Alec's legs. The warlock's lips went lower and lower until Alec couldn't even remember what he had been upset about.

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