Imagine. Child's First Day.

"No, Maxi, you can't wear Papa's glitter to school." Alec said, picking the small girl up and holding her in the nest of his arms. He couldn't help but smile when the girl pouted, her green eyes filling with bold determination. Her hair was a riot of light brown curls, her skin tan from running around outside all summer long. When Alec and Magnus had gone through the photos of children, Maxi had stood out to them. She carried a spark that had brought forth memories of golden eyes and a time where things weren't always so simple, but far too wonderful to ever want to let go of. Alec loved those times, no matter how much they had hurt him, and he loved his daughter even more.

"But Kalel gets to wear Uncle Jace's jacket! His snuggly one! I wanna wear Papa's makeup!" Maxi protested, kicking her feet until years of fighting demons and grappling with Magnus (ahem) were the only things keeping her in Alec's grip. The dotted green dress Magnus had picked out during Maxi's school shopping was starting to get wrinkled, and love of glitter or not, she didn't seem to care about her clothing in any way possible. Alec had a feeling that in the future he wasn't going to be the only one get nagged by his husband for his wardrobe choices.

"Maxandria, listen to your father." Magnus spoke up, entering the kitchen. He was dressed formally, in a black vest with electric blue pinstripes running down them, matching pants, and a blue dress shirt. His hair hung was straight and even, brushing into his dark eyes, which were lined with black eyeliner. Magnus met Alec's gaze from the door and smiled, the lines around his eyes crinkling slightly in amusement. Alec suddenly felt irresponsible, dressed in only a black sweater and jeans to the first day of his daughter's kindergarten class. He had a feeling that all the other parents were going to show up in some kind of formal attire and-

"I like Daddy's outfit more." Maxi said, watching at Alec with careful eyes. The Nephilim paused in surprise, before laughing and planting a wet kiss on Maxi's cheek. "EWWWW!" She flailed harder and Magnus walked over, scooping the girl up and holding her up in the air.

"Look at you, getting your dress all crinkled." Magnus chastised, though he was laughing too. "What's all the fuss about?" He asked. Maxi stopped scrubbing at her face with her sleeve and sulked.

"I wanna wear your glitter to school!" Maxi said, turning to glare at Alec. "Daddy says I can't!" She looked at Magnus imploringly, and Alec could practically see the man's resolve crumble in his eyes. He lifted a brow when both Magnus and Maxi turned to face him.


"No, Magnus."


"Maxi." Alec sighed at the pleading look their eyes, running a hand across his face. He really did love them too much. "What's the magic word?"

"PLEASE!" Maxi yelled, wiggling in Magnus' arms until he was forced to set her down. The girl took off, running past Alec and towards her parents' room. Magnus walked over to Alec, grinning as he slid an arm around Alec's shoulders.

"You big softy." Alec snorted, shaking his head.

"I don't want to hear that from you." He retorted, and the pair made their way to the bedroom. Maxi sitting at Magnus' dresser, twisting open the lids of various colorful jars. Alec had been with Magnus for eight years now and he still didn't understand how exactly Magnus managed to apply makeup to his face. He was totally out of his element. He blinked when Magnus moved forward, winking at Alec.

"I've got this." The Shadowhunter grinned when the man stepped up behind Maxi, pointing out to a collection of medium-sized jars in particular. "These go into your hair..."

"Alec." Jace greeted, looking entirely disappointed with his parabatai. "I thought you said you'd try and avoid having your only child turned into a walking personification of the New York Nightlife." He was dressed in a black leather jacket and matching jeans, looking like some sort of ad in a magazine. The younger mothers of Maxi's classmates occasionally sent him a glance, before noticing the fierce look Clary would send right back at them. The red head smacked the blonde hard on the arm, smiling down at Maxi.

"Hi, Maxi. You look very cute today." Clary praised, looking genuinely pleased with the swarm of glitter that Magnus had expertly dispersed all over his daughter's curls. Maxi twirled around for Clary and Jace's benefit, shedding a bit of glitter in the process.

"Hi, Auntie Clary! Is Kalel here?" Maxi asked, and Clary nodded towards the din of school children crowding the open play area.

"Oh, he's in there somewhere. You might want to go help him though, last I saw he was getting chased around by a group of girls." She said, looking at Jace.

"Just like his father." Jace stated proudly.

"He was crying." Clary added.

"And I told you not to go over and help, because this is an issue our son will have to deal with for the rest of his life. He has our features after all. Even Maxi can't help herself, can she?" Jace looked over at the girl, but Maxi was already long gone, running over to save her cousin in a flurry of sparkles.

"Do you think they'll be okay?" Alec asked, watching as Maxi ran over to help a small, blonde-haired boy in an over-sized brown leather jacket. His nephew was in the process of having his golden hair tugged on by several girls.

"Oh, she's got her father's jealous streak." Magnus said with a smile as Maxi tackled one girl to the ground.

"Maxandria!" Alec gasped, taking a step forward. Magnus held out an arm and Alec looked at him, shocked.

"Oh come on, think of it as a form of training. Little girls are just as vicious as demons." Magnus said, nodding in approval when Maxi drove away the horde by brandishing a toy car dangerously.

"Just think of when Eli comes in next year. The direct descendant of Isabelle Lewis in the public school system." Jace added, thinking about it for a moment before looking completely horrified. "Wait, why aren't we homeschooling them?" He asked, watching as Maxi threw the toy car across the room before turning back to Kalel.

"I don't know." Alec groaned, covering his face with his hands, already thinking of the trouble their kids would get into.

"Because, I want Kalel to have a shot at a normal life." Clary answered calmly, having won this argument countless times before with Jace. "He deserves to know what he's protecting when he chooses whether or not to become a Shadowhunter." Jace looked somewhat annoyed.

"You don't choose to be a Shadowhunter. It's in your blood." He said and Clary crossed her arms over her chest. Jace shifted nervously and Alec couldn't blame him. He had been the one that had drawn an iratze on his parabatai's broken hand after Clary had gone into labor. The woman's protective, maternal rage was no laughing matter.

"There are a lot of things I could have done if I had chosen to follow my blood." Clary said coolly, and Jace wisely shut his mouth. "I want Kalel to have a choice. A real choice, not the whole Alice in Wonderland tumble into a completely different world with no chance of ever going back."

"I agree." Magnus spoke up, looking at Alec. "I highly doubt Maxandria has Nephilim blood, so it's only right she has a shot at a normal life. That includes school." Magnus watched as Maxi and Kalel huddled together over a pile of building blocks. "They should to be able make their own decisions, and not have to worry about whether or not the world's going to end if they choose wrong." Magnus' fingers tangled together with Alec's and he smiled at his husband. "They deserve to live their lives and enjoy every single minute of it."

A/N: Based off a prompt from imagineyourotp. Malec adopted baby's first day at school!

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Also, a note about the children's names. I based them off of the combined meanings of their parent's names:

Maxandria (Greatest Defender of the People) = Magnus (Great) + Alec (Defender of the People)

Kalel (mashup of Kalea (Illustrious) and the ending 'el' which means 'God is') = Jace (Johnathon: God's gift) + Clary (Clarissa = Illustrious)

Eli (short for Elishama (God is heard)) = Simon (to be heard) and Isabelle (God is my oath)