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Gonna be in Bunny's POV for a while, now. Either his, or Pitch's.

Bunny's POV

After managing to get Jaclyn settled down, I decided it'd be better for everyone if I took her back to the Warren- I knew, without a doubt, she'd be safe there.

"Besides," I told North when he started protesting. "She's bound ta make some sort o' trouble, an' ya know I can handle it- Easter's over fer the year, anyhow. Ya got Christmas ta worry 'bout, mate!"

"But, Bunny what about rut?"

I froze- I'd forgotten all about it. Whenever Easter ended, out of body instincts, I went into mating season… though, for the last ten years, I hadn't been able to satisfy my needs. I knew, with Jaclyn in the Warren, I'd be uncontrollable- but, it didn't matter. I also knew, no matter how bad my instincts got, since she was in the body of a child, she'd be safe.

I explained to North, and before he could protest more, I scooped up Jaclyn's sleeping form in my arms and dropped into a tunnel, closing it up behind us as I slid down into the Warren. Once my feet touched grass, however, Jaclyn seemed to decide to wake up fully. She took one look at me, and instantly started squirming out of my grip, tumbling to the ground and backing away on all fours, crouched like some sort of… animal, almost…

300 years alone, away from other guardians, what else would she act like? Probably hung around animals most of the time, wolves and foxes from how she's actin'…

She was crouched low to the ground, head hung low, in a completely submissive posture. If she had a tail and wolf ears, they'd be down low as well. I watched as she backed away slowly, tongue slipping out from between her lips to lick at her canines.

I'd always wondered why her canine teeth were more animal-like that the rest of her physical appearance, poking out slightly from her mouth as small upper fangs. Shrugging it off, I lowered myself to her level, appearing submissive as well. If there was one thing I knew, it was animals.

"Easy, girl, I ain't gonna hurt ya… m'just a big Bunny, m'kay?" I spread a paw out hesitantly in front of her, letting her see I meant no harm.

To my surprise, however, she leaned forward- and sniffed me! She sniffed at my paw, almost like she was smelling if I was friend of foe…

She's part animal, at least… might just make this easier to deal with…

"Hey, ya wanna play, shiela?" at the word 'play', she jerked to attention, her eyes lit up in delight. I reached towards her and, before she could run off, snatched her up in my arms and flung her onto my back.

She sank her fingers into my fur, clutching painfully. I winced slightly, turning my head to better look at her.

"Hey, don' worry, shiela. We're jus' gonna have some fun, ok?"

"F-fu-fun?" she stuttered. Eyes wide, I stared at her, slowly nodding.

Seems her voice wasn't taken after all… that's good.

"M-me wanna h-have f-fun…" she stuttered some more, tripping over her words, but managing to get them out nonetheless. Suddenly, I recognized the gleam in her eyes- she was planning something.

"Hey, what're you thinkin', Snowflake?" I said cautiously.

"K-kan'roo!" she squealed, smirking widely at me.

Kan'roo? What's that supposed to mean? C'mon, kid, say my name already, say Bun- hang on…

"Wait, did you just call me… a kangaroo?!" her trademark grin appeared, devilishly taunting me.

Why, that little-

Suddenly, I felt a cool breeze blowing in my face. I realized Jaclyn was using her magic on me to make me feel happy and playful. Dropping to all fours, I grinned back at her. Her smile was amazing, it filled my heart with hope and love as I ran through the flower fields, through the paint-flowers and by the rivers. She squealed in joy as I ran faster, weaving in and out of the trees, shouting in joy all the while.

Suddenly, I felt her grip loosen, and before I could do anything, she tumbled off my back, landing heavily on the ground- right in a nearby rose-bush. She howled in pain as the thorns sank into her arm and hands. I ran over, by her side in an instant.

"Hey, easy, easy, Bunny's here. I ain't gonna leave ya, see? Now, let's get ya fixed up, shall we?" I gently grabbed her injured arm, only to see the thorns falling out on their own, and her arm frosting over.

"Hey… what are ya doin', ya ankle-biter?"

"Fix." She said, letting out a small yawn. Sighing, I realized that it was sunset, meaning she'd probably stayed up too late. I picked her up- to which she didn't protest this time- and carried her into my burrow.

It wasn't anything special, just a living room, a kitchen, a few guest rooms, a washroom, and a private room for myself. I took her into my room, settling her into the nest before lying down on the other side, settling in for a good night's rest…

Jaclyn's POV

Something was… different. I remembered playing with Bunny, but couldn't remember much about the actual incident… I felt a small jab in my arm, and, looking down, realized I must have gotten scraped up because my arm was frosted over slightly to prevent infection while I healed.

Wonder where I am…?

Suddenly, I heard movement next to me. I stiffened as something moved closer to me, rubbing against my back. I tried moving away, but something furry grabbed me, pulling me back.

"Eep!" I squeaked in shock, making the whatever-it-was wake up fully.

"Ugh… Jaclyn? Wait, what happened ta ya? Weren't ya a little ankle-biter a minute ago?"

That voice… no spite, no malice… could it really be him, not a nightmare again…?

Slowly, I turned around until I met a familiar emerald gaze.

"Bunny! Oh, thank Moon you are alright!"

"W-whadya mean, shiela?"

"P-pitch… he… pretended to be you, so I'd fear you… I never fell for it, though… after the first few times, I realised it was all a nightmare- at least, the parts where he was you were…" I trailed off sadly, eyes downcast as I realized Bunny probably already knew, and wouldn't want me anymore.

"Aw, no, I ain't lettin' ya get all down again. Look at me- Jaclyn, look at me!" hesitantly, I looked up at him, gasping lightly at the fierce emotions held in his haze.

"I love ya, ok? Nothin's ever gonna change that. Don't be doubtin' yourself, Snowflake. The reason I pushed you away was 'cause I doubted you really loved me! I mean, c'mon. I'm a Pooka, for moon's sake. Last o' my kind, too."

"…Bunny, it didn't matter, I still loved you…"

"No, not loved. You DO still love me."


"I know you do, ok? Now, get some sleep. We'll talk more in the morning, love." He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close as his eyes closed in sleep. I still felt uncomfortable being so close to anyone, let alone him, so I tried to squirm out of his grip. I managed to get to the edge of the nest before he grabbed my arm and yanked me back.

I landed with a grunt, distorted for a moment- which was all Bunny needed. He rolled over in his sleep, rolling on top of me and settling down, his body easily covering mine completely- not that it was a problem. He was at least a foot or two taller than me!

Not good, not good, sofreakingnotgood!

Before I could squirm out again, he leaned down and nuzzled my head affectionately.

"Easy, Snowflake… not gonna hurt, promise…" he muttered before settling down again, wrapped loosely around me.

he… really does care… maybe… I should give him a chance. Yes. I'll give love a chance.

Managing to calm down, I settled in underneath him for a comfortable night's sleep, not noticing the softly glowing pair of pink eyes in the corner.

Author's note: PROMISE KEPT, WHEW!

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Damn, that was interesting. In case any are wondering, the spell Pitch put on Jaclyn wore off overnight. Leaving her, in her nightgown, back in her teenage body… in Bunny's nest… with Bunny… and remember, boys and girls…

Bunny's rut is coming soon.

Don't worry, nothing bad will happen to Snowflake!

Also, the owner of the pink eyes is not, I repeat, NOT A BAD GUY!

It's Cupid!

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