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Summary: Sebastian, a rich duke in the late 18th century, with more power and money than one could imagine. And Ciel, an orphan on the streets of Paris, willing to do anything to gain some power in the world. What happens when someone powerless meets someone with all the power they could want?



A pale, handsome man dressed in more layers than necessary fought the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose. Lightly putting some of his raven black hair behind his ear and ignoring the bubbling idiot who couldn't drive straight if his life depended on it. He vaguely considered trying to be rid of the man, killing him off wouldn't be much of a feat. Who would really question the disappearance of a horrid carriage driver? However, Sebastian knew that these thoughts could only exist in his mind. As much as he wished stupidity could be a crime punishable by death, it didn't seem to be the case. At least not yet. He gave up fighting the urge pinch the bridge of his nose, sighing in defeat. He had no desire to go to Paris, and much less desire in this carriage.

The driver hit another pothole, causing Sebastian to almost rise off his seat. He could feel his frustration grow with every pothole the man ran over, which seemed to be increasing the closer they got to Paris. As far as Sebastian was concerned he preferred to stay far away from Paris. The poor would always come begging him for money. They would put their filthy hands all over his nice clean carriage, and there were so many of them. No, Sebastian much preferred the countryside, where he could play with the stray cats that came about, and not have to worry about beggars at ever corner. He considered not going into town, staying at his manor and try to arrange the meeting there instead, but knew it wouldn't work. No, as much as he didn't like Paris, he would have to go.

He knew when they were near their destination, he could hear the beggars out side his carriage- "Please sir spare some change, I wish to eat tonight." The raven resisted the urge to roll his eyes and smirk, as if any of them were begging for something different. They were all hungry, and they all wanted a stranger to provide for them, to rid them of their problems and save their miserable lives. Well, this duke was not one to go to looking for sympathy. He only knew what the word meant because he was extremely well educated, not because he ever put the word into action. Times like these Sebastian was thankful he wasn't king, he had heard that there might be an uprise, and he had no desire to be the one who would fall from it. Another reason to stay in the countryside, if the peasants ever did rise up Sebastian would be long gone before they could track him down, if they even bothered to track him down. People like them were often short-sighted. They would behead the king, and then appoint a new one and the same thing would happen again.

The duke had to meet with the royal court today, they expected some of his men of treason, Sebastian knew that some of his men had committed treason, but it was against the King and not himself, so Sebastian never bothered to concern himself about it. He was not the King's loyal dog, if the way the peasants were starting to get restless was any indication, the duke doubted he would remain the King much longer anyway. Sebastian didn't have much to loose if the King was overthrown, maybe his status would be revoked, but his wealth came from America, not his high status, not that it hurt. Which was why he was willing to go to Paris today, and watch some of his men he never much cared for be put to death. He wouldn't go out of his way to please the King unnecessarily, but he wouldn't go out of his way to disobey the King's rule either.

When he got to the Royal court he was asked to testify against them, which he willingly did, and he ignored the empty threats of - "you will be sorry for this!" and "you'll be next Lord Michaelis!" and watched his ex-employees get their heads chopped off, and then as quickly as he came he was back in the carriage. He bowed to the King and thanked him for looking out for the duke, although they both knew that wasn't the case, he gently kissed the Queen's hand and then as out of the court. The raven had no clue as to why the Queen went to the court, but didn't really care to ask, he imagined the reason was not one they would be so willing to share.

The duke was ready to be back at his manor, playing with the stray cats, and writing up some contracts that needed to be done before nightfall. He knew getting out of Paris at this hour would leave him very little time to get done what needed to be done.

"Bard, hurry back, and this time at least attempt to dodge the potholes," Sebastian said to his driver as he got into the carriage, knowing that he'd probably regret saying that. His driver would most likely go around the potholes much too sharply and flip both of them over. Sometimes the duke worried that he was the only competent person in all of France. They hadn't gotten very far until there was a blockade of other carriages trying to get out of Paris, and trying, for some reason Sebastian couldn't fathom, to not run over the beggars that littered the street demanding something for the hardships the world has placed on them.

"Mr. Sebastian, this blockade looks as if it might take hours 'fore we're able to get back to the countryside," the driver called to Sebastian as the raven pulled back the curtains to look out at the chaos that mere hours ago had been much more subdued.

"Alright take the back streets then!" Sebastian called, slightly agitated about the stupidity of the poor, and the un-required kindness of the wealthy.

"Yes sir!" was all the warning he got before he was violently flown to the other side of the carriage as Bard quickly took a sharp left turn to take the back streets of Paris back to their home. If he thought it would make a difference the duke would get out and yell at his idiot of a driver, but knew better and stayed silent as he quickly righted himself, that had he not been alone, someone would've wondered if he had actually been thrown to the other side of the car or not.

Apparently now that they were taking the back streets Sebastian's request for his driver to avoid the potholes was utterly disregard as they seemed to run over every single one, on their way out of the damned city.

"Hey little boy, you're awfully handsome, maybe if you did something for me I could get you off the street," the duke heard some drunkard call to some boy he presumed was an orphan, the curtains of his carriage drawn, and him not carrying enough to look at typical Paris happenings.

"No! I don't care about getting off the street! And I will kill you if you touch me again!" Sebastian couldn't hide his surprise at the boy's response, although he still didn't move to look at them, that was a far from common response of people who live on the street.

"Then what do you want boy? Tell me and I'm sure I could get it for you," Sebastian seriously doubted that.

"I seriously doubt that!" the boy echoed the duke's thoughts and Sebastian smirked. Finally amused enough to draw back the curtains and see what in the world could an orphan on the streets want if not a home.

"Well why don't you tell me?" Upon drawing back the curtains Sebastian's suspicions were indeed correct. The man was obviously drunk, and just barely able to keep himself off the street if the way he dressed was any indication, the orphan was already smarter than most of the one's the duke had come across if he was able to tell that.

Sebastian watched as the man slide his arm around the boy when the boy refused to respond to the drunkard's question. "I'll ask you again. Tell me what you want," Sebastian figured the man thought he was whispering this to the boy, but he was clearly too drunk to know that he was actually yelling. The boy seemed to struggle to try to get out of the man's grasp. That was when Sebastian finally noticed that his driver had stopped ushering the carriage. Normally the duke would call up to him and calmly, but firmly, tell him to get his ass back to work, but the duke was intrigued with the orphan in front of him. What would he do in this situation? Would he be able to get out of the drunkard's grasp? And even more prevalent, what did the boy want if not to be off the streets?

The boy seemed to be really struggling to try to free himself from the drunk man's grasp. This time Sebastian let himself finally look at the boy, and felt his amused smirk disappear. The boy was breathtaking, he looked like some sort of human sacrifice. With a bandage over his right eye, his slate hair covering it. His visible blue eye large and round and beautiful, like trees reflecting off an azure lake. His eye was royal and had a power in it Sebastian had never seen in beggars. He was beautiful, beautiful enough to sell his body at a high price. Beautiful enough that with a bath and some new clothes he could easily get himself off the street. His limbs looked feeble and weak, as if food was not something he was able to have every night, and his clothes and feet were dirty and covered in dried mud. The boy looked sick, yet beautiful and all Sebastian could do was look at him, and look at his eye, and watch him struggle in the drunk man's grip.

"Oi you there!" Sebastian started managing to free himself from staring at the boy at the sudden exclamation. "Let go of that little boy! He ain't interested in 'ou! Leave him be!" the duke was surprised to find that it was the drunkard who had called out to them to tell them to get lost, but Bard yelling at the man to let the boy go. The raven watched as Bard jumped down from his post and walked over to the drunk man wrenching him away from the boy. He continued to watch as Bard proceeded to beat the man within an inch of his life and then turn to the boy with an apologetic smile on his face.

"I didn't need your help, I had the situation under control," the arrogant orphan said to the man who just saved him. Sebastian's smirk returned. This boy was either very interesting or had very little sense.

"Oh that's okay, I was just helping 'ou out," Bard's smile remained in place disregarding what the orphan had just said. "Here," He said taking off his coat and draping it around the frail boy's shoulders.

Then he turned back to the carriage and called to Sebastian, "'Orry Mr. Sebastian, this little boy just needed some help!" He cheerfully called as he got back to his post.

"I don't need your sympathy!" the orphan yelled, taking off the coat and tossing it to the ground. Finally Sebastian decided he should get out when his driver didn't start driving, "Hey that was a nice coat 'ou brat!" Bard called still at his post and the duke didn't have to look to know that he was shocked that Sebastian willingly got out of his carriage to walk on a street of Paris. "Mr. Sebastian..?" he questioned as Sebastian approached the boy.

The boy's arrogance seemed to suddenly leave him, as he stared in shock at the man in front of him. The raven doubted the boy had ever even seen someone half as rich as Sebastian in his young life time. "You are an odd orphan indeed. A man offers to get you off the streets, and you rudely decline his offer?"

The boy's arrogance seemed to return to him at Sebastian's questioning. "That man could barely keep himself off the street, and he thought he could trick me with petty, empty, promises," the duke's eyebrow rose a bit in surprise at the boy's knowledge. He doubted this boy had been an orphan for very long if the way he conducted himself and the arrogance in his voice was any indication.

"Hmm, so how long have you been an orphan then? Not long enough for even empty promises to entice you," all the duke received in response was an angry glare. After deciding that the child wasn't going to respond he finally shrugged his shoulders and turned to go back into his carriage. "Oh, and you'll do well to pick up that coat, it is the driver's of a duke's coat. In fact I think that was his present I gave him some years ago," Sebastian said as he headed back into the carriage.

"Wait!" the boy called all his arrogance having left his voice, sounding almost desperate at Sebastian's retreating figure. "You're a duke?" the boy said hurrying after him, impatience in his steps as he seemed to stumble towards Sebastian.

The duke was inwardly surprised at this response. He had doubted the boy would care about him being a duke or not, perhaps he now felt he had to fear for his life. Sebastian continued walking back towards the car ignoring the boy. "Wait!" the boy called again, arrogance flooding his voice again as he reached out and gripped Sebastian's coat. Now the duke was really surprised, no child fearing death would be foolish enough to grab at Sebastian's coat. "Wait, I will tell you what you want, but I need something in return."

The duke smirked at this, the boy was arrogant beyond his years, and seemed to not fear power so much as be enticed by it. "What makes you think I care what an orphan has to say?"

"Because you got out of your carriage," the boy said without missing a beat as he finally let go of Sebastian's coat and Sebastian once again turned around to face him.

"All right, what are you after?"

Ciel hated them. He hated the ones who murdered his parents and burned down their household. He hated the ones that tried to murder him too, but he managed to run away to Paris. He had vowed he would get revenge against them. No matter what the cost might be, he'd even risk his own soul to bring the people who took everything he loved to their knees. The only problem was power.


Something an orphan on the streets of Paris would never be able to have. Something that might as well be a dream now that Ciel has nothing. Yet mere weeks after being an orphan he runs into a duke. Ciel didn't know if he believe in God, but he knew that there was some force helping him to seek his revenge.

All he had to do was to seduce this man and get him to help aid him in his revenge. It didn't seem as if the task would be all that difficult, considering the man was intrigued enough with Ciel to get out of his carriage and scold the boy. The rich man was obviously interested in some way with Ciel, all Ciel had to do was keep the duke interested. If he could amuse this man, then he would be able to con the man into helping him.

Ciel was no fool, he knew that he was strikingly handsome, and that older men, especially, seemed to have a weakness for him. If his hunch was right in thinking that the duke already found him attractive, then all Ciel had to do was to play on that. He kept himself from smirking, finally his revenge was almost a possibility. Finally his revenge was something he would allow himself to dream about again.

"I am after power," Ciel said, and seeing the duke's smirk grow he knew he was providing the type of amusement that would make it possible for him to accomplish his goal.

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