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Growing up Ciel was constantly used to people telling him how intelligent he was, and how ambitious he was. He was told countless times that he should be more humble, and the reason that he was always bedridden was because of God telling him he had to be more grateful for what he was given in life. Yes, everyone would tell him this, except the most important ones- his parents. His predecessor would always encourage him to be even more ambitious and his mother would read to him every night and praise him for his intelligence. They were the only people Ciel had ever felt close to, the only ones he felt would be proud of him, and truly want him to succeed.

He shivered as he exhaled, his breath making a cloud to show how cold it really was. He hugged himself tighter, as he tried to find something, someway to get out of the cold. He knew that falling asleep could be dangerous, plus he didn't want to be plagued by those nightmares again. He didn't want to witness the morbid way his subconscious would murder his parents in a different fashion every night. Last night it was by them burning alive, the night before that it was by their throats being slit. Ciel himself wasn't entirely sure how they were killed. He just remembered their dead bodies and blood covering the floor before he ran for safety. Before he ran for Paris.

Ciel would often over hear his parents complain about Paris. How the city was too big, how there were too many beggars, how the countryside was more quiet and serene- a better place to raise children. He would hear tales about Paris, about murderers and bad people who stole anything they could, sometimes even stealing people. The crime in Paris was supposedly horrid, the people horrid, the place itself horrid. But after the horridness Ciel had run away from his first week in Paris had been a sanctuary.

He had arrived at a church and taken refuge there for the night, having heard about what churches provide for orphans, and was happy when he had found a peaceful quiet place to rest. To know he was safe for the time being; he happily took it. The church was his new home for a few days, until the priests caught him there. Ciel was told that the priests were good people, that they loved everyone and treated everyone well, that if a priest ever stumbled upon your path it would only end well for you. That was far from true for Ciel.

They gave him an ultimatum, either leave the church and live on the streets like the beggar he was, or give himself up to the priests. The boy originally thought they meant give himself up to Jesus and announce his ties with Christianity, but soon found that what they wanted was his body. Once the first priest caressed his neck and tried to kiss him Ciel knew he'd much rather be on the streets, and so that was where he had gone. To the cold unforgiving streets of Paris.

That was when Ciel learned that Paris was Hell. His first night on the street he was almost killed because he was in someone else's territory. Of course, Ciel didn't realize you could claim whole roads as your own, but other beggars of Paris seemed to think they were entitled to such. When someone told him to get off their road and Ciel refused he had paid the price. The slashed his right eye, making him blind, the experience alone was terrifying enough, and the blood that gushed out of the wound would've left Ciel with nightmares for years, but the man then proceeded to kick Ciel in the ribs, until he begged and pleaded for the man to stop. He had never been more embarrassed and humiliated in his life. After he patched himself up, as best he knew how, trying to remember the things his aunt told him, her being a doctor with the medical knowledge to know what to do in such situations, he waited until he was healed enough then snuck up on the man whilst he was sleeping and slit his throat with a sharp knife he had stolen from the local butcher. He didn't think he could kill a man as easily as he had, but Paris taught him to be heartless. It was a dog eat dog world out there, and Ciel would do whatever he could to keep himself from being eaten. He took over the man's territory as his own, to keep himself from falling into the same predicament again. Soon after though, his knife was taken from him, and Ciel was left once again defenseless, but still alive.

In his third week, he could feel his body start to give up. He hadn't been able to find much food, and after the butcher discovered his missing knife the man always had someone on guard to make sure not of the meat was stolen. People wouldn't often give Ciel food or money for food, at most he'd have a loaf of bread every two days, and his body was starting to suffer because of it. He knew that if he didn't find some solution to the problem soon that he would die, and he couldn't die, not until he had revenge for the people who murdered his parents.

He exhaled again, this would be his last night on the streets of Paris he would be sure of it. Tomorrow he would find a way to get off the streets and to seek revenge.


Ciel knew that the duke standing before him was the answer to prayers he never prayed. This was his chance! This was his way to survive! He knew that his earlier ideals about never surrendering his body no matter what were no longer viable thoughts. If he could get what he wanted from the duke by sleeping with him, then he would. He never would've liked to believe that he could ever even entertain the idea of going into prostitution, but feeling his body almost give out from exhaustion and hunger and seeing the promise the duke held was causing Ciel to reconsider his early notions.

"I need power to get revenge," he continued on, giving the duke some of the answers he sought. He knew how men worked, if he could make this man curious about him, and make the duke want to know more about him, then he would have the upper hand.

Ciel could tell by the duke's reaction that he was not expecting such an answer. He held back a smirk. Men were foolish. That was something the blue-eyed boy had learned in a very short amount of time here. All you had to do was sweet talk a man and show him the promise of a youthful body and they would bend at your will. Ciel had never met anyone worth seducing, but now with this rich and powerful duke before him, he had someone. Someone to wrap around his little finger, and make the duke get people to murder those that have wronged Ciel. Yes, even at the cost of his own virginity he would seduce this man.

"Revenge?" the duke gave him an incredulous look, exposing his shock at Ciel's confession.

"Yes, I need to get revenge," Ciel tried to soften his voice and lessen the harsh commanding tone of it to appear more demure and approachable, but only managed to say some words softer than others, causing him to emphasize random words he hadn't meant to.

"Why? You want revenge for your mommy and daddy?" Ciel could tell that the duke found this idea amusing, as if Ciel was a young child telling a story about running away from home. He could barely contain his revenge. How dare this imbecile think Ciel's revenge foolish?! He was going to be the fool when all this was said and done. Ciel would use this man and then toss him away like the trash he was.

Without blinking, and looking directly into the duke's eyes Ciel answered simply, "Yes."

The man before him didn't seem to be expecting that answer and the shock that had receded from his face just mere seconds ago returned again full force, before the duke smirked at Ciel, and Ciel tried to ignore the nervous feeling he got in his stomach at the smirk. He was a Phantomhive, such a smirk should have no effect on him.

"Interesting. Well, if you'll excuse me, I must be heading back to my manor," the duke said turning away from Ciel and heading back to his carriage. The blue-eyed boy's heart rate picked up. No! This man couldn't just leave. He needed him to make his revenge a possibility! Before he could register his actions Ciel reached out with the same desperation he had upon first hearing that the man was a duke and grabbed hold of his cloak.

"Wait, you aren't going to help a young orphan from the streets? You aren't going to offer me a place to stay and a hot meal for a few nights? You are just going to leave me here, knowing that you will probably never see me again? Knowing I will die." Ciel stated the last sentence. They both knew that if the duke just walked away from him he would surely die. He had no money, no food, no shelter. Yes, Ciel had a few more days left at best.

"Let go of my cloak. It isn't my responsibility to help the homeless. Perhaps you should try selling newspapers," the duke said with a harshness to his words that hadn't been present in their pervious conversation, and tugged harshly on his cloak to pull it from Ciel's hand. The slate haired boy could feel despair start to flood him, and violently fought against the panic rising in his being. This man couldn't leave him! This man couldn't just let Ciel die without exacting his revenge!

"Please," Ciel whispered quietly so only the duke could hear as he followed the man to the door of his carriage, shame from begging rushing to his cheeks turning them red.

"No," the man said harshly as he got into the carriage slamming the door in Ciel's face. Ciel couldn't help it, panic rushed to him and did the only thing he could think of. He begged some more, loud enough for the man to hear through the think door of the carriage, fear of dying finally making him forgo his pride if only for this one man, if only for this one moment.

As Ciel started to just repeat "please" in the sweetest and loudest voice he could muster, he heard sniffling and soft sobbing, and at first thought that it was the duke. Ciel was so shocked that he almost stopped talking. The duke couldn't be sobbing, Ciel couldn't ever imagine a man like that shedding a tear, let alone actually sobbing. No it had to be someone else. Ciel looked around and saw the driver, staring at him and tears flowing from his eyes. It took everything Ciel had to keep the smirk out of his voice, as he continued to plead. The driver seemed to refuse to make the horses move. Ciel had won.


Sebastian listened to the orphan pleading outside his door and his irritation arose with each plea, Bard had still not started to drive away and he was being to get angry; because there was more to hearing the boy's voice than just irritation. He also felt a strong sense of longing. He fought the strong urge to open the carriage and pull the boy inside, promising him food and a warm bed. He had never felt this way about one of the many homeless on the streets of Paris, and he had seen many better looking women than the boy begging outside his carriage door. It disgusted him. He was not someone who just picked up strays. And his driver still hadn't started the damn carriage!

"Bard!" Sebastian yelled opening the carriage door, and anger smacked into him like a wave as he saw Bard tearing up at the orphan's pleas, stubbornly refusing to make the horses start in the direction of Sebastian's manor. "Bard, I demand that you make the horses move this instant!" Even through his fury and irritation Sebastian kept his voice even. He would never yell like some adolescent child. His driver only spared him a small glance before looking back to the orphan. Whose pleas had stopped as soon as Sebastian had opened the carriage door.

"Mr. Sebastian we can't just leave 'im! Look at 'im! He is practically tearing up the poor lad! Can't we take him with us and give him a place to stay? If you don't want him to ride in the carriage at least let him ride up here with me!" Oh good, now his driver was pleading as well. Sebastian knew Bard would ignore him if he demanded that they head back to the manor this instant and leave the orphan behind so he turned back to the orphan and sighed, some of his anger leaving him, only to be replaced with exasperation.

"Fine. How much money do you want? I'll give you enough to find an inn, and feed yourself well for a week? How about that?" Sebastian knew that this would probably not please the boy, he was after much more than money, he had even foolishly confided that to Sebastian, but he figured his driver would be pleased enough to take him home.


Sebastian stared angrily at the stupid orphan in front of him, and then looked to his driver who was still tearing up, and knew that the man would not drive away unless the orphan was happy. He was either going to murder his driver or fire him when he got back, he wasn't sure which.

"You are a stubborn child. Do you know that? Many would take this offer gladly."

The orphan had seemed to sober up, the initial shock of Sebastian walking away from him, and his desperate pleas to the man all seemed to be far in the past. His mouth was set in a firm line that made him look more like a man than a young boy, and he was looking at Sebastian with a fire in his eyes that the duke couldn't remember ever seeing in anyone else he had crossed paths with. It made the beautiful boy much more enticing than he had been when he was begging. This was the real boy in front of him. The false pleading to try to sway Sebastian, the attempted sweetness the boy had tried to put in his voice whilst trying to coax the duke, all of that was an act. This, the stubborn, harsh boy in front of him, glaring at him with an unwavering power, was the real boy.

"I don't care."

Sebastian, in vain, spared one last look at his driver. The orphan had bested him, and he knew it. A superior smirk appeared on the orphan's face when Sebastian sighed after looking at his pathetic driver that was so persuaded by such pitiful begging.

"Alright, you can stay in my manor for two nights."

The raven was just ready to leave Paris by this point. He was not going to stay here and let Bard pick up another orphan. He faintly heard some praise being spewed from his driver's mouth and this time it was his turn to wear a superior smirk when the orphan tried to ride next to him.

"Oh no. You are not riding in here. You are riding with Bard," and Sebastian watched the indignant look that graced the boy's face as Sebastian shut the door in the orphan's face.

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