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Ciel had to grab onto the bottom of the bench to keep from falling forward. He knew he was gripping the bench so tightly that his knuckles looked white as a ghost, but he couldn't let up. The driver he was seated next to was insane. It was as if the man looked for potholes to run over, or ditches to dive into. The young man had never had such a horrible driver back when his parents were alive. Ciel started to question the validity if Sebastian and whether that man was actually a duke or not. Surely a duke would be able to afford a driver that could actually drive.

They ran over another pothole and Ciel gripped his bench for dear life. He wasn't even going to make it to the duke's manor. At least not alive. "Um, don't you think you should try to avoid the potholes?" Ciel tried to keep his voice sweet, this man had saved him after all, but he couldn't help the slight irritation that seeped through his voice. This man was an idiot who was going to get them all killed.

"Oi, I am avoid 'he potholes," the driver said with an incredulous look as his face, as if he couldn't understand how Ciel could accuse the man of being a reckless driver.

"Right, my mistake," Ciel mumbled, his voice dripping with sarcasm. Again he had to wonder if Sebastian was truly a duke, or a deranged man with a deranged driver, who went around pretending he was a duke to pick up orphans. No, Ciel didn't really believe that. The man was clearly a duke. The way he dressed, the way he talked, the air about him. He was obviously a man with a lot of power.

Ciel lunged forward as the driver yet again ran over something. "Oi, hold on tight kid," Ciel rolled his eyes at the driver. He was holding on tight and it still didn't make a bit of difference! There must be some sort of reason why a duke would have such a horrid driver. There must be.

Ciel scowled. Of course he wouldn't have to be hanging on for dear life like this if Sebastian had let him ride in the carriage.

Sebastian smirked every time he heard quiet cries of "ah!" from the boy every time Bard went over a pothole. For once Sebastian was happy he was such a horrible driver. Sebastian was not happy with the situation. He did not want some dirty orphan child running around in his nice manor. Sebastian was not a charitable person. If the subject of philanthropy was ever brought up at parties Sebastian was always a prime example of what a philanthropist isn't.

He smirked again as they ran over hole. The duke was trying to think of a way to keep the boy from entering his mansion. He could always kill both Bard and the orpahn when they arrived, but Bard, although a horrible driver, was very useful. He kept Sebastian from having to get his own hands dirty. Still, after all the trouble he caused today Sebastian couldn't help but to mull it over.

The orphan was beautiful, and obviously hungered for power, the duke could always take him as a lover, but the thought of sleeping with a dirty child did not appeal to the duke. He could have almost anyone he wanted, save for the queen. He could have someone of appropriate age who was twice as stunning as the orphan Bard had made him pick up.

Yet, when he heard the orphan's little cries of "ah!" he couldn't help but think of the young boy in the throws of passion. The small frame withering underneath Sebastian, screaming for more. Sebastian felt blood rush to his groin. Damn it! He didn't want that stupid orphan anywhere near him. At first Sebastian had sent the orphan to sit with Bard just to cut down some of his smugness, but now Sebastian was thinking it was for a completely different reason. Who knows what the duke would've done if the orphan was in the carriage with him. The pure stubbornness and harshness of the boy excited him. He would be fun to force onto his knees. The blood started to rush to Sebastian's nether regions again. The boy couldn't be older than thirteen! Could he? Although for a powerful man to be with a thirteen year girl was anything but uncommon Sebastian wasn't about to do so. Even if the girl was actually a boy.

Plus, the duke had a sinking suspicion that the boy was going to try to seduce him anyways. The boy hungered for power. Sebastian had plenty of power. The boy wanted to use Sebastian's power to get revenge on the people who murdered his parents. Of course the boy was going to try to con Sebastian. Just another reason to not allow the orphan into his manor.

Sebastian allowed himself to picture the orphan trying to seduce him, and how the duke would punish the young boy for doing so. He would tie the boy up and make him scream in pain and pleasure, begging the powerful man for forgiveness. Or perhaps he would just do that to appease Sebastian, so his plan could go accordingly. The duke lightly bit the inside of his cheek. He wasn't even near the orphan, he couldn't even see the orphan, yet the stupid boy kept plaguing his thoughts.

Yes, Sebastian should definitely kill the orphan once they arrive at the manor. To be this infatuated with someone who clearly wanted to use you was a dangerous thing, even more so when you are a powerful man. For the duke to be seduced by a child, he couldn't believe it! He heard another cry from the orphan, and this time Sebastian pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. He needed to calm down. He was thinking way to much about everything.

Ciel just wanted to get to the manor. He wanted to get off this god forsaken bench. His butt and legs had fallen asleep hours ago and now the only feeling he had was in his arms, which he was using to keep a strong hold on the bench under him. He had an extended arm on either side of him, gripping the bottom and helping to steady himself. Ciel was hungry and tired. The orphan hoped the duke would feed him, but he didn't want to hold his breath. Pink flooded his cheeks at the shame of having to rely on someone else. He didn't want to rely on a stranger to make sure he was fed. Ciel was a Phantomhive! He starred at the countryside of France. It was beautiful. The lush green grass and tall gorgeous trees reminded Ciel of his old home. Ciel had loved the countryside. The soft wind that whistled in his ear, the innocent birds singing their morning tune, the dew on the grass. He had forgotten all of this when he was in Paris. There was no innocence in that city. It was a city littered with sin and hatred.

The orphan inwardly smiled at being out of that city. He would never go back. Even if it meant dying before he was able to exact his revenge he would much rather spend his last days in the countryside. Enjoying the peaceful silence, Ciel decided to close his eyes. His grip never loosened, he wasn't a fool, but he still closed his eyes as he listened to the quiet sounds of nature.

"Lovely isn't it?" the driver asked him, Ciel didn't want to open his eyes, so he just nodded. If the driver couldn't see him, then so be it. He should be watching the road anyway.

Sebastian could tell that it was only about another hour before they reached his manor. The hustle and bustle of Paris long behind them. Bard even seemed to drive better now. Only running over a hole every fifteen minutes or so. Sebastian debated closing his eyes to rest for a few minutes but decided against it. He couldn't figure out what to do about the orphan. The boy was clearly only going to cause trouble for Sebastian, and also drive Sebastian into a sexually frustrated frenzy if this carriage ride back to his manor had been any indication.

The powerful man exhaled deeply through his nose. The duke debated briefly in his mind if he should just avoid the orphan. He had only promised two nights in his manor after all. Sebastian hadn't promised the boy a ride back into Paris. Avoiding him for two days in a manor the size of the duke's would be easy. Then he could just have one of his servants kick the boy out. The powerful man rolled his eyes at himself. He was a duke for goodness sake, he could handle some dirty orphan. Of course if the boy was to step foot in his manor he'd need a bath. Sebastian wasn't about to have mud tracked through his mansion. He was nothing if not impeccably clean.

Ciel was lightly shaken awake by the driver. The boy hadn't meant to fall asleep. He cursed himself. What a stupid thing to do. To fall asleep in front of strangers even in front of this driver, that seemed incredibly kind and stupid, was something Ciel knew better than to do.

He quickly opened his eyes and scooted away from the driver's hand, turning his head to face the mansion as he did so. Ciel inhaled sharply. His big visible blue eye blinking slowly, trying to take all of the giant house in. It must have somewhere close to a hundred rooms and be at least two acres in size. It had two tall pillars guarding the front door and a large staircase just to lead up to the door. A gorgeous garden covered the front of the yard. Flowers all sorts of colors attacked Ciel's eyes. Everything was so beautiful. Ciel took the driver's hand that was offered to help him get off the bench. All of his limbs were stiff and it took him a whole minute before he could pry his hands of the bench, just staring awkwardly at the offered hand as he did so.

Finally, Ciel was on the ground again, staring at the unbelievable mansion in front of him. As he took a step forward towards the front doors he heard the deep voice of the duke. It shocked Ciel out of the slight trance he was under at seeing the house, and he quickly turned to face his arrogant savior. "Not so fast. First I have a few questions for you."

Sebastian wanted a few things answered before he allowed the dirty orphan into his house. Rest assured the boy would be immediately taken to be bathed. His weird infatuation with the boy troubled him, and he hoped if he found out a bit more about the boy perhaps his lust would fade a little. Perhaps the mystery would die a bit.

"What is your name?"

The duke watched as the boy stiffened at that question. The orphan must've been willing to admit it at some point if he was expecting Sebastian to help him revenge his dead parents. Still, Sebastian would see the gears turning in the boy's head. Debating whether or not telling the truth was in his best interests. Eventually the boy sighed: "Ciel Phantomhive," he relented. Sebastian had heard that name before. They were a somewhat powerful and wealthy family once upon a time.

"And your age?"

Sebastian couldn't help at being bothered that he was so taken with a twelve or thirteen year old child.

"Sixteen," Ciel answered without a moment's hesitation. Sebastian's eyebrows shot up at that, surprise must've been evident on his face because he could see the ghost of a smirk about to envelope the teens face. The boy was ridiculously small for a sixteen year old! He was short, and frail, and tiny. Even taking into the fact that the boy was so frail because of starvation he should still look older than twelve if he was truly sixteen! Sebastian schooled his features back into an arrogant smirk.

So the boy was sixteen. That made this all the better.

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