Hello everyone! So I was thinking, why don't I put out a few chapters of this story and then let people decide if they would want to help me out with this. Great idea isn't it? This story takes place during season one of YJ after Artemis joined the team, so there will be some Spitfire moments added in. Just to let you know, Jesse Quick is not an OC, she's in the actual Flash continuity! Oh, and Jesse is a year older than Wally in this.

So without further ado, here is the first chapter of Epinephrine! Enjoy! :)


Everyone was gathered together in the mission room of Mt. Justice. It wasn't a mission call, but Batman had called them together for something important. He never specified on what it was, but judging by his tone, it was not to be taken lightly.

Batman appeared through the Zeta tubes. "Team, I'd like you to meet your new addition." Also appearing with him was a blonde, ponytailed girl, probably sixteen or seventeen who was wearing a red runner's outfit with a black bird wing symbol on it. She also had on a black mask and sprint shoes.

"Yo," she introduced, her voice carrying something of a New York accent.

"This is Jesse Quick. A few weeks ago she was seen stopping a few crimes in Central City and in Gotham. She's got potential that shouldn't be squandered. Make sure to watch her back." And with that, the Dark Knight disappeared through the tubes.

"So uh, yeah, name's Jesse, as he said. Who are you guys?" the blonde asked. Kid Flash stepped up close to her and put on his suave face.

"Hey sweetie, name's Kid Flash but you can call me your future husband," he said before being promptly smacked by Artemis.

"Ow Harpy, what was that for?"

"Ignore the idiot here, he was dropped on his head when he was a kid."

"Hey, I was not!"

"Judging by how you act, I wouldn't be so surprised Baywatch," Artemis retorted. The speedster stuck out his tongue childishly at her.

Jesse giggled at the interaction between the two. The blonde archer stepped up and faced her new teammate. Artemis took notice of Jesse's height; the archer was noticeably shorter than the other blonde.

"Name's Artemis," she said and walked off toward KF.

"Chatty one isn't she," Jesse commented.

"You get used to it. I'm Robin by the way," the black-haired 'ninja' introduced himself.

"Aqualad, but you can address me as Kaldur," the Atlantean began. He extended his hand toward the other blonde and she grasped it with stride.

"Hello my new Earth sister! I'm M'gann M'orzz! Just call me Megan," the Martian exclaimed as she wrapped the girl into a very tight hug.

"OK, OK! Megan, I can't breathe. Need a little air here," Jesse cried out. M'gann let her go with a sheepish look on her face. The new teammate took a few deep breaths to recovered. She set her eyes on Superboy.

"Superboy. Call me Connor," he said bluntly.

"I take it your one of them 'straight to the point' kind of guys, huh?" she concluded. Superboy nodded.

"So sweet thang, what's your special ability?" KF wondered. Maybe she could do something like martial arts, weapons, or any other kind of combat but everyone noticed that their new teammate didn't have any items on her.

Jesse rolled her eyes at Wally's attempt at flirting. "I guess I've held off on that long enough. Alright, I'll show ya," she agreed. She walked over and stood in front of everyone.

"3x2(9yz)4a," she whispered to herself as she stood there.

Everyone looked at Jesse in confusion. "Is that-" was all Artemis got out before the tall girl took off in a gust of wind and reappeared in the blink of an eye.

"-it?" she finished lamely.

"Whoa," Kid Flash said in awe, "you have super speed too?"

"You bet your ass I do," Jesse admitted. Artemis groaned in slight annoyance. 'Oh great, not another one!'

"Well Kid Mouth, looks like you've met your match," Robin said with a smirk.

"Anyways, so Jesse, how does it feel to be on the team," Kaldur asked.

"You want me to be honest?"

"Of course."

Jesse cleared her throat and said "Ohmygodit'ssocooltobeuphereI'veheardsomuchaboutyouguys!" she said excitedly and very fast.


Kid Flash laughed while everyone else looked dazed at her rapid speech. "Hang on, slow down," Kaldur placated.

Jesse recomposed herself and settled with a smile on her face. "I'm sorry it's just that, y-you guys are just so famous and so awesome that-" was all she got out before squealing with joy. Everyone else covered their ears at the squeal.

"All right, all right, that's enough. I'm hungry, what are we gonna eat?" Kid Flash whined. Everyone else seemed to be thinking the same thing because they all migrated toward the kitchen of Mt. Justice. M'gann started baking cookies for everyone and KF and Artemis were having another one of their legendary spats with one another.

The Young Justice team was gathered together in the training room, where Black Canary was introduced to Jesse. 'Seems like a decent girl, she could be another Wally. Maybe there's more to her,' the screecher thought to herself.

Everyone was currently watching KF and Artemis going at it, with the latter gaining the upper hand against the former. 'As usual,' most of the team thought. However, for one, the thoughts were different.

'Why are you holding back KF?' thought Jesse.

Quick punches, sweep kicks, the whole nine yards. The redhaired speedster threw a punch at the archer, only for her to twist his hand and flip him over. He hit the ground with a painful thud.

Kid Flash: Failed, the computer announced.

"Looks like you lose again, Baywatch," the archer smirked. KF rolled his eyes and got himself up.

"Oh please, if winning and hurting you was what I wanted, you'd be the loser," said KF bitterly.

Artemis rolled her eyes. "That'll be the day."

"OK, OK, enough theatrics, let's give someone else a chance," Black Canary interrupted. "Who didn't get to go yet?"

Everyone's eyes settled on their new blonde companion. Aforementioned blonde laughed sheepishly. "Heh, well there's no gettin' out of this one, huh?"

BC shook her head. "Come on down here Jesse. And since you're still down here Artemis, you'll be fighting Jesse."

The two blondes faced each other, both ready and poised to fight.

"Fighting another speedster? Piece of cake," Artemis said confidently. Jesse raised an eyebrow.

"Don't count ya chickens before they hatch," Jesse replied back.

"Begin!" Black Canary exclaimed, crossing her arms.

The two blondes ran at each other and Jesse began giving rapid punches to the archer, who could barely keep up because it was so quick. She fell to the ground but quickly recovered, where she saw the taller girl come at her again. Artemis managed to punch Jesse in the jaw, but this did little to deter her.'Whoa, she's different from Baywatch. Gotta step up my game,' Artemis thought to herself. Jesse looked back and attempted another round of rapid-fire fisticuffs, but she swiftly moved to the side and backed away.

"3x2(9yz)4a" the blonde speedster mumbled to herself and sped toward the archer. Artemis stuck her foot out, thinking that if the trick worked with Kid Flash, it would work with Jesse. She didn't anticipate that Jesse would completely bypass it and use that momentary distraction to spin Artemis around and throw her out of the ring.

Artemis: Failed, the computer said.

"Z25Y(2AB)6," the blonde speedster said, slowing down effectively. Needless to say, everyone in the room was shocked, Wally especially.

Artemis groaned and got up shakily. "Whoa, never expected that."

Jesse smirked. "What did I say? Don't count ya chickens before they hatch."

AN: Just to let you know, I did not over power Jesse, I'm just going by logic; Artemis may be a good martial artist, but Jesse and any other speedster, would be able to move faster than she could think. :)