Here's the epilogue for my epic fic! Yeah-yuh! Also, Thyroxine is coming soon! :)

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(2 Months Later)

Mt. Justice

"Come on Jesse, are you sure you wanna do this?"

"Of course Art. You were the one that said ya wanted to have that rematch."

This was the conversation taking place between the two blonde girls of Young Justice as they were standing in the training room. The archer held a look of uncertainty as she was talking with the speedster girl. It had been a while after Jesse and Wally had defeated Lady Savitar, and things so far have been quite mellow; they weren't taking that many missions, and the others were quite proud of the two speedsters; no one would've expected them to save the day in the end.

"Well, yeah I know I said it, but I wasn't in my right mind," Artemis responded.

"True, true. But also, I feel like that fight wasn't fairly matched, ya know?" Jesse said.

"So you're not gonna use your speed?"

"Oh I'm still gonna use it, but I'm gonna try to not use it as much."

"Can I use my arrows?" the archer asked.

"Oh sure, it'll make things a whole lot easier," the blonde speedster girl compromised,

Artemis smiled mischievously. "You asked for it. Ready?"


As the two were getting ready to fight, a loud voice stopped them from proceeding.


The voice soon revealed itself to be Wally West, aka Kid Flash as he walked in on the two female heroes.

"Baywatch, we're kind of in the middle of something," Artemis said irritably.

"I know, but the Flash parade is happening and me and Jesse have to be there soon!" the redhead whined dramatically.

The aforementioned tall New Yorker shook her head. "Wall, I'm gonna be there. I just have to do this one thing with Art, ok?"

"But Jesse-"

Artemis walked over toward the red headed teen and kissed him roughly on the mouth, causing him to have a silly grin on his face.

"We're busy, so wait outside!" the short blonde said firmly.

Wally, still with the silly grin, nodded dumbly and walked out. Artemis and Jesse, with smiles on there faces, shook their heads.

"Men," they said simultaneously.

The two realigned themselves as they were before.

"Anyway," Jesse began, "let's get on with this. I kinda do wanna go to that Flash parade."

"Alright, alright, keep your panties on," Artemis placated.

"Like your Flash ones?"

"Shut up Quick!"

"Anyway, you ready?"

Artemis adjusted her bow and arrow and picked up the stun ones. "As always."


And the speedster ran toward the archer as she dodged the first incoming barrage of arrows.

And that's Jenga!

For Thyroxine: Four characters from are gonna be added in, with one being a re-imagined Linda Park (Wally's future wife in the comics. Don't worry, she's not gonna steal him from Arty!)

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1) Cobalt Blue


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