12 Epilogue

But that's alright because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

He'd lied to her once, Puck shook his head as he ran through the halls. It had been a mistake. He'd had to admit it, tell her why and she'd sighed unhappily and he'd promised he'd never do it again. She'd known all along. It didn't matter what his reasons were, if he had the best intentions in the world, she'd known he was lying. A surprise party really wasn't worth it if the lying beforehand upset her so much. Spontaneous surprises, like flowers or a walk in the park at lunch were more fun, enjoyable for them both.

This time he'd just told her that he needed to keep a secret and that he was going to be gone for the afternoon. She'd sighed and huffed and been irritated but she'd nodded and asked if he'd be able to tell her eventually.

"Yeah baby, I just gotta make sure my surprise is an actual, you know, surprise," Puck grinned at her. Rachel had rolled her eyes again but she liked his surprises so she'd nodded and agreed.

But now he was running late thanks to that nosy parker jerk who'd caught him outside of Tiffany's. Rachel was already in the first rehearsal and he was going to make an ass of himself by being late.

"Sorry folks," He apologized as he walked in and took his seat next to his girl. "Had an errand and got stuck with some...you know...press," He looked at Rachel. "So before we get started I had something I wanna do. I wanted to do it before we officially started the show."

"Noah, what are you up to?" Rachel slanted an amused glance at him.

"Before you get to be an even bigger big shot and decide you can do better than me," Puck reached into his jacket pocket, "I wanted to sort of...solidify our deal."

"Our deal?" Rachel blinked and tilted her head, "Noah what are you..."

Puck pushed himself out of his chair and knelt in front of Rachel, "About ten years ago, you an' me promised that we'd never stop trying to make this work. And that's a promise we kept. I wanna make more promises Rachel. I want to never stop trying with you, but I want us to be married when we're trying." He pulled out the box he'd gotten that afternoon and handed it to her. "I tried to pay attention when you were talking about rings baby so I hope you like it because I blew this months rent on it."

He grinned as she giggled and dove at him kissing him passionately and ignoring the box for a moment, "Yes, yes, absolutely yes." She gasped out. "Of course I'll marry you."

Puck sighed in relief and picked up the box she'd dropped, "Well thank God." He kissed her back. "If you like the ring put it on. Otherwise we'll hafta stop by Tiffany's after the read through."

She opened the box and he had the pleasure of seeing Rachel Berry, his brand new fiancée speechless. "Oh my God, Noah..." She was legit crying, he'd made her cry the ring was so great or (not a good thought) so ugly. "Oh I love it," She slipped it on her finger right away and admired the twinkle.

Puck hadn't paid a lot of attention to the cut, color, clarity and carat lecture the jeweler had given him, he'd just tried to pick out the ring that reminded him most of Rachel. It was bright and sparkly and pretty. He really wasn't sure how much it had cost and he was just grateful that he'd managed to make some money since he'd left Lima. "Guess it's good we had some hit records huh?" He laughed as she watched the ring twinkle in the light. "C'mon magpie, time to go to work."

"Like anything we read is going to top that," One of the other actors called with a grin. "Seriously?"

"Hey I helped write the music, I hope it's at least decent," Puck called back with a grin. He had done a little more than help write the music, the entire play was based off one of his first albums, the one Rachel had helped write. It had won a Grammy as well as praise from critics for how he and Rachel had handled the subject matter of the songs, specifically love and the damage it can do as well as the healing it could bring. One of Broadway's bigwigs had liked the music so much that when he'd met Rachel at an audition he'd gone a little fanboy on her. She'd already gotten the part but the producer/director had been so pleased to meet her he'd kept Rachel after rehearsal until Puck had come to get her.

Having a guy Rachel practically worshipped praise his music had thrown Puck for a loop at first. But after a couple of weeks of rehearsals and getting to know the dude they'd all gotten used to each other. Eventually the story of how Rachel and Puck had met and eventually dated came out along with the source the album's subject matter. Puck had never thought anyone would want to do a 'Mamma Mia' with one of his albums but the money was good, he got to help with the musical adaptation and Rachel had the lead. He wasn't any great shakes at acting but the director was pretty stoked to get him into a little pivotal role near the end of the play. Typecasting he called it, the love interest of the future, after Rachel's character had gone through hell.

Rachel had agreed and kissed Puck gently when he'd just tilted his head, not objecting but not quite understanding, "The movie I made you watch about Harvey Milk," She'd reminded him. "It was right. You have to give them hope."

Puck had just grinned and shrugged and said it was fine with him. So now he was an actor, singer, songwriter, musician along with Rachel's new fiancé. At least the money was good, he smiled at Rachel who was still making her ring sparkle in the lights before she looked up at him pressed her lips to his gently. "Oh baby," Rachel grinned at him. "I love you." He chuckled and stood, carrying her with him back to his chair.

"Love you too Rachel," He kissed her gently and picked up the script she'd dropped. "Now let's get to work people."

"Well if we must," She grinned up at him and Puck couldn't think of anywhere else in the world he'd rather be than in a drafty theatre with the love of his life sitting in his lap.


Author's Note: And we have come to the end my dears. I hope you enjoyed this and that it didn't get boring towards the end. I'm kind of pleased with how it turned out.

Oh, as a side note, if you don't recognize the reference, 'Milk' is an outstanding movie staring Sean Penn and is well worth watching. You'll probably cry your eyes out if you're anything like me but its still a great movie. Penn won an Oscar for his role if that gives you any indicators.

But thank you all for reading and indulging my need to write something a little darker (at least in the beginning) and get all this out.