Background Information

Because of the nature of this story, it is imperative that you read this background information.  Many of you may not have read the two stories I wrote leading up to this one and since it is currently in a rewriting state, I highly suggest that you read this.  The background to this story starts during Power Rangers in Space.  And, now that I'm finished with this, onto the background information.


Andros finally finds his sister after all these years. The problem? She is none other than the Princess of Evil herself, Astronoma. He tries to tell her who she is, but she refuses to believe him.

This is when Saban's story ends and mine begins.

Astronoma slowly begins to remember who she is, when Lord Zedd comes back and offers to help her. She gives him the crystal that she picked up years ago when she defeated a planet. Zedd captures two former power rangers, Kimberly Harte and Adam Park. With the help of the crystal, it is revealed the Kimberly is the daughter of a long defeated evil villain. Both she and Adam have a spell put over them, though she is more deeply affected by the spell than he is. She takes on the name that was given to her long ago, Kanara. Zedd was also preparing to kill Andros and Tanya Sloan when Astronoma finally remembers who she is and saves both of them. She goes back to Earth with them, using the name she was born with. Karone of KO-35.

All the former rangers come back to try and help their friends. Meanwhile, Andros thinks he was fallen in love with Ashley, only to find Ashley and Carlos in a tight embrace. He is hurt and betrayed, but there are more important matters at hand. Also, Karone feels as though she doesn't belong, for she had been evil for so long. Zhane comforts her and feelings are renewed between the two. But before anything else could happen between the two, Adam and Kanara appeared, kidnapping the two.

They suddenly appears on Earth, close to where the rangers are fighting. After a long fight, Adam and Kanara disappear again, this time with Zhane and Kat as their captives. Kat and Zhane struggle to get out of the cage they're thrown in to while desperately trying to reach their friends. Kanara is unaffected by their words, but Adam is affected.

Kanara and Adam return once again to Earth, only to be faced by the current and former rangers. The spell that had been put on Adam is broken and he returns to his friends. But it is too late. Kanara destroyed all of the rangers, one by one. When Zedd came to congratulate her, she destroyed him to. Kanara became the ruler of the planet.

But when she had left the battlefield, she didn't notice the few people that had come out of hiding. They ran to the rangers, and finding some still alive, they dragged them into the tunnels that had been built with the help of Justin Stewert. Kanara teleported back to her castle on the moon, confronting her two prisoners, Kat and Zhane, about the demise of their friends.


Star Wars Background Information

I'll make this short and sweet. The story takes place after the Phantom Menace. Obi-Wan Kenobi has already started training Anakin, but they are still on Naboo. That's basically all the information you have to know if you've seen the movie. I would advise that you see the movie, if you haven't already. It would help greatly