Chapter 1 Into the Dark

Imagine a dark world where time is frozen, where darkness is all that stands in this world. Where a few creatures roam around with free will and movement, where avalanches are frozen in mid fall, where tree leaves look like they should be blowing, but they stay frozen to the side, where flowers are frozen in mid bloom, fruit that never lost its flavor or grew anymore. If a plant was grabbed, or was picked then it would be replaced automatically by an exact replica, as though nothing had been touched.

There was a forest near the edge of a cliff. The forest was dark and the trees were pale in color. The leaves were pale sickly green. The fruit and flowers were all as pale as a shadow. If you dared to look up into the sky, then you would notice no sun, stars, or moon. Only an ominous dark sky, as though midnight, yet you could still see where you were going.

A large dark genie like figure floated out of the forest, over to the cliff. The creature was tall, dark, and a Cyclops genie. He had one eye on his head and a face painted on his stomach. This was Darius Dusk, the Dusknoir, an Admiral of Primal Dialga's army of Darkness. He was a very charismatic leader, which stood his ground and gave orders like he would never fail. He radiated confidence, as well as a degree of style and dignity. Darius was a Dark Ghost, or a Dark type Pokémon. He blended in to the scenery quite well; in fact only one creature could beat him, a traitor that he had once worked with him as an equal, it was a grass type.

Primal Dialga is a steel type dragon that was consumed by darkness. His only instincts were to survive and maintain control of the world. Dialga was originally a good dragon that protected time, and kept it running smoothly. He had turned evil when a great power was destroyed, after that only Pokémon, and a few humans, could move properly, as though time still worked for them.

Darius looked off of the cliff and out into the scene below. A rock face that had once been called Sharpedo's Bluff, on account of it looked like a Sharpedo's face. At one time, it had been the most beautiful place to see a sunrise. Now, it was merely a cliff that at the edge of a forest that led up to an abandoned town that was once a "Treasure" of a town, hence its name, Treasure town.

Treasure town had once been an amazing place, as well as home to the best trained exploration teams on the planet. Exploration teams are made of Pokémon who want to help others, as well as discover new things. Some were only treasure hunters, while others tried to rescue other Pokémon. There were even teams made just to rescue other teams.

Darius looked around to see if anyone was there to watch what he was about to do, he only saw a bush that was frozen in its summer form of full greenery and a few blue flowers were starting to bloom. It now looked like a shadow of its beauty, for it was pale.

As soon as he was satisfied with his isolation, he closed his eye and started chanting something under his breath. He started to open the mouth on his stomach wide. As it opened, a strange gold and purple glow came from it. The glow formed into a sphere and was shot out at the open air, just above the edge of the cliff. The sphere began to expand and form into a tunnel.

"I summon a force to help me with my task of helping Master Dialga keep control of the time. I summon a force to oppose the forces against me. I summon a child who will listen with no knowledge of past. I summon a partner." Said Darius in a calm, clear voice. It was too quiet for anyone off of the cliff to hear.

The bush behind him seemed to flinch a bit at that. Darius was too busy to notice. The portal was now blowing in a fresh wind and was full of bright colors. A silhouette of a young human formed in the door of the portal. It was so small that it could only be a child. A youngster with short hair, standing at about 4ft. 2in. Its arms spread out like trying to hold onto the portal. The child fell out of the portal and as it fell a light from the portal shot it back up into the sky for about 10 seconds. As the child floated down it seemed to have its clothing appear to grow out of it. By the time the child landed, it was wearing a Trench coat that was almost as long as it. The Child was also wearing a black cap over its hair. Its hair was kept in the cap. The child's shoes were black tennis shoes that were worn. The child landed on one knee, with its head down at an angle.

"Rise child, rise to the challenge of this world." Darius said under his breath.

The child's eyes glowed a harsh, forest green from under the cap. As the glow died down the child stood up and held its ground as a harsh wind blew from the portal. The portal started to close and the wind grew icy.

The child held a cold stare that was almost a dead man's gaze as it stared at Darius and the bush. The child seemed to be mesmerized as it looked around. It shook its head and the child's stare grew more natural and observant. "What is going on here? Wha... Where am I? Who am I?" The child's voice was calm, yet worried, strong, yet seemed weak. It was hard to tell whether the child was a boy or girl still.

Darius was about to speak when a blinding flash of light came up. "Arrrgh, my eye! I can't see! Hurry, we must escape, boy!" Darius was floating around blindly.

The child squinted at that and ran. The child ran right into the light towards a shadow that seemed to be behind it. The shadow had a hand on an orb from where the light seemed to come from, while the other hand seemed to be waiting for something. The child reached out its hand in hopes to grab on to something. The shadowy hand that was waiting grabbed onto the child. The shadow's voice was calm, cool, collect, and yet it seemed like a young boy's voice with a man's controlling tone, "I noticed that you had a choice, so why not the obvious one? Why this one?"

The child only replied, "I don't know. It just felt right."

The shadow nodded and led the child down a hole under the bush. There was a waterfall that was frozen in the back over to the left of the entrance. "Let's wait here till we sort this all out." He said as he moved the bush back into place and placed the orb in a small bag around his neck. As the light died down it became evident that the child's rescuer was another strange creature. A Pokémon called a Grovyle. He was tall, strong, and buff. He had dark forest green scales and a dark lava red under belly. His eyes were like a human's but they still had a triangular edge to them. They were Deep Forest Green with a neon yellowish background. The long leaf on his head was like a whip, and the other leaves on him were as sharp as a samurai's sword. "Name's Grovyle, by the way. What's yours?"

The child stared downward as it tried to think of something. "I .. I don't remember."

Grovyle stared at the child and noticed a blonde strand of hair sticking out of the kid's cap. Then he had an idea. "Why not take a look at yourself and then choose one, or would you rather someone else chose for you?" He asked. He kept the face of a rock, but his eyes showed a hint of sympathy.

The child took off the cap and let her hair fall down. It was tied in a ponytail, but you could still see that it was blonde with a lightning bolt that was as black as the shadows at midnight. Her left eye was as dark as a healthy, dark, green forest. Her right eye was as blue as the deepest ocean on a stormy day. They were full of compassion, worry, and yet they were also full of determination, kindness, and strength. She stared at Grovyle without any hesitation, without any doubt, and without any fear. Her pale skin looked even paler in the dim light of the frozen twilight sky.

'A girl… well what do you know, Darius was wrong. Heh.' Grovyle took a good look at her and circled her once. She had a smile on her face that looked as bright as sunshine. She also had a warm feeling about her, as though everything would be alright.

She looked at herself and frowned. She liked the outfit, but she could not place a name to herself or how she started to wear such dark clothes. "I… I think you should give me a name, Mr. Grovyle, sir. I can't think of anything." She looked down at her feet and had her hands behind her back.

"It's just Grovyle, and as for your name, well… are you sure you want me to name you?" He kept the face of a rock as he asked.

"Yes, I am sure. I… I don't like the other guy. He seemed…. Well he seemed confused. You only seem a little confused." She mumbled a bit as though afraid of something.

'She seems very worried about something. What should I call her though?' He thought about it for a minute while staring her right in the eyes. As he did he saw her left eye turn into the same ocean blue as her right eye. He shook his head at this and figured it was a human thing. Grovyle stayed as far away from humans as possible, mainly because if he ever got a partner and one of them got hurt… well… he did not even want to think about it. He looked again at her and said "You seem quite bright for a young girl…. How about something, bright?"

The little girl fixed her hair so that it was back in the cap properly this time and no one could see it. Her blue eyes stared off as though blind. She blinked and asked "When does the Dawn come?" as though she did not hear him.

Grovyle blinked, he did not know how to answer this child. She was a little girl, he did not know how she would respond to the truth. He took a look at her face and saw determination in her eyes.

'Might as well tell the truth.' He figured. "It won't come, kid. No one has seen the sun since … well since the time gears stopped and the Temporal Tower broke." He stood there waiting for a reaction.

The little girl just stood there and stared out the mouth of the cliff. After a bit she finally said, "If the Dawn is not coming, then I will become it. I will become Dawn." She smiled at the thought of it.

Grovyle was surprised and yet he did not show it. 'What a pretty name. I think she will do well with a name like that. I sense a bright aura from her. I wonder why I can sense it? Maybe soon, I will see it as well.' Grovyle looked at young "Dawn" and said, "Fine, when we get to base we can register you as Dawn." He said as though it was just a thought hanging around.

Dawn smiled, "alright, but how do we get there with him hanging about?" she asked pointing up to indicate Darius.

"Don't make me laugh, Dusknoir couldn't find a needle in a haystack, never mind me, so the same goes with any one with me." Grovyle said with a hint of confidence in his voice as he walked over to a pile of rocks at the back of the cave. He shoved some aside and a small hole appeared. "Ladies first." He said like a gentleman. He tried to hide a smirk as Dawn feigned a curtsey and walked in. Her smile was as warm as the dawn. Grovyle then covered the hole back up as they both went in all the while thinking 'The name suits her'.

Dawn waited at the bottom of a set of stairs that were carved out of rock. Normally anyone would be blind at first from coming into this dark world, and yet, Dawn seemed to see as well as though she was raised there. Grovyle caught up to her and they both walked down a corridor. The whole place was made of rock. They soon opened up into a big chamber. In that chamber stood a boy and a sphinx like Pokémon. The boy had purple hair and eyes. He looked like a rich kid, but he was smiling even though he was dirty. He wore a white outfit with a small tie that was messed up. The sphinx like Pokémon was called a Meowth. He had a sphinx head, but a small cat body and could walk on his hind legs like a man, and talk like one as well.

The Meowth was messing with filing papers while the little boy was putting stuff away in filing cabinets. "Who's the kid, Grovyle?" the meowth asked, as though he was actually paying attention. The meowth went and grabbed a card from a drawer in a desk near an exit. He grabbed a pen and camera from the top of the cabinet. The cabinet was a silver filing cabinet, standard office stuff. He set out the card and pen on a small table made of oak wood.

"Dawn." Was all he said to the strange creature.

Dawn was looking around while standing next to Grovyle.

"Right, well I am Mark, and this is my human partner, James. You better have Don taken to the professor after this." He said as he handed the kid the card to sign her name.

She smirked as she saw it read "Don". She shook her head and thought for a minute. She wrote out the name "Dawn Rose Dewdrop" on the card and chuckled.

Mark looked at the card, then at the kid. He then noticed the feminine features in her face. He fixed the card and handed it back to her.

She nodded. "Thanks."

She followed the Grovyle out of the room. As they walked down another dark corridor, Grovyle asked "Why a full name and why that one?"

She shrugged and pulled her dark cap down lower, "I just figured a full one would sound normal, where a first name only would make it seem like something was wrong with me." She looked down as though upset with herself. "I also just wrote the first thing that came to mind."

He nodded in understanding, he himself was called the Grovyle of Twilight's Court because no one knew his name either. His face was harder than his heart. His emotions were more hidden than a needle in a haystack, and that is really hard when it's darker than the black screen on your television when it's turned off or broke down outside always.