Dawn was given a Treasure bag for supplies. The treasure bag was a small black satchel with a box of first aid supplies, 2 apples, 2 blue berries called Oran berries, a sleeping bag, a flint and steel set, and a small sling shot. Dawn attached a bag full of rocks called geo pebbles to a belt she now wore. She thanked the professor and walked out of the room. Grovyle is already waiting for her.

"Ready to go, kid?"

"Where to first, Big guy?" She keeps her voice even.

'She still has no idea what we just agreed to I guess.' He brought her out another tunnel that first led through an underground village. The village was made of the walls that had been hollowed out by humans and Pokémon alike. There was no real color other than a dark, pale, brown in the city. Barely anyone was outside. A few Electric type Pokémon were in the street. They lit the place up enough for people to see.

Grovyle led her through town and out an exit on the far side of town. When they got there, a small staircase was barely visible. He started to climb the stairs and Dawn followed. The bag was slung over her so that it was easy to access.

Once Grovyle reached the top of the stairwell, he moved a hidden door that opened up to the surface. "We are going to go meet the other two members of our team." He climbed out and left a hand in for Dawn to grab onto.

Dawn grabbed onto the hand and climbed up. They were in a building that was like an igloo made of rocks and twigs. "Where are we?"

"Kangaskhan's Warehouse belonged to a normal type Pokémon who stored items for any team that needed them stored for safe keeping. She is probably frozen somewhere nearby. Any Pokémon who was not frozen is still moving." He said unemotionally. He looked at Dawn who was looking around the place. Her eyes were sad and confused.

"Why did this happen?" She asked shaking her head.

Grovyle looked at her with a pang of sadness. He kept his emotions hidden. He could only say this, "I do not know, kid. I just don't know."

Dawn pursed her lips and glanced to her right.

Grovyle took a look around outside while Dawn waited inside. He was now in the middle of Treasure Town. To his left were the remains of a Kecleon Bro. Inc. Shop. The shop used to supply rescue teams with all sort of supplies from food to clothes to even items to through. Across the dirt road was the remains of an old tent site. The site used to house a psychic Pokémon called Xavier Xatu. He would make a killing off of the deal by charging one-hundred and fifty Poke' per box.

Grovyle walked over to the Kecleon shop and scanned the shelves for any other leftovers that had been left behind. All he found was a small wooden sword, a scabbard for the sword, and a belt that could attach to the scabbard. The belt was a black over shoulder belt. The scabbard was also black, as was the wood for the sword. Etched into the sides of the sword were two names; Tri-Light and Twilight.

'What is this doing here? I did not see this when I came up last time. K.O. knows more about swords than I do, but for now the kid can use it for fighting at close quarters. Her slingshot will only work on long distance fights.' He looked at the sword with curiosity and suspicion. He shook his head and figured 'It's just a wooden sword. It will do more for defense than for damage anyway.'

When he got back to Dawn, she was standing in the darker shadows of the room waiting for him. She looked at him a little confused. "Do you always go with nothing and come back with a sword? Or is this just how you greet every little girl you rescue?" She had tilted her head to her left and cocked a "Sure you do" smirk.

"Do you always run off towards blinding lights, hurtling into the unknown, when you don't know what else to do?" Then he froze. 'A joke? I told a joke? Why did I do that? I must be getting old.' He shook his head.

Dawn was too busy staring off to notice.

"What are you staring at kid?"

"Nothing, just into the darkness, that's all."

Grovyle nodded. Around here it was common for humans to lose focus and stare off into the dark. He set the sword down and said, "I think this might help you out in this world. After all a sling shot is only good for long distance. This you can at least bat away enemies till help comes."

"Why not just teach me to fight?" She asked before she even realized the question she had just asked.

"Because, Dawn, it's not easy if you don't already have the natural skills for it. I have yet to meet a human that could be trained by a Pokémon to fight. You humans have your own style of fighting yes, but it's a bit unorthodox. In other words; it is ineffective, alright?"

Dawn looked at him with a bit of disappointment. 'If I can't fight, then why take me along with you?'

"Come on; let's get moving before we get spotted or something." He walks out as Dawn puts on the sword belt and sheaths the sword.

As they left the town, Grovyle left a few strange looking coins on the Kecleon Shop's counter. "Always pay for what you take, kid. Someday they might unfreeze and find all their stuff gone. That is why it is best to leave some coins for them. These coins are native to this world. They are called Poke'. They can be found almost anywhere now, and they are useless except in this way." Grovyle explained as they left town.

Dawn followed Grovyle without question, as though it was the most natural thing to do. Grovyle noticed this with a hint of amusement. 'She seems more like a leader than a follower. Maybe she knows that if she follows me she will learn the territory better. All I know is that she is acting most unusual for a human. Even Pokémon who are natural leaders have problems with following anyone else. Oh well. It looks like we are going to get along better than I thought. She seems to be quiet enough, and intelligence might come to her if she tries.'

They eventually walked into a huge, thick, greyish-green forest. In this forest was a certain type of tree that was known as Poison trees. These poisonous trees used to be normal oak trees until time froze over. Once time froze over thorns started to form on the sides of the trunks. These thorns became poisonous with the pain that was felt in the hearts of those around it. Those who touch the trees must either be a poison type Pokémon or be a complete innocent of heart.

"Grovyle where are we?" Dawn asked as she weaved past the thorns, following Grovyle's movements exactly. She had buttoned up her trench coat so that she could move without being caught on the thorns. She held her Treasure bag close to her side. She glanced nervously at the treetops and wondered 'what is wrong with the trees? Why does this place feel so … so … injured?'

Grovyle looked at his young charge and said, "This place was once known as Tree Shroud Forest. It used to be the training grounds of the Guardians."